5-Day Itinerary in Sardinia with Air Italy

by Kiki Wong

If you're looking for a vacation of a lifetime, Sardinia is truly one of the most stunning places to add to your travel bucket list. Because of Sardinia's vibrant culture, beautiful landscapes, delicious food, and relaxing accommodations, this Italian gem is the perfect vacation spot for everyone.

After just arriving back from a trip of a lifetime with Air Italy, I couldn't help but reminisce on how truly incredible the trip was. In order to share this memorable trip in the best way possible with the rest of the world, I decided to put together this comprehensive 5-Day Itinerary in Sardinia, Italy for your traveling pleasure.

Before we get into the nitty gritty details of the perfect itinerary, here are a few things to remember before you travel to Sardinia:

Pre-Travel Information

The Best Time To Travel to Sardinia

Though Sardinia is a gorgeous country to visit all year round, there certainly are some benefits for visiting during opportune times of the year. If you're a fan of beaches and hot weather, the best time will be to visit during May-October.

However, do keep in mind that the weather can get pretty warm during June-August. If you're planning to partake in more adventurous activities such as mountain biking, hiking, or climbing, it might be better to visit during cooler months such as the winter or spring.

The ultimate best time to travel to Sardinia is September-October. Why? This is when the peak season is finally over giving you more time to enjoy the scenery without the crowds. Plus, the water is the warmest and temperatures are hot enough to visit the beaches but also cool enough for hiking and other outdoor adventures.

How to get to Sardinia

There are two main airports in Sardinia that you can fly into. One is in Olbia, which is in the North East coastal region. This is a great area if you want to experience more beaches and coast line.

However, if you want to fly into the main city, Cagliari is your best bet. This hustling city is vibrant and rich with culture, food, shopping, and activities.

Air Italy currently offers international flights from Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, New York, Seattle, and Toronto, some starting at $522 round trip! 

Check out more at www.airitaly.com.

Where to stay in Sardinia

There are hundreds of options to choose from when it comes to picking the right accommodations in Sardinia. Whether you're looking for a 5 star hotel or want to experience a quirky boutique hotel with character, Sardinia has it all. This itinerary will be covering a variety of accommodations so you can experience them all. 

How to get around in Sardinia

If you're planning to explore all the terrains of Sardinia, it might be a good idea to rent a car. However, be sure to apply for an International Driver's Permit before you start searching for car rentals since the new Italian law requires it to drive in the country. You can learn more about it here.

Do I need a visa to visit Sardinia?

If you are a US citizen, you are able to enter Sardinia with a valid US Passport for up to 90 days. Generally, VISAs are not required for stays of up to 90 days (or at all for EU nationals); however, some nationalities will need a Schengen visa.

Day 1: Land and Relax in Olbia

Abi d'Oru Hotel Resort

If you decide to take your Air Italy flight to Olbia, you can relax in the gorgeous beach resort Abi D'Oru, which means "golden bee" and for a good reason. This stunning 5-Star luxury resort has been making guests feel comfortable and refreshed since 1963 because of their supreme service and warm hospitality. With 140 rooms, modern spa, and it's only beach, it's truly the definition of rest and relaxation.

Spend the day relaxing at the beach and enjoying all of their elite class amenities. Also, the hotel offers one of the best breakfast buffet selections to start your next morning off with a bang!

For more information on booking your stay, visit https://www.hotelabidoru.it/.

Day 2: Explore Costa Smeralda

Beaches of Costa Smeralda

One of the most notable features of Sardinia is the stunning beaches. With some of the most sparkling blue beaches that frequently rank in the world best beaches, Sardinia is a MUST visit for all those sandy beach fanatics. 

If you're a beach fan, you've probably heard of Costa Smeralda before. It's known for its crystal clear turquoise waters and soft sandy beaches that you'll have to blink to remember it's real.

One of the best parts of the beaches in Costa Smeralda is most of them are very private even though they are still open to the public. There are dozens of beaches within walking distance that you can access via foot or car. If you aren't feeling one beach? No worries! Just walk to the next beach and you're good to go. 

Ristorante Giagoni in Piazza

For lunch, stop by Ristorante Giagoni in Piazza. Open from March through December, this beautifully discrete and intimidate restaurant is nestled in the Piazza della Chiesa in San Pantaleo. Chef Gianni Giagoni creates unforgettable and inspired dishes that gives you the full experience of Sardinia culture and flavor. 

Take the afternoon to explore the plaza, relax at the beach, or do a little shopping at Porto Cuervo, a near by Italian seaside resort.

Day 3: Oasis Bidderosa

Let's Bike Sardinia

Next, it's time to get a little adventurous! Grab a water bottle and head over to Oasis Bidderosa for a half-day e-bike excursion. If you're not a super experienced biker, have no fear! Guided tours are offered daily and all levels of bikers are encouraged to join.  Plus, the e-bikes make it feel like you're gliding along even some of the steepest trickiest uphill climbs. Book your bike tours with Let's Bike Sardinia.

First, head through the streets via bike where you can see some of the gorgeous mountainous terrain Sardinia has to offer. Then, ride through paved trails of beautifully kept forrest, nature, and scenery. You can even stop by to see a stunning blue canal weaving its way through the trail.

During the bike ride, we even stopped at two different beaches and enjoyed the sun.

Afterwards, you can enjoy a scrumptious catered picnic lunch provided by Let's Bike Sardinia.

Sweet Summer Orosei

After lunch, you can take a chartered rubber dinghy (yes, the name sounds a little strange, but we guarantee it's a blast!). Sweet Summer Orosei offers private chartered boat rides that are an excellent way to explore the blue oceans and see Sardinia with a new perspective. Ride the calm coast of Sardinia and even enjoy a beverage or two.

Then, explore the beautiful seaside town called Calla Gonone where many shops and eateries are there for you to explore. Also, don't forget to grab a little bit of Italian gelato here!

Su Gologone Experience Hotel

After an incredible day in the mountains and at sea, you can head over to the city of Oliena and stay at the stunning Su Gologone Experience Hotel and Resort. This unique hotel lives up to its name as a once in a lifetime experience. 

Nestled in the heart of Barbagia, the hotel is surrounded by beautiful Mediterranean flora and herbs. You can even explore the herb route where they source their spices and vegetables from their onsite farm. You can also enjoy an evening drink at the terrace bar that overlooks the gorgeous mountainside. If you're feeling hungry, drop by one of the three specialty restaurants featuring some of Sardinia's best dishes. 

If you wanted, you could ultimately spend an entire week at this beautiful resort. Don't say we didn't warn you!

Day 4: Orgosolo

Autonno in Barbagia festival

Next, head to the quirky and unique town of Orgosolo. If you head to Sardinia during the fall, you may get to experience a fascinating festival called the Autonno in Barbagia festival. The eye-catching street art murals are usually what bring tourists all over the world flocking. However, when the festival season is around, locals, tourists, and people from all over the globe come to celebrate the coming of autumn.

During the festival, you can experience like a local all kinds of street foods, handmade crafts, street dancing, cheese making, and beer drinking galore. Explore some of Sardinia's best-kept traditions like this silk weaving that went viral on TikTok!

Antica Dimora del Gruccione

After a full day of fun at the festival, head out to Satulussurgiu and stay and the cozy Antica Dimora del Gruccione, a delightful boutique hotel resounding with history, culture, comfort, and delicious food. You can even learn to make several traditional Sardinian pastas by hand from the in-house pasta chef.

For dinner, satiate your hunger with a breathtaking meal filled with traditional Sardinian dishes elevated to a 5-star level. The meal was unforgettably delicious and the in-house chef carefully pairs and special wine to exquisitely match the flavor of each dish. The care that goes into the food and the intricate attention to detail on balancing flavor make this restaurant a must visit even if you're just popping in for a meal.

If you want to wake up early to explore the city of Santulussurgiu, we highly recommend exploring the historic center of town. From metal workers to saddles makers, these craftsmen put all their pride and joy into their work, some for multiple generations. Most of the roads are made of cobblestone, and each of the houses have its own personal flair. It's truly a romantic city almost as though you're walking through the history of Italy. 

Su Nuraxi di Barumini

You can also visit the UNESCO heritage site nearby called the Su Nuraxi di Barumini Nuragic village. These edifices were erected in the 18th century BC to 238 BC when the Romans colonized the island. The structures stood the test of time, and you can actually take a guided tour through what remains of the cities. 

Please not that you cannot explore the site on your own. You MUST be accompanied by a guide because the ruins are a bit hard to navigate. Also, keep in mind that you will be crawling through tough to access places so bring hiking shoes.

For more information on booking, visit here.

Day 5: Experience Cagliari

Last but not least, we have the gorgeous seaside capital city of Cagliari (pronounced Cal-yi-ah-ri). This high-action city is full of vibrant life, delicious restaurants, high-fashion stores, and beautiful architecture. if you're looking for a city in Sardinia that truly has it all, this is your best bet. 

Located at the southern part of Sardinia, it is home to roughly 155,000 inhabitants. Though the beautiful waterside serene imagery is peaceful, Cagliari has had its fair share of political history. Because of Cagliari's prime location in the Mediterranean Sea, the Germans occupied the city but later retreated during WWII.  Because of the war, roughly 80% of Cagliari's infrastructure was damaged and has been still rebuilding to this day.

Bastion Saint Remy

Despite the political struggle, Cagliari still has maintained one of it's most well-known historical structure in the city center, Bastion Saint Remy. This iconic structure is a simple walk across from the port and well worth a visit. You can access the stunning site for free, no need for a ticket or a tour guide.

San Bendetto Market

If you really want to experience the vast food culture of Sardinia, head over to the San Bendetto Market. Full of friendly vendors, exotic meats, and unbelievably fresh shellfish, it's definitely worth visiting this three-story food monument. You can even taste test some of the cheeses, oysters, and fruits. Foodies out there, this is a MUST visit for you!

Hotel MiraMare Cagliari

When it's finally time to wind down, stay at the Hotel MiraMare for a fun, out-of-the-ordinary boutique hotel experinece. Located right across from the seaside, this fun boutique hotel is truly an artists dream. Each room has its own special flair and theme, which makes staying at this hotel a new experience each visit. Check out their room selection here.

Plus, breakfast is served in a fun lounge with a beautiful view. It's the perfect way to end an unforgettable 5 days in Sardinia, Italy.

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