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While staying in San Juan, we were treated to a absolutely delicious food tour courtesy of Spoon Food Tours. Spoon Food Tours features authentic Puerto Rican culinary tours and what was particularly stand out about this tour was the fact that our tour guide was so incredibly knowledgable and passionate about Old San Juan. 

Our first stop on the tour, we were treated to a delicious spiced coffee drinks called coffee & rum coquitos (virgin for us!) at Caldera Café. These are reminiscent of egg nog and the coffee is sourced from the owner's very own coffee farm.

authentic old san juan walking food tour puerto rico - coffee

Next up, we came to a local place to try a chicken mofongo at Hecho en Casa. I've had mofongo a couple times before and it was more dry, as I understand there are countless ways to serve it. This was by far the most delicious mofongo dish that I have ever had, it was liberally covered in a savory, creamy garlic, white wine and cream sauce. The chicken was tender and well seasoned. What a great way to start the tour! I love how the tour went back and forth between sweet dishes and savory dishes.

authentic old san juan walking food tour puerto rico - chicken mofongo

Our third stop, Chocobar, was pretty close by. It's a celebrated shop in Puerto Rico that serves up the most luscious chocolate. This family-owned company has been making chocolate in the Caribbean since 1929.

The frozen chocolate cocktail drink was one of my favorite treats on the entire tour, available with alcohol, although I of course, had a virgin one.

Also interesting was the fact that their chocolate was served with cheese, which I am all for! The restaurant also serves full lunch and dinner meals. 

authentic old san juan walking food tour puerto rico - chocolate drink
authentic old san juan walking food tour puerto rico - chocolate and cheese

After our decadent chocolate trip, we were definitely ready for something savory again. We enjoyed a traditional Puerto Rican roast pork shoulder and beans dish at Deavadura, it was a complete meal in itself and we weren't even halfway through our tour! We also washed down our meal with our choice of a fresh fruit drink: I chose passion fruit and Kiki picked soupsop, both very yummy!

authentic old san juan walking food tour puerto rico - pork and beans 1

After that it was time to walk off our meal. Next we headed west to the Western city wall and learned much about the history of the city. Our guide was so incredibly knowledgable about all the history and monuments of everything we passed by! 

I especially loved that cats were taken care of in Puerto Rico, cats were everywhere and looked very well fed. 

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Luckily we were with spoon tours and were able to skip the long lines for this popular popsicle vendor! Senor Paleta is a total hot spot on the streets of Old San Juan. These gourmet popsicles are totally refreshing and come in a ton of flavors. I opted for passion fruit, my favorite Puerto Rican fruit!

Last up, we enjoyed virgin mojitos at the Princesa Gastrobar. This restaurant features super authentic Puerto Rican cuisine from the 1800s. The menu features dishes recreated from a popular Puerto Rican cookbook that was published in 1850.

We were treated to the Garbanzada de Bacalao which features a seared cod filet atop a chick pea stew. The cod was perfectly cooked and flaky.

We were treated to the tour courtesy of Spoon Food Tours but as always all opinions are my own

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