Jamahal Private Resort & Spa Jimbaran Bay
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The Best Massage in Jimbaran Bali at the Jamahal Private Resort & Spa

I am missing the Jamahal so much already, it is definitely one of the best properties that I have stayed at all over the world. First of all, it’s an adults only resort and is the perfect couples getaway. It’s an award winning resort  located right in the heart of the lovely Jimbaran Bay, just 400 meters away from the beach.

Osijek Itinerary
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The Ultimate Two Day Itinerary and Guide to Osijek

The origins of Osijek are a bit mysterious but the first prehistoric human settlements are said to have first settled in Drava, in the Northern region of Retfala. The soil here was fertile, ideal for a settlement and it was also located favorably along trade routes.Osijek was declared a free city in 1809 and features abundant greenery, gardens and beautiful promenades.

10 Things to Love About Bhutan

Top 10 Things To Love About Bhutan

South Asian country Bhutan is one of the must-visit beautiful destinations for all. Moreover, for many reasons, Bhutan became a unique Buddhist nation in the world. Once you visit, you’ll love to explore many new things here. Many outstanding places are there to visit in Bhutan. However, the listed top 10 things to love about Bhutan during your first trip to the mighty Himalayas.1.