10 Best Korean Exfoliators

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One of the hottest trends in skin care is exfoliation thanks to all the numerous benefits. Exfoliation is simply the process of taking off dead skin cells from the skin’s outermost layer. When these dead skins remain and eventually pile up, what they cause is dull, dry and rough skin. Exfoliation triggers the production of new skin cells.

Dermatologists have advised that adding exfoliation to your skin care routine helps the skin to shed dead skin naturally and encourages healthier, younger looking and evenly toned skin.


There is a multitude of types of exfoliators available on the market including masks, powders, scrubs, serums, polishers and microdermabrasion kits and peeling gel exfoliator. We've curated a list of the best 10 Korean exfoliators to help you pick the best exfoliator for you.


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Korean Exfoliators



Featured Ingredient





Black Sugar









Glacial Clay






3 sponges


Benefits of Exfoliating Your Skin

No matter your type of skin, be it oily, dry or sensitive, there are different ways to exfoliate each skin type. Several types work well with more than one skin type. Some of the benefits of exfoliating your skin include: 

  • Stimulates the production of the epidermis and collagen for better skin
  • It allows efficient absorption of lotions and other skin care products
  • It helps smooth skin which reduces the appearance of wrinkles, sun damage, and large pores
  • Clears out breakouts and acne by killing bacteria
  • Makes skin glow as it helps oxygenate the skin

Types of Exfoliators

Exfoliators are widely categorized into two kinds and both have their own benefits but the one that's best for you is majorly dependent on your skin type.

Chemical Exfoliators

These work to break bonds between skin cells making it easy for dead skin cells to be removed. It makes use of a variety of chemicals and some of these chemicals include different enzymes, alpha hydroxy acids AHA (best for dry skin) and beta hydroxy acids BHA (best for oily skin).

Peeling gel exfoliators are one of the most  well-known chemical exfoliators and are effective enough to remove dead skin and dirt immediately despite being gentle enough to be used on sensitive areas including the face. Usually, peeling gels are made of fruit enzymes that perform the exfoliating job in the product.

Physical Exfoliators

They are made to contain some type of rough material or physical particles that when rubbed against the skin buffs away the dead skin layer. The granular scrub is the most common type of physical exfoliator, they contain small particles like nut shells, fruit pits, baking soda, sugar, oatmeal and the larger grains are extra harsh on the skin as compared to finer grains. One major ingredient used in physical exfoliators is microbeads.

Recently, the use of microbeads in the production of exfoliators was banned in the US as they're definitely a threat to the environment because they're plastic and don't dissolve. Its small design of fewer than 5 millimeters means it can be washed down the drain.

Buying Guide for Korean Exfoliators

The skin is a very delicate organ and reacts easily to anything that it’s exposed to. If you want to be extra careful, see your dermatologist before using harsh exfoliators. You need to be sure of its compatibility, how well your skin can handle its side effects, and how beneficial it’s going to be to your skin. Some of the other buying considerations are explained below.

Normal Skin

Exfoliators with pineapple and papaya enzymes are especially good for you,  these exfoliators will help loosen dull skin cells for a brighter complexion. Exfoliate 2 times a week for best results.

Dry Skin

Since you have dry and tight skin cells, you'll need to exfoliate one or twice in a week with scrubs that have olive oils and nourishing almond in them to help replenish your skin’s natural oils for smooth and soft skin.

Oily Skin

We recommend exfoliating 3 times a week (oily skin is thicker) with exfoliators that have ingredients like salicylic acid to unclog your large pores.

Sensitive Skin

Exfoliate with products that are enzyme based which will gently break down bonds holding dead skin cells. To be used at most twice a week.



3.53 oz

Black Sugar


The Skinfood brand is well known for its food based, healing products. The Black Sugar Mask Wash Off Exfoliator is one of their key products in and outside the borders of Korea. For a magically smoothand soft skin, this exfoliator is pretty damn affordable.

It is an hydrating and exfoliating mask wash off that's rich in vitamins. It also restores nutrients and moisture to the skin and features mineral-rich black sugar granules from Brazil. Produced organically without the use of pesticides and other harmful chemicals, this exfoliator is enriched and unrefined and chock full of minerals and vitamins.

Black Sugar has a grainy texture that makes it perfect for scrubbing and removing dead skin cells and it also helps brighten up the skin. This Skinfood Black Sugar Mask exfoliator does well in helping you cultivate healthy skin, it rejuvenates, nourishes your skin and helps effectively in eliminating blackheads. It leaves skin moisturized, soft, and free of dead skin cells.

After using this exfoliator a few times, you'll begin to notice a fresh, soft and glowing skin as it is one of the most respected Korean exfoliators on the market!



4 oz



The Mizon Seaweed Jelly Scrub  is produced from seaweed, which is known to have exfoliating and strengthening benefits and is a tried, tested and proven exfoliator. For those with sensitive skin unable to withstand many other exfoliating options, this exfoliator is one of the best because it is perfect for all skin types.

Seaweed is bursting with vitamins and minerals and as an exfoliator, its anti-inflammatory effects help reduce the swelling of blemishes, acne breakouts, and pores. The Mizon Gentle Scrub  is perfect for all skin as it cleanses residue, removes dead skin cells and it contains Konjac vegetable fibers that boost the mineral and vitamin content of the skin. It's made with rice powder, a natural exfoliator that gently buffs the skin without causing irritation.

It also contains camellia, a strong anti-oxidant that protects the skin from further damage and Hyaluronic acid, which infuses the skin with moisture while cleansing the skin. This product comes in a 120ml per 4.1 oz. container. When the scrub touches moise skin, it peels off dead skin cells easily. When you use this exfoliator, you notice your skin becomes extra smooth and moist!



3.4 oz

Glacial Clay


Fermentation is one of Korea's oldest traditions and Goodal takes advantage of this to produce a refreshing clay mask by jam packing it with natural and complex ingredients that are sure to keep the skin fortified.

The Goodal Glacial Clay Wash off Pack is a cooling exfoliator and it works to remove oil so it is best for oily skin on a hot summer day. With this deep cleansing glacial clay, you can clean your pores as it gently purifies the skin and removes excess oil. It helps to effectively and thoroughly remove impurities from the skin, minimize pores and reduces sebum (oil production in the skin) to give a glowing finish.

It is formulated with a perfect blend of ingredients such as Glacial Clay, green tea extracts, Canadian Glacial water that all helps to deeply purify and cleanse the skin and as well minimize pores while soothing the skin. Like all Goodal products, it is free of mineral oils and Parabens. Prior to use, you can store it in a refrigerator for maximum Pore tightening and cooling effect. After using this wash off pack just once, you have a refreshed skin with a texture that's visibly refined.



3 sponges

Bamboo Charcoal


The Konjac Sponge is another great Korean exfoliator that's designed for oily or acne prone skin and is save for people with sensitive skin also. It is a special kind of natural exfoliator that helps improve your skin so much so that it leaves it feeling refreshed soft and smooth.

It gently but deep cleanses and exfoliates the skin, accelerates the elimination of makeup, excess oil, and pore clogging impurities and it is gentle enough for daily use. Made by hand using 100% natural plant ingredients, it is 100% organic, 100% biodegradable and environmentally friendly.  This does well in balancing skin pH, it is a safe and hypoallergenic and exfoliator and can be used by those with Rosacea, Eczema, blackheads and the likes. This exfoliatorcomes with a 100% hassle-free replacement guarantee.

The package includes 3 black activated bamboo charcoal sponges that are ready to help you balance the skin pH, detoxify and exfoliate your body. With this Konjac Sponge exfoliator, you instantly notice a smoother and softer skin.


SkinCareMedi - Korean Exfoliating Towel Set


The SkincareMedi towel is one of the most effective exfoliating products that you can get on the market today. If you want  healthy, smooth and soft skin, it is important you exfoliate your skin with SkinCareMedi exfoliating bath towel set. These towels make it easy to reach areas that are usually tough to treat like the back and shoulders and it will leave your skin feeling so smooth, refreshed and soft.

With this exfoliating bath towel set, made from Nylon and polyester, you get abundant bubbles with just a small amount of soap and it keeps its original shape even after you've used it for a long time. This high quality knitted wash towel helps you care for your skin as you effectively massage your skin softly to remove dead skin cells with its rough surface.

This product's high quality Korean weave pattern feels soft on the skin meaning you get a reliable and durable exfoliator that removes the dead skin and environmental build-up that usually causes acne, blemishes, and uneven skin tone. While it can be used for most skin types, you might initially feel that they are a little too abrasive but after just a few times, you'll definitely fall in love with the results!


The Skyroad Korean Exfoliating Bath Back Scrub removes dead skin layers and impurities in order to generate fresh, rejuvenated skin. It invigorates and refreshes your skin and boosts circulation. It shrinks when soaked in water and stretches back to fit your hand, providing the surface tension that's perfect for exfoliating purposes.

The Skyroad (TM) is machine washable, bacteria resilient and is made with 100% Viscose Rayon with naturally fibers that help to revitalize your skin by improving circulation.To get the best out of this exfoliator you'll need a month of regular usage. The improved collagen makes creates smooth and healthy skin that is blackhead and blemish free and diminished wrinkles.

The Skyroad Korean Bath Towel dries quickly, is lightweight, and with just a gentle scrub, you're able to remove dead skin cells with any impurities and to clean pores to eliminate blackheads.

Facial use is not recommended. Use with skin moisturizers for better results of protecting smooth and healthy skin. Results with this exfoliator are almost immediate and last for weeks.


The Asian exfoliating bath washcloth is one of the few washcloths that will give a refreshing sensation when used. Millions of Asians and Korean spas commonly use it. These exfoliator towels are usually used to scrub off all dead skin after a hot water soak for about 25 minutes. You can gently remove grimy dirt from your skin with this exfoliator towel to achieve that baby soft skin.  It isn't recommended for use on your face.

It has a terrific exfoliating touch so much that we don't advise use daily basis. To get the best value from this product, you need to know how to best use it. It is made of 100% Viscose material that may shrink in size when it is soaked in water, there is no need to bend and fold yourself just to reach every part of your body, meaning you can easily exfoliate every part of your body with this Asian exfoliating Towel.

Overall, it is easy to use, cleanses deep into the skin to detoxify your skin and increase circulation and it leaves your skin feeling silky smooth.

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The MojaFiber Microfiber Face Cloth is another exfoliator that does a great job when it comes to removing dead skin in a quick and efficient manner. There are two different sides to this face towel. On one side, you have a regular setting for regular washing. On the other side, you get the exfoliator for deep scrubbing which leaves your skin soft and fresh.

The MojaFiber Microfiber Face Cloth pack contains three 12"x12" ultra-thick heavy-duty washcloths. It is environmentally friendly with a special weave which has thousands of tiny spaces between its fibers that lift and trap oil and remove dirt and dead skin cells. It's perfect for cleaning off your makeup, unblocking your pores and exfoliating your skin. It's one hundred percent washable and durable.

As far as exfoliators go, the MojaFiber Microfiber Face Cloth is a top choice on our list as it is very effective and efficient. You can wash away at least ninety-nine percent of germs absorbed by this face cloth from your skin simply by washing with warm water. These three pieces in one pack will last you for a very long time.

Exfoliating Gloves


Exfoliating gloves are another convenient way of giving your skin a total and complete scrub. Codream provides you with six different colors of exfoliating gloves for a complete exfoliating experience. Codream bath gloves are textured to ensure all dead skin cells are adequately removed, increase your blood circulation and help renew your skin.

 These exfoliators are made of one hundred percent nylon and are elasticized to stretch and conform to your hand. It is designed for all skin types. With Codream you get six pairs of exfoliating gloves with different colors; green, pink, hot pink, light blue, light purple and dark purple. Both sides of each glove are conveniently textured making it easy to reach your neck, feet, shoulders and other parts that need exfoliation.

This pack of exfoliating gloves is super durable, beautifully designed and textured perfectly so it gets the job done and has your skin feeling fresh and looking soft. 

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There are many different types of Exfoliators to choose from but if you are someone who prefers a natural exfoliator, the Native Spring Loofah Body Scrubber is right up your lane. The Native Spring Loofah Back Body Scrubber Glove and Pouf 3-piece Exfoliator Spa Bath Set is a therapeutic and premium quality exfoliator specially designed to fit well on your hand with a snuggle pad design which makes scrubbing easy and effortless. The natural luffa fabric helps with oily, dry and rough skin, back acne and eczema.

This exfoliator is made from natural sea sponge luffa fiber, which is rough enough for effective skin exfoliation, but also delicate so that it keeps your skin glowing after a much-needed scrub. It comes in charcoal and black, is chemical free and hypoallergenic. It also features a textured luffa surface which provides you with a deep cleaning, scrubbing and complete dead skin removal with added benefits such as blood circulation, helps you relieve stress and relaxes you leaving your skin looking altogether healthy and youthful.

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