All the IT pieces of Summer 2018

Finally, the weather's getting warmer, and our favorite spring fashion trends are coming to a close. But, all good things come to and end and now it's out with the old, and in with the new! Summer is nearing and it's time for you to clear your wardrobe and prep it with all the IT pieces of Summer 2018.

Cape Blazers

Not only are these super sleek and fashionable, they're also a great way to stay warm in the light summer breeze. Cape blazers are great if you want to spruce up your style and go a little more business casual. Plus, they look great in bright bold colors such as orange, mustard, and red.

You can also mix and match your cape blazer style with dresses! Plus, if you're not feeling like layering up, cape blazer dresses are a super cute and high fashion way to express your style.

Puff Sleeve Blouses

Puff sleeve blouses are the current fashion obsession and for a good reason! These gorgeous blouses not only look fabulous with any kind of style, casual or fancy, but also are extremely flattering. If you've been working off that winter weight, these blouses perfectly hide the areas on our arms we women tend to get a little shy about.

These puffy sleeved blouses are truly perfect for any occasion. You can spruce up some plain black leggings with an elaborate and decorative puff sleeve off the shoulder blouse, or couple a more summery vacation style top with white shorts. Either way, these are the perfect blouse that fit the summer trends.

Vacation Prints

What screams summer more than a vacation? Nothing! Even if you don't have any trips planned, you can still celebrate summer vacation with some awesome vacation prints. You know, those brightly colored crazy prints you see your cool Aunt wearing on holiday? Yeah, those are in now and hotter than ever!

Vacation prints go well with two piece outfits, shorts, jumpers, dresses, the whole nine yards. Also, don't be afraid to layer and mix and match those prints! It's far from a fashion faux pas these days.

Frilly Shorts

Want to stay cool in the hot summer weather but not sacrifice your fashion statement? Look no further, because short frilly shorts are in! Your favorite pair of shorts now come with adorable frills. These are a bit of a throwback to the frills that your mom used to dress you in, only WAY cuter and more chic.

Also, the frills don't have to just be at the edges. Many shorts have frills that come across asymmetrically or just through the front. You can also find frilly skorts too!

Floral Dresses

No, we're not talking about the florals from your grandmother's couch, though they would actually make a really cool dress now that it's mentioned. We're talking about bold, bright, and beautiful floral print dresses. Maxi lengths are super in this season and also work great as a travel dress.

Reds. yellows, and pinks look great with florals and go with every occasion. Got a backyard BBQ for the Fourth of July? Wear a cute bring floral short dress. Need to go to a fancy dinner with that guy from the gym? A long floral maxi dress with a side slit is classy yet sexy that will guarantee a second date.

Low-Rise Rompers

Summer is the time when you can let the girls out free! Well, not really totally free, but at least you can let a little breeze in. That's why these super low cut rompers are one of the best of all the it pieces of summer 2018.

If you're feeling a little more modest, rompers with long sleeves are great for a day out. Plus, they'll keep you warm if you're planning to stay out all night. Belted low cut rompers are excellent for accentuating your beautiful hourglass figure. Also, try and stick with bright colors such as fuchsia, orange, and yellow for a bold fashion statement.

Retro Sunglasses

Guess who's back? These awesome retro sunglasses are making a huge comeback for the summer, and boy do we love them. Not only do they make one helluva color-pop statement, they're also a great way to protect your eyes in the heat of the summer. Bright colors such as orange, yellow, pink and blue are really hot and look great with your summer colorful outfits.

Big plastic frames are coming back in as well as wire frames. Most of the lenses are pretty light colors and transparent, so you can show off your awesome a gorgeous eyes.

Bum Bags

If you're looking for a great way to jumpstart your summer without losing your valuables, you're in luck! These awesome fanny-packs are actually back and looking better than ever. Tokened with the name "bum-bags," these bags work great if you're taking a bike along the beach coast, going for a hike, or even just wanting to be hands free perusing your favorite summer getaway.

Patent leather or rubber are awesome high-fashion statement materials that look great on bum bags. Also, ultra shiny metallic colors are great for summer music festivals for a little extra pop. 

Wide Leg Jumpsuits

For those of you who are feeling like they want a one outfit wonder, this is the piece for you. Wide leg jumpsuits are perfect for the summer because of their breathable wide legs! Also, it's super easy to coordinate your outfits since you literally have one outfit that's already coordinated for you!

We love these wide leg jumpsuits for the summer because you get the elegance of a max dress look while staying comfortable with pants. You can wear them on a fun day out for brunch with your besties or even an elegant night out to dinner with a club after party. They are a definite must-have for the summer!

Sheer Pieces

See through? I see you! Light, airy, and lacy fabrics are totally in this summer and look absolutely FABULOUS! Plus, they keep you cool on a super hot summer day. 

We love the elegance of lace. If you wanna spruce up your jean shorts and shirt, add a gorgeous lace kimono over the top. Or, if you're wanting to up your festival game, lacy overlay pants are super hot and flattering on all body types.

Lacy maxi skirts look great with contrasted short bottoms as well. So, mix, match, and play with your garments! You're going to look hotter than summer itself, we guarantee it!

Want to see more of these hot summer styles? Check out for more of the best it pieces of summer 2018.

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