10 Best Taiwan Travel Blogs

by Kiki Wong


Nothing sounds better than traveling to a beautiful foreign country full of culture, history, and amazing scrumptious food! We've checked out a lot of what South Korea Travel Blogs can offer for planning the best trip possible. However, one of the top travel destinations your radar should be facing towards is Taiwan. We've compiled some of the best Taiwan travel blogs out there to help you plan and experience the best trip ever!

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1. Will Fly For Food

This isn't the first time that Will Fly For Food has made it onto our list of best travel blogs. And, to be truthfully honest, there is a damn good reason why. These bloggers know how to travel, and they know exactly what to look for when it comes to discovering the hotspots as well as the nooks and crannies of Taiwan. But most importantly, they have excellent recommendations for the best eats in Taiwan.

2. Love Swah

This cool and hip blog is run by the creative mastermind, Swah, who is a baker and graphic designer from Sydney, Australia. This Aussie knows how to get down to the nitty gritty when it comes to hot and funky places to visit. She covers everything from places to stay, historical landmarks, and awesome restaurants to eat at. Not only does she hit the main streams sites, but she also covers places like the Hello Kitty Cafe, the Toilet Restaurant, and penis-shaped street food. It's definitely a must see, even if you don't plan on actually visiting those places.

3. Migrationology

For those of you who are looking for the entire breakdown of how to plan a trip, this is one of the best comprehensive Taiwan travel blogs on the Internet. Creator Mark Wiens' hunger for travel and cultural discovery for food give him the upper hand when obtaining the necessities for traveling in Asia. He covers aspects such as where to stay, how to use public transportation, important historical and cultural sites, all with a foodie-prioritized and altruistic perspective, which we LOVE.

4. Magic Travel Blog

Hey, we admit, it's not always easy trying to plan a trip that the whole family will enjoy. That's why we LOVE Magic Travel Blog. Writers Tanya, Andrew, and inspirational mascot Zoe (their child) talk about different sites and attractions to see that are baby/child friendly. They cover all kinds of fun day trips and excursions, to night life and awesome places to satiate your exotic cravings. Most importantly, they give baby travel advice like what kinds of strollers to bring and other travel-friendly baby needs.

5. My Taiwan Tour

Research oriented types, this is the blog for you! If you have a little extra time on your hands and really want to delve into the details of some travel spots, My Taiwan Tour does exactly that and more. This blog is only a subsection of the site that you can book directly through for excursions, travel itineraries, and events. More of a window shopper? Check out some of their beautiful photos and enjoy some of the most beautifully captured images of Taiwan.

6. The Thousandth Girl

This girl knows what's up when it comes to taking some seriously awesome Instagram-worthy photos of Taiwan. I mean, just looking at her feed makes me want to buy a ticket and head over there immediately. Not only is she a master photo-taker, but she also explores Taiwan in a perspective of a local or someone who is planning on living there for a while. From services to nightlife and cool cafes, she covers everything you need to know if you're visiting for a prolonged period of time, and also if you're looking for more food picture inspiration.

7. TripZilla Taiwan Budget Itinerary: 7 Days in Taipei, Alishan, and Taichung

Traveling on a budget? This blog gives you the down low on how to travel with just SGD 850, which is equivalent to about $588. And let me tell you, they did not skimp on their food or fun (which honestly, both go hand in hand. Duh!). This adorable couple explore all the good spots of Taiwan including the historical and cultural landmarks. They also experience the country more on foot, which gave them a more personal experience on their trip. It's definitely worth checking out if you want to keep your wallet fat and happy during and after your trip.

8. Travel and Leisure

We love this blog not only because of the information it covers, but because of how organized it is. Yes, they cover the basics of what to see, where to go, where to stay, how to get to and from once place to another. However, everything is tabbed beautifully and is quite easy on the eyes, which I can't complain. See for yourself and check out some of their other helpful articles that will help you find cheap tickets and other travel deals.

9. Drift Away Travel

We can definitely appreciate Drift Away Travel because they even give you the best time to travel to Taiwan, and we've done the same with South Korea. It helps, I mean sometimes we just book travel tickets just because the deal is great and later find out that it was horrible weather or a dead season. The author also dives into checking out sites that aren't just the main tourist attractions, which are sometimes the better sites to see when traveling in foreign countries.

10. Taiwan Photography Blog

Last but not least, for those who like to experience things through images more so than text, this is the travel blog for you. Relax and unwind to some of the most beautiful photos of Taiwan taken by the master behind the lens, Neil Wade. Neil dives into some of the more cultural and nature sites, as well as some newsworthy current events. It's worth a look, and guaranteed you'll find more than one photo you want to save as your desktop background.


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