6 Tips on How To Work Efficiently This New Year with BrainGear

by Kiki Wong

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Finally, the New Year is approaching a lightning speed, and you know exactly what that means: NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS! One thing that we can all improve on regardless of what you do, where you work, or what your favorite flavor of ice cream is (mine's Neapolitan in case you were wondering), is working efficiently. So, we put together 6 tips on how to work efficiently this upcoming new year for your productive pleasure.

Clean Desk, Clean Mind

One of the first tasks you can do to start the new year right is clean your desk! Got that old coffee mug that you haven't used in three years? Donate it! Sticky notes from meetings you attended 3 months ago still lingering? Trash them! Use this opportunity to treat yourself to a nice desk organizer, too!


Goal setting might seem like an obvious productivity tool, but it's not always easy to stick to. Instead of setting arbitrary goals, create a schedule and plan for your goals. Also, you can set achievable deadlines with rewards. You'll find it fun and more gratifying to reach those goals when you hit them on time!


Working through a long day without breaks can be a one-way ticket to BurnOut Ville. Schedule 2-3 20-30 minute breaks where you can drink water, walk around the building, or get a breath of fresh air. Also, if you work at a desk, rest your eyes from electronic screens. Don't go staring at your cellphone on your break. Your eyes will thank us later.

Stay on Schedule

Naturally, we as humans SUCK at multi-tasking. Sure, you may be a super-mom who can juggle multiple schedules and an insane amount of responsibilities, but even adding just one more to-do can throw the whole system helter-skelter. The best thing to do is make a schedule daily and weekly and stick to it. On average, it takes about 26 minutes for people to recover from a distraction at work according to UCI scientist Gloria Mark. Stick to your schedule and you'll find your tasks will be done quickly and efficiently.

Budget, Budget, Budget

Money makes the world go 'round and also your business! Although it shouldn't necessarily be your only motive, it is important to keep track of your funds. If you're still new to personal financing, take a course at your local community college or online. In the end, it will help you be more prepared for taxes, and maybe even leave room for an end-of-the-year shopping spree!

Drink BrainGear

Shoutout to all my hardworking ladies and gents out there who work 'til their brains turn to "mush." This one is for you. Sometimes, your brain needs a little extra support to better promote function. Have no fear, BrainGear is here!

So, what exactly is BrainGear? This incredible yellow bottle of awesomeness is liquid brain performance formula that increases your brains performance with long term lasting effects. Within 15-30 minutes after slurping up, BrainGear gives you the tools it needs to maximize performance for anything that requires a whole lot of brainpower. Also, you can drink it daily for long-term effects (felt within 4-6 days) since it optimizes your brain function over the course of time.

With 1,845 mg of incredible ingredients, this super drink gives your noggin focus, clarity, and concentration it needs to get stuff done. Got a last-minute project deadline? No problem! Just drink one bottle and within 15-30 minutes, you should your brain running on all cylinders that keeps you "in the zone" without any jittery side-effects.

Also, the pineapple-mango flavor of BrainGear tastes DELISH especially served cold. Plus, it is completely safe to drink regularly and is 100% compliant with the provision of the Dietary Supplement and Education act, regulated by the FDA.

So, if you wanna start the year off right working efficiently and productively, follow these amazing tips and try BrainGear. 

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