Air Selfie Drone – The Best Pocket Drone with Camera Included

by nylonpink
AirSelfie (1)

Thank you to AirSelfie for sending me this drone for this review!

I'm super obsessed with my new AirSelfie Drone! It's a gorgeous little drone and fits right into the palm of my hand. I'm also super bad at flying drones so I appreciate that it comes with a little rubber protecter for its side. 


The AirSelfie has a fly time of 9 minutes, the perfect amount of time for you to shoot a selfie! It comes with a 4GB memory card and you can download the photos and videos straight to your computer using the provided USB Cable (drone must be turned on). 

Click here for all the tech specs.

The video camera inside the drone shoots 5-megapixel video and the drone itself can fly up to 65 ft high. 

To use, just download the AirSelfie app to your phone and connect your phone to the Air Selfie Wifi (which becomes available when your drone is turned on.)

You'll have to charge your AirSelfie before the first use.

The AirSelfie comes with its own powerbank which used a micro-USB cable. It's fully charged when the light below shines green. It takes a hour to fully charge.

A super bonus is that the case itself is a charger so you can recharge the drone in minutes to send it off into flight again. This power bank is capable of multiple recharges for a day of shooting. 

Air Selfie

The AirSelfie literally launches from the palm of your hand. Just swipe left on "Slide to Take Off" and you're off to the races! Click here to watch a video tutorial. 

Make sure that the drone's camera is facing you before launching it into flight.

To land the AirSelfie, just place your flat palm directly under the drone and it should plop into your hand. If that doesn't work you can always press the emergency kill switch on the app controller.

There's three modes available to fly in "Selfie Mode Beginner", "Selfie Motion Control Mode", and "Standard Control Mode"

Selfie Mode Beginner

Air Selfie Control Panel Beginner Mode

Selfie Motion Control Mode

Air Selfie Control Panel Selfie Mode

Standard Control Mode

The Standard Control Model is definitely the easy to use, it mimics a video game controller and I like how the video takes up the entire screen. 

In Standard Control you have three options: the B Mode, G Mode and J Mode. I like J Mode

Air Selfie Control Panel Main

I can't wait to take the Air Selfie out on my travels! It retails for just $299, totally affordable! 

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