Unicorn Grilled Cheese? Yes, Please!

Was so excited to get invited to try out the famous Unicorn Grilled Cheese from Chomp Eatery in Santa Monica. It was everything I hoped for: all the deliciousness of a grilled cheese sandwich and all the pink and sherbet colored goodness that I need in this life. Chomp Eatery features tasty “chompable” food which is nutritious, organic and healthy.


[Local Favorites Restaurant Review] Ashland Hill

I was excited to try out Ashland Hill (thanks so much to Jenn and Localite LA!) Ashland Hill is a warm, stylish restaurant located in the heart of Santa Monica. It’s a gastropub meets take out food, featuring specialty beers. You order at the counter and take a number and head to the back patio to find seating.

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25 Damn Delicious Korean Foods – What to Eat in Seoul

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