The 8 Absolute BEST Beaches in Taiwan

The island country of Taiwan has some of the best beaches in East Asia, which has made it a popular tourist destination. During the summer months from May to October, the beaches are populated with people who enjoy recreational activities like kayaking, snorkeling, rafting, diving, surfing and even fishing.

The beaches in Taiwan are quite exotic and varied, from glistening white coral and black sand beaches to golden sand beaches. The beautiful coastline resorts are ideal holiday destinations for those who can stand the heat of the subtropical climate.

Regarded as some of the best in the world, Taiwan's beaches are located mostly in the northern and southern regions of the country.

With many options to choose from, below are some of the best beaches in Taiwan:

1. Kenting Beach

 Also known as Kenting Beach, this popular beach is located in southern Taiwan. Surrounded by a national park, it measures up to 180,000 sq meters. It has golden shell sand and faces the Taiwan Strait to the west and the Pacific Ocean to the east. Its coral reefs are very famous for its variety of diverse and rich marine life and are considered a paradise for snorkelers and scuba divers. It enjoys tropical weather year round and has facilities for water activities for children as well as adults. A long bike trail belonging to the Kenting National Park gives you a view of tropical plants without any obstruction of architecture.

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2. Baishawan (White Sand) Beach

With white sands on a 1km stretch, this beautiful beach is located on the northern shore of Taiwan and features crystal clear waters. Nestled between Cape Fuguei (also known as Fufueijiao) and the gravel beach of Linshanbi (famous for hiking trails and volcanic rock formations), Baishawan beach is about 40 minutes’ drive from Taiwan’s capital, Taipei. Unlike conventional beaches, this one does not feature facilities like umbrellas or canteens.

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3. Chinshan (or Jinshan) Beach

This is also a popular beach resort located in the northeastern region of Taiwan. About 500 meters in length, the Chinshan beach, which is a favorite for families, is to the north of Keelung. Its golden sands are perfect for sand sculptures and sunbathing. It also has a large recreational area behind it, which some locals use for barbeque and camping. The beach also has an indoor hot springs swimming pool, which is quite ideal for poolside parties and lounging.

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4. Fulong Beach

This lovely beach has an impressive stretch of golden sand and is on the northeast coast of Fulong Village, in Gongliao Township, Taipei County. The beach has clear seawater, covering an expanse of 3 kilometers on the coastlines and serves as a summer resort in Taiwan. It is a great place for wind gliding, sailing, surfing, sunbathing, swimming and other beach sports. The Fulong beach is also equipped with a visitor’s center near the beach, as well as a National Scenic Area which offers information and exhibition on various cultural and natural resources available on the northeastern coast. The famous Ho-Hai-Yan Gongliao Rock Festival is held on the beach every July and August, where pop and rock music is performed continuously for several days. This event usually attracts lots of people from Taipei and neighboring towns and is a hub for music lovers and young people.

Tongxiao Marine Life Park and Bathing Beach

This beach is the largest in Taiwan and is located on the west coast of Miaoli County. The picturesque landscape is an ideal environment for family holidays, reunions or even honeymoons. The marine park, which is also a nice spot for surfing, is a real delight for children too. The Tongxiao Marine Life Park is not just the largest bathing beach but also has a conservation area for mangroves, an artificial lake, and breathtaking forests.

6. Sanzhir Beach

The town beach of Sanzhir is located in a rural district in the north of Taipei City in Taiwan. It was formerly home to a vacation resort that was later abandoned sometime in the 1970s. The small town consists of coffee shops, restaurants, vacation spots and apartment complexes. The beach itself is a gorgeous strip of blue waters and fine white sands. It also has some interesting facilities on the beach, which includes barbeque stands, making it a favoorite for couples and families.

7. Honeymoon Bay

The Honeymoon Bay, which is, also known as Dashi (or Daxi) is located in Yilan County, about an hour and a half from Taipei by train. It is one of the most popular spots for surfing in northern Taiwan and is great for swimming. This bay is an excellent site to spend your leisure time and relax. The waterfront bay is also very suitable for fishing, swimming, and diving. Tourists are treated to the lovely sceneries of Gueishan (Turtle Mountain), and families can also embark on an interesting trip of shells exploration, hermit crabs, and many other ecosystems. With reefs on two sides, the waves have approximately 3 meters height on average, making the beach an ideal spot for surfing.

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8. Feicueiwan Beach

This beach is also called the Green Bay. It is located near Yeliou Geo-park, on the northern coast. It comprises of a fully developed recreational area for various water sports. The crescent shaped beach measures 1,500 meters in length and is perfect for parasailing, scuba diving, snorkeling, sailing, water skiing and wind surfing. The Green Bay is also very popular around the country for hang gliding and paragliding, being one of the six places in Taiwan where these sports are practiced. Though the entry fee is said to be on the high side, the Feicueiwan beach offers visitors value for money.

If you are planning a fun family getaway this summer, a visit to any of these beaches in Taiwan is sure to leave you and your loved ones with a memorable experience. Some of the beaches are also ideal locations for destination weddings for couples who love the outdoors or the seaside.

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