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Best Korean Eyeshadows and Palettes

Is there a difference between Korean eye shadows and Western ones?The key difference between Korean and Western eye shadows and palettes lies in their formulation and consistency. Korean shadows usually have a gloss and a more subtle hue. Korean eye shadows emphasize a more sparkly and lustrous finish rather than a bland matte finish. They are also very easy to blend and go on evenly.

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Best Korean Face Mist

We have been taught in the US to moisturize our skin in the morning and at night. The Koreans have realized that this doesn’t make a lot of sense as our skin gets dehydrated throughout the day. It’s your responsibility to provide your skin with an extra coating that can deflect the harmful rays of the sun and moisturize the skin at the same time.

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Best Lens for Sony A6000 for Travel Photography

So,  you finally decided to graduate from a Point-and-Shoot compact built-in lens camera to an interchangeable lens camera! Even though mirrorless cameras have made some huge waves in the recent years, they have been out there for over a decade now. Many pros have already converted from the bulky and noisy DSLR to lighter and quieter mirrorless cameras.

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[REVIEW] Lioele – Blooming Shimmer Pearl Base

Ugh I have annoying acne scarred skin from when I popped my pimples uncontrollably as a teenager. As a result, I need primer in my life but that was never brought to my attention until I got into Korean beauty. Primer has definitely been life changing! Not only does it mask the scars and my huge pores more than before, it reduces the shininess of my super oily skin throughout the day.