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6 Successful Tips on How To Own Traveling in 2018

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2018 is officially the year of, you guessed it, the travel bug! However, traveling may seem a little out of reach for those who haven't gotten a chance to before. Now, it's time for all of that to change.

As musicians, we had the opportunity of a lifetime to tour the world doing what we love. Even though we were very fortunate to travel for free, sometimes, it got pretty rough with a limited budget. In the end, we learned all the tips and tricks for traveling internationally on a musician's budget.

So, without further ado, I present to you the Girl Power Guide on How to Own Traveling in 2018.

Flexibility is the best ability.

When traveling on long trips overseas, things don't always go to plan. If you're thinking, "Oh, that'll never happen to me," well, it likely will. The best thing is to be flexible with your trip. Also, patience will go a long ways.

Learn the local language.

There's nothing more scary than going to a foreign country and not knowing a word anybody is saying. Sure, Siri can help, but sometimes you won't be able to have access to your handy dandy cellular device. Learning the local language will help you get around with ease in the country you're visiting. Also, it's extremely enriching and good for your brain.

Make a photocopy of your important documents.

It's always good to have a backup of your important documents just in case they get swiped or lost. I always have a little plastic folder of EVERYTHING that I need printed out. This includes hotel receipts, excursion vouchers, photo IDs, and passport. The last thing you wan to do is spend the day at the US embassy trying to retrieve these if they get lost.

Pack your meds, electronics, and an extra set of clothes in your carry on.

This is one of the best tips out there. Several times, I've gotten my bag lost or misplaced on an international flights. It took around 16 hours for them to retrieve the bag, and the flight/travel time was about 20. In a nutshell, I wasn't able to shower or charge my phone during this time. Now, I always bring all my goodies with me in my carry on just in case!

Eat a healthy breakfast and pack snacks

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Eating a healthy meal before you fly is one of the most important travel tips. Even if it's a late red-eye, it's important you stay hydrated and fed. Travel can be exhausting and you may be too amped up with excitement for your trip that you won't be able to listen to your body's needs.

That's why I always eat Special K® Cereals. These delicious cereals are packed with flavor and are easy to eat no matter how you like to eat it. Obviously, you can go the traditional bowl-cereal-milk way. However, they really taste good by themselves straight out of the box (don't worry what mama thinks). Whatever way you decide to eat it, own it! These cereals don't judge, and neither do we!

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