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5 Best Jimjilbangs in Seoul

If you're a fan of rest, relaxation, rejuvenation, and being pampered, then you have come to the right place. Jimjilbangs are one of the top destinations in Seoul for tourists across the globe to revitalize themselves. However, the vast array of spa options in Seoul can certainly be confusing. That's why we found the best Jimjilbangs in Seoul just for you on your next vacation to South Korea.

1. Dragonhill Spa

I say at least once but it'll definitely be more for me personally. The experience of being completely au natural surrounded by fellow humans of the same sex was far more relaxing and calming than I ever would have imagined. It was entirely a transcendental experience, breaking beyond the mentality of it all was purely liberating.

Don't expect the staff to speak English (they may or may not) so just take it slow and be patient with both them and yourself and everything will become clear with careful observance. You'll figure out where to go and where not to go. If you research online before going you will be able to find blog articles describing other people's experiences sharing the do's and don'ts which will be helpful.

You get a waterproof electric bracelet with which your entry and in-spa service purchases are logged/billed which you then pay on your way out. Note: Be careful and guard your bracelet well. My Caucasian boyfriend was pulled over for a body scrub by an old woman who worked there. At the time he didn't know what was happening and before he knew it she had scanned his bracelet for payment. It was a very expensive scrub that he would not have agreed to but the language barrier presented them with an opportunity so beware.​

Once you’ve paid you’ll receive a shoe locker key. Walk into the locker room area and put your shoes in the locker. Then bring that key to the reception desk. You’ll receive a locker key, two towels, a pair of shorts, and a t-shirt. Put your belongings, the change of clothing, and everything that you’re wearing in the locker. That’s right, you walk around completely naked. The area with the baths is gender separated so there’s nothing to feel uncomfortable about.

Walk downstairs to the baths and shower. You’ll see mothers, children, grandmas, aunties, and friends scrubbing each other down and lounging in the baths. You can choose from the mist or stone sauna or one of the baths—mugwort, jade, loess, and salt—or get a body scrub and massage (it costs extra but is worth it). Each bath offers different aid. For example, the jade bath is meant to calm you and the charcoal bath is meant to extract impurities. Once you’ve finished go back to the locker room and put on the change of clothing you were given.

Most jjimjilbangs provide you with a blanket and pillow to sleep in a common area on the floor. One of the unique aspects of Siloam Sauna is that there are bunk beds so you get an individual bed. This gives you more privacy and ensures that you don’t accidentally get stepped on. If you’re a light sleeper or heavy snorer fear not, there is a separate room for snorers.

3. The Grand Hyatt Seoul

You can use the sauna before getting your spa treatment. Also they let you choose the music you want to listen to during your treatment, and choose which beverage and snacks to have after the treatment. The treatment rooms are equipped with personal powder room and bathroom, all very clean. Lighting in the treatment room is very dim and soft.

You can use the sauna before getting your spa treatment. Also they let you choose the music you want to listen to during your treatment, and choose which beverage and snacks to have after the treatment. The treatment rooms are equipped with personal powder room and bathroom, all very clean. Lighting in the treatment room is very dim and soft.

Discover a relaxing haven in the heart of Seoul, South Korea at The Spa at Grand Hyatt Seoul. Experience complete natural refreshment of the body and soul as you enjoy one of The Spa’s blissful massage, facial or body treatments. Find sanctuary within a bustling city at The Spa.​

4. Happy Day Spa

Huge jjimjabang without all the pretentiousness of the fancier ones in town. If you want to see what an authentic jjimjabang is like; soak in the pools here, dip into the frozen room, grab some delicious food and crash out for the night.

​It is a nice Jimjillbang, my first one, it has perhaps 5 different waterbaths and a sauna, then there are some specialties saunas, but you have to be very good at korean, since they have no information at all in regards to what is what, and all instructions are in korean. Worth trying!

I went there during the day on a Monday. Not many people around but a group of noisy teenagers arrived at some point and I did not manage to get any rest until they left. I did not use the sauna in the women changing room. But the hot rooms in the jimjilbang are great and also the icy room there. I was unlucky and the masseuse was on vacation that day. As for the food, I did not try it, but I would say it is typical Korean food.

5. Spa G Daechi

Korea Ginseng Corporation(KGC) started its red ginseng business in 1899(in the 36th reign of King Gojong) when the Samjeonggwa(Ginseng Management Division) was set up within the royal palace of the Korean Empire. Since then, KGC has inherited and developed its legitimacy under the prestigious brand, called “Cheong-Kwan-Jang” However, trust is not born from a time-honored history or tradition alone. We have maintained our top position because of tour meticulous quality control that standardizes the entire process: from growing ginseng to manufacturing the final product.

Cheong-Kwan-Jang reliability is something that cannot be copied, thanks to the 6-year Contract farming, which takes the environment and quality into account, technical guidance and financial assistance to grow only the best ginseng as well as strict quality control ensured by our traceability system. We take pride in continuing the tradition of Korean Ginseng. Continuing this tradition of excellence is a Solid stepping stone to becoming a global total health care enterprise.

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  • I definitely like to be pampered so would spend some time in those spas in Seoul!

    • Yes! I super recommend them!

  • This experience sounds truly transcending. What a shame the the masseuse had the day off when you visited, that would have topped the day off perfectly.

    • I’m absolutely obsessed with Korean spas, so glad that we have a bunch of Los Angeles also!

  • I’ve only visited Seoul on a layover. I had just enough time to explore the city to know I loved it. This makes me want to book a trip back! How many days do you recommend to see the city?

    • You could definitely see the city in 3 days, but I would book at least 7 days to see other parts of Korea, its so beautiful and the food is so delicious!


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