6 Best Korean Diet Clinics

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Best Korean Diet Clinic

If you have ever visited or lived in Korea, you would have noticed that there is a big emphasis on body image. Most people in Korea put a lot of effort into their physical appearance, from working to obtain perfect skin to keeping their weight down.

The Korean diet is built up with a high percentage of vegetables, legumes, and fish, with a low consumption of red meat. The Korean diet is a factor in the natural physique of its people, but for those who tend to hold on to weight no matter what they eat, there are alternative weight loss options.

Not only do locals seek out weight loss or diet programs, but tourists travel from all over the world to Korea, in an attempt to shed off some extra weight.

What is the secret behind Korean weight loss, and why do so many foreigners travel to Korea to lose weight?

The answer to dieting and weight loss in Korea are Korean diet clinics. These clinics provide clients with the correct guidance, diet, and supplements to encourage weight loss. Many of these clinics take it one step further and offering regular weigh-ins and weight tracking, to help clients reach specific goals in allocated amounts of time.

If you find yourself stuck with your dieting, and are looking for a solution to quick and easy weight loss, take a look at the below Korean diet clinics. These are all highly rated within Korea, with professional staff, effective products, and great dieting advice and support available.

1. Seoul 365MC Obesity Hospital

The Seoul 365MC Obesity Hospital is the largest obesity hospital in Asia, specializing in treating obesity for over 11 years.

Offering many different solutions to obesity and providing weight loss alternatives, the Obesity Hospital has a plan suited to each patient. Highly trained professionals will get to know the patient, their health history, weight problems, and eating habits, to create a personalized diet therapy and behavior modification routine to help with weight loss.

These programs can be enhanced by the use of medication therapy and the use of injection therapy. Service and satisfaction is the forefront of the hospital, as the staff strives to create a comfortable, professional and personalized service for each patient.

Not only does Seoul 365MC Obesity Hospital provide diet programs and behavioral therapy, but they are regarded as one of the best liposuction and obesity-related plastic surgery clinics in Asia. With many success stories, and experienced, professional medical staff, they help many clients, both local and from overseas, to achieve their desired body weight, whether through dieting or surgical procedures.

Seoul 365MC Obesity Hospital offers one of the most reliable and trusted weight loss services, accredited by the right authorities, and with enough experience and expertise through their staff to offer the best experience to those looking to shed a few extra pounds.

2. Kwangdong Hospital of Traditional Korean Medicine

The Kwangdong Hospital of Traditional Korean Medicine seeks to treat the cause of obesity and weight gain and promote health from within.

Different weight loss options are available from the hospital, all suited to different needs and varying levels of weight loss needed.

The KD Detox is a specialized health care program that helps to remove toxins which have accumulated in the body, to help and even the balance in the body, with prescribed herbal medicine and personalized herbal treatment suited to each individual. It seeks to improve diet, remove excess body fluid and fat, detox the body of impurities and improve body shape through lipolysis. The treatment is focused on creating a new flow of energy in the body, cleaning out stagnant energy and excess materials that lead to weight gain.

The One-Day Diet is a detox which helps rid the body of excess stress and unhealthy eating habits. Poor blood circulation and toxins build-up in the body to create plumpness, swelling and weight gain. The One-Day diet detoxes the body and improves metabolism, increase digestive functions. It is suited for those with irregular eating habits, and those with a high body mass index.

The other option is an in-hospital intensive program which includes 3 nights and 4 days in the hospital. During this stay, intensive treatments and therapies are done to encourage weight loss and a healthy diet, while regulating the balance and metabolism.

What makes this hospital so popular is that it uses non-invasive, herbal solutions to encourage weight loss, and looks to the cause to find the cure.

3. Ideal Wellness Chiropractic Center

While the name suggests that the Ideal Wellness Center specializes in Chiropractic treatments, the clinic also offers many other solutions for healthcare, such as Weight Loss Programs and Alternative Medicine Solutions.

The Ideal Wellness Chiropractic Center is forever in the pursuit of excellence, putting its patients first with high-quality medical care. Experienced and trained staff are with patients every step of the way, no matter how small the procedure is.

The Weight Loss Program offered is tailored to suit each patient, starting at the beginning by covering the cause of the weight gain and retention, and finding a healthy procedure and diet to rectify the problem.

Patients visit the center from all over the world, and the locals also trust the center to provide them with the best medical care when it comes to weight loss and diet rehabilitation. High-tech facilities and professional staff make this one of the top weight loss clinics in Korea.

4. Evita Clinic

Known as the body contouring hospital in Korea, Evita Clinic offers many different solutions, suited to each patient, to help achieve the desired weight loss and maintained a healthy lifestyle.

Evita Clinic features some of the highest-rated specialists in body contouring and facial care, and with that they also have professionals with years of experience who will help patients along a journey of weight loss, addressing the specific cause and treating it from there.

Comfort comes first at Evita Clinic, where they strive to provide their patients with not only the best treatment but the most comfortable environment to help them through their journey.

Affordable care and programs are available, making it one of the most visited destinations for healthy weight loss programs, as well as sculpting to further perfect the body and skin.

5. Yakasan Obesity Clinic

Based on Korean herbal medicine, the Yakasan Obesity Clinic provides patients with start to finish care, helping them deal with the cause and prominent issues at hand which causes weight gain and stand against using crash diets which might have a negative effect on health.

The Yakasan Obesity Clinic helps their client understand that being healthy is key to losing weight, helping them improve their metabolism and better their circulation. The obesity clinics offers two treatments, that should go hand in hand to improving personal weight.

The first is herbal medicine treatment. These treatments help to achieve a healthy body, no matter the number shown on the scale. Detoxing and improving bodily functions is the most important part of weight loss, and herbal medicine helps to achieve this. The second is a healthy diet and exercise. Eating the right amount of calories a day to promote weight loss, and with a certain, personalized exercise regime, the body will begin to shed weight.

Through natural remedies and adjustments to everyday diet and activity, the clinic will help reduce weight, all while improving metabolism, circulation and energy levels in the patient.

6. INHA International Medical Center

At the INHA International Medical Center, patients are given the opportunity to reduce body weight using Korean medicine and healthy diet plans.

The emphasis of the program is to reduce body fat while creating a healthier lifestyle after treatment. The program does not strain the body by fast-forwarding a diet but instead helps your body regulate weight and keep in shape.

Not only does the program encourage weight loss through a healthy lifestyle, but it offers patients the chance to rid themselves of the other negative side effects that come with being overweight.

To help aid in the weight loss journey, the INHA International Medical Center offers inclusive treatments.

Thread-embedding therapy involves medical threads which are inserted into the arms, hips, thighs, and abdomen, to lift up skin and muscles. Another treatment is the Wild Ginseng Diet Herbal Acupuncture, which has been proved to have an anti-obesity effect. The ingredients used in the treatment are natural extracts, which aid in increasing metabolism.

There are other acupuncture treatments available, such as the Auricular Acupuncture and Electro Lipolysis Acupuncture, all which target weight loss in patients.

The INHA International Medical Center has many different treatments available for those who are not only looking to diet and lose weight, but for those who want a better body image and healthier lifestyle as well.

Korean Diet Clinics vs. Plastic Surgery

Korea is one of the more popular destinations for plastic surgery in the world. This is due to the affordable packages on offer, as well as the experienced and specialist professionals in the field.

Because of this, there are more weight loss surgery clinics than there are natural diet clinics to be found in Korea. Many people choose to head straight to surgery instead of giving natural Korean diets a try, as it has become such an accepted norm in society.

However, as many of the Korean diet clinics believe, the secret to healthy weight loss starts with finding the cause of obesity and treating the weight gain from there. Without seeing to the fundamental issues that cause obesity, there will be a repetitive cycle of an unhealthy diet and lifestyle which will once again lead to weight gain.

By solving the issues that cause weight gain, patients are guided on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, using natural treatments, a new eating plan and regular exercise to increase their metabolism, raise energy levels and detox their body of any harmful toxins.

Choosing to head to surgery to lose weight might be the only option for some, but the great programs offered by many of the Korean diet clinics should be tried before opting to go in for obesity surgery.  A healthy lifestyle is the best chance a patient has at not only losing weight but maintaining a healthy weight throughout life.

The Cost Of Korean Diet Clinics

There is no set range for the cost of programs at Korean diet clinics, as there are so many different programs and treatments aimed towards weight loss.

Many of the clinics offer a basic weight loss program, which can then be supplemented by natural medicine, herbal treatments and sometimes even corrective procedures. It is up to the patient to decide what treatment they are comfortable with pursuing, and whether or not further treatment is needed to aid in weight loss.

Packages can range from basic to more intense, depending on the treatment needed. The bright side is that medical treatment in Korea is more affordable than many other countries in the world, which is why it is one of the most popular medical destinations worldwide.

Korean Diet Clinics

While plastic surgery still reigns supreme as the go-to in Korea for permanent weight loss by medical tourists, Korean diet clinics should not be underestimated. There are some truly effective clinics that provide patients with a revamp of their lifestyle, not only helping them better their numbers on the scale but helping them achieve a healthier lifestyle overall.

Partaking in a program offered by a Korean diet clinic has helped many people shed off extra pounds, improve their metabolism and to see themselves in a whole new light. It is the less-invasive option for those who are looking to lose weight and can be a healthy lifestyle alternative to invasive procedures that are often irreversible.

Depending on the level of treatment you are looking for, and your commitment to leading a healthy lifestyle, there is a Korean diet clinic suited to meet your needs, helping you to lose weight and embark on a new diet of healthy eating that will have a wide-ranging effect on your life!

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