30-Day TikTok Challenge – Details

by nylonpink

The Challenge is simple, 30 TikTok Videos in 30 days! You can choose to post one video a day, none, or three in one day, totally up to you!

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This challenge is hosted by @eatitkatie, @kailayu, @kikiwongo

Daily Video Guidelines 

We're gonna keep the daily recommended video guidelines simple for this challenge! These are the best practices to have optimal views during this challenge.

  • Post 1-3 videos a day
  • Find Your Niche
  • Use Trending Muisc

Katie suggests posting 3 videos a day, which seems to be the sweet spot. Focus on posting videos between 9-15 seconds long based on what’s trending.

Daily Threads

During the challenge, we'll be featuring daily threads in the FB group where you can post your latest TikTok videos.

Every single day, we'll be featuring a best of the challenge TikTok video, so make sure to share yours!

TikTok Follow Thread

Feel free to join the challenge anytime! Here are our daily threads







TikTok Influencers Schedule

Throughout the challenge, we'll be interview TikTok influencers who will be sharing their best TikTok tips.

Here is a schedule of upcoming interviews

Tiktok Tips

Video Ideas

- Spend at least 10 minutes a day watching videos on your "For You" page.

- Design videos that can be featured in the trending hashtags in your "Discover" tab


- Tag something trending 

- Tag your audience (millennials, over 30, moms)

- Tag something categorical (super basic, what is your video about)

- Don't use huge hashtags like #fyp or #foryoupage, too many people are using these hashtags


Make sure to do these things!

- Reply back to everyone who comments on your videos

- Comment on the videos of everyone who follows you


Here's how the algorithm works.

- When you post a video, TikTok will first send out the video to a small audience, maybe 100 people to see how it performs. If it performs well (likes, comments, shares), the video will be pushed out to a larger audience.

- Delayed audience. Because of this, don't delete any of your high quality videos, even if they performed poorly initially. 


- Batching videos, shooting 3-5 videos in one sitting can be easier to shooting one video at a time


You can edit your videos inside TikTok but we prefer to edit outside of the platform.

- IMovie, which comes with your Iphone is a great option. Here's a tutorial

- Kaila likes to use Filmora on her desktop


You don't need any equipment to shoot your TikToks, but they can make life easier. Here are some things we love to use

- The Dop Ring (sticks to windows and mirrors for easy filming)

- A tripod for your phone, you'll also need the cell phone tripod mount. 

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Daphne March 21, 2020 - 9:43 am

WOW! Really GREAT Tips and I took photos to remember.


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