8 Best Things to do in Barranco Lima

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Best Things to do in Barranco Lima
Are you thinking or traveling to Peru? 

If so, you’ll likely be heading to Lima, and if you do, you can’t miss out on the Barranco district located in the south of the city.

Barranco is the home to Lima’s own bohemian neighborhood. You’ll find everything from street art filled walls, hip cafes and some of the Lima’s finest vegan food.

Let’s take a closer look at what things to do in Barranco may appeal to your taste.

Things to do in Barranco Lima Peru

Before we get into the list, it’s worth noting down that Barranco is known as the most romantic neighborhood in Lima and frequented by many musicians, artists and designers. 

If looking for things to do in Barranco with a loved one, you’re in for a treat. So, without further ado, let’s see what you can get up to in one of Lima’s most popular districts.

1. Check out the Street Art

Walking around the streets of Barranco you’ll find many colonial style housing and parks filled with luscious flowers along with an amazing seafront views.

What you can’t ignore however, is the amazing street art pieces that are located throughout the district. If you get chance to meet locals or do one of the Street Art tours on offer you’ll learn the stories about all the different works which have to be seen to be fully appreciated.

Barranco will introduce you to a cultural side of Peru that you’ll not find in other areas of the city. You can even learn about the some of Peru’s history through the artwork found around the streets. This is a very unique opportunity that you should not miss for the world.

2. Eat Ceviche

As you may or may not know, Peru has a firm reputation for having some of the world best ceviche. If you don’t know what ceviche is, it’s a mix of raw fish which is cooked in citrus juices then perfectly dressed and served with a mix of chili peppers.

You’ll find ceviche in every other restaurant along with other many other rice dishes which are also very tasty; you certainly can’t miss it whilst walking around the streets of Barranco.

One can simply not leave Barranco without sampling ceviche - it’s the golden rule.

3. El Cristo Statue

Located just outside of Barranco, this statue is Peru’s answer to the Christ Redeemer you can find in Rio De Janeiro.

From Barranco’s main square, all you have to do is catch a taxi and enjoy a short ride to this stunning landmark.

The statue is of course beautiful and is situated right on top of a village called Chorillo.

Make sure you’ve got your best camera at hand, because you’ll be able to get some get some great Instagram shots overlooking the the city and the pacific coastline.

4. Take a walk along the seafront to Miraflores

One of my favorite things to do in Barranco was to walk along the coastline to the neighboring Miraflores. You definitely feel the transformation from the artsy feel of Barranco to a more crowded commercial and tourist feel of Miraflores.

The greatest part however, is the walk around the coastline. It’s peaceful and beats walking along the busy roadside.

Whilst walking, look out for malecon Paul Harris, you’ll most likely encounter along the way.

Also, make sure you keep your eyes open for the Museo Pedro de Osma, which is the home to some of the most impressive collections of colonial art.

You’ll be greeted by a spectacular 19th-century style house with stained glass and some of the most best kept gardens you’ve seen in Peru.

Don’t speak Spanish? No worries, all artwork is thoroughly explained in both English in Spanish.

5. Take a selfie at the wishing bridge

This is one of the unique moments that Barranco can offer you.

As you walk across the wooden bridge, all you have to do is hold your breath. As you do so, make a wish. If you can hold your breath until the end; they say you wish will come true.

The path from the bridge also lead right onto the the cliff which overlooks the sea.

If you’re looking for things to do in Barranco with your partner then the wishing bridge

is a must. If you can, try to get there in the early evening to really make it a special moment.

7. Have a stroll down Avenida Saenz Pena

One of the best things to do in Barranco if you’re interested in the history and culture of Peru, is get yourself down to Avenida Saenz Pena.

It is said that Avenida Saenz Pena is one of the most elegant streets in Barranco. It was a park that sits in the middle of two rows of colonial mansions.

If you do a Barranco walking tour, you’ll soon get acquainted with this street as it’s hold a significant memory of the past for Lima’s elite class.

Saying that though, Barranco was not always a hip neighborhood with street art and coffee shops. Once upon a time, Barranco was a seaside resort for the rich and famous.

8. Try Peruvian coffee in a Local Coffee Shop

If you’re new to South America maybe you’ve not have had the pleasure of sampling Peruvian coffee. In Barranco you can find a Starbucks located in the main square, but, I recommend you check out one of many local artisanal coffee shops on offer.

The Coffee Shop Mae has some great coffee and food options. Also, if you need a place with super fast WiFi, come here, and you’ll not be disappointed I guarantee it.

Things to do in Barranco Lima Peru

So, how will you spend your time exploring Barranco? With so much fun to be had in this sleepy neighborhood, you should be inspired to visit whilst spending time in Lima.

Whether it’s people watching in the main square, or indulging in the Lima’s best ceviche, you’re guaranteed to enjoy you time here.

Just remember, hold your breath and your wish will come true.

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10 Things to Do in Barranco Lima
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