The 10 Best Korean Hair Products

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The Korean hair care strategy focuses more on the scalp rather than the hair itself. As a result, you'll easily find a wide range of formulas based on hair masks and scalp therapy. Korean hair specialists believe that a healthy scalp is the key to black, shiny, and younger-looking hair. And, the result is avant-garde all-natural hair serum, essences and ampoules, in addition to basic hair and scalp therapy products like hair packs, shampoos, conditioners, and hair mists.

How Are Korean Hair Products Different From American Ones?

For the most part, Korean hair products try to use natural ingredients rather than the heavily chemical solutions used in western hair products. To begin Asian hair is quite different from other hair types. The first thing you'll notice is difference in the outer cellular layer of the hair. These cellular layers are densely packed in Asians. However, these layers appear to be flatter on Caucasian hairs. As a result, why Asians have a larger number of hair follicles, Western hair is way thicker individually.

Of course, this is a generalization, there are many Caucasians with densely packed hair. Also, you'll find many Asians people with very thick hair. Predominantly, it depends on genetics and geographic factors.

The mode of hair loss also differs for Asian and Western hair types. Asian hair has a tendency to come off in larger pieces versus the smaller break offs with Western hair. Also, Caucasian hair is weaker as compared to Asian hair as the cellular layers of Caucasian hair tend to shed more rapidly.

Therefore, the difference between Asian hair products and Western hair products lies in their formulation and the application of natural and herbal resources compare to the more chemical Western hair products.


Shampoo and Conditioner Sets


If you are searching for a natural and herbal solution for your damaged hair, check out this amazing set from Ryoe. This shampoo and conditioner is specially designed for hair loss and damaged hair. This particular shampoo and conditioner set is formulated with Biota seed & Red Ginseng in order to lower the heat of the scalp. Together, they promote elasticity for the scalp.

This smart hair pack set improve the scalp condition via treating the hair roots. You'll notice considerably less damage within just a couple of months of use. With a set of powerful herbal ingredients like Biota seed & Red Ginseng in addition to anti-hair Loss and scalp elasticity formulation, this is an amazing solution for anyone suffering from damaged hair and hair loss.


Sick of artificial, chemical-filled hair care products? Check out this Shampoo + Treatment Set, voted as Korea's No. 1 Herbal shampoo by consumers. It was also awarded Quintessential Master Brand in Korea. The solution is formulated with green tea and changpo (Acorus calamus Linne). Thanks to their anti-oxidant properties, these ingredients are great for skin protection, and detoxification.

Via its medicinal herbal extract, users can get healthier, bouncier hair with continuous use. It can eliminate dandruff and itching while nourishing the scalp by controlling oil and ensuring a healthy scalp. With its award winning medicinal herbal formulation, menthol-rich properties, and anti-dandruff properties, it's a great pick!


If you are up for a long lasting floral aroma in addition to natural ingredients, very few products can compete with Kerasys's Elegance Perfumed Shampoo + Conditioner. This set is made with a unique set of layered ingredients. At the top layer, you'll find Apple blossom, oris, and aldehydes pitch. At the second layer, ingredients like Tyube rose, Ylang-Ylang, violet, and hyacinth will keep the aroma and effectiveness of the shampoo alive.

For the lower layer, the solution is formulated with andalwood, Rai Spider, and Musk. The entire shampoo plus conditioner treatment will make your hair soft and silky. Also the fragrance is super long lasting! 


If you are looking for premium, professional hair care, then nothing is better than this set including the Sachajuan Scalp Shampoo with Leave in Conditioner. This shampoo and leave-in conditioner combines algae and other tailor-made ingredients that offer healing effects. These products are developed via ocean silk technology. This technology gives the hair maximum shine, volume, stability, and nourishment without weighing it down.

It's great for all hair types! Piroctone olamine, climbazole, rosemary oil, ginger extract, salicylic acid, and menthol a are used to create this shampoo. The shampoo and conditioner will make your hair easy to style. 

Deep Conditioner/Hair Repair


If you have damaged hair and want a natural solution, check out the Argan Essential Hair Pack from Nature Republic. This intensive care pack contains highly enriched, organic Argan Oil. In addition to the highly enriched organic argan oil, this hair pack is formulated with rosehip oil and evening primrose oil. These three types of natural oils are well-known for their moisturizing and nutrient enriching properties.

They make the hair soft, strong and bouncy. This deep care hair pack has technology that can force the scalp to absorb nutrients from these highly efficient natural oils. In addition, it does not add any Artificial Colors, Mineral Oil, Animal, Toyako wool, and Sulfate Surfactants. With its highly enriched natural oils, it’s a must-try hair pack.


For dry and damaged hair, few ingredients work as well as Argan Oil, also known as the Liquid Gold of Morocco. It is pressed from the nuts of the argan trees. Argan Oil is enriched with essential fatty acids, vitamin E, and squalene which nourish the hair and increase its moisture content. Let us introduce the Argan Oil Silk Hair Pack from Skinfood.

This hair pack is formulated with argan oil and silk. Argan oil nourishes hair and increases the moisture content of the hair. In addition, amino acids, proteins, and peptides in silk replenish lost nutrients and bring back the luster of the hair.With argan oil, silk, improved moisture content, and replenished skin nourishment, you simply can’t ignore the efficiency of this hair pack.


Do you have dry and damaged hair? If so, then we have got an amazing solution for you. Check out the Haeyo Mayo Hair Nutrition Pack from TONYMOLY. This is a highly concentrated, nourishing cream for damaged hair. TONYMOLY is one of our favorite Korean beauty brands!

This Nutrition Pack is formulated with yolk extracts, shea butter, and macadamia seed oil. Yolk extracts takes intensive care of damaged hair to make it healthy again. Shea butter and macadamia seed oil help to maintain the elasticity of the hair to give it that bounce. Gently dry and spread the pack after shampooing. Massage gently for 3 minutes. Then, rinse the hair with water thoroughly.

Best Korean Lip Patch - Etude House Cherry Lip Mask

​If you want to get a professional hair treatment, you don’t need to visit the salon anymore. This next incredible product can give you professional grade care of your hair at home. This hair paste is designed for styling, with a strong and flexible hold. It is formulated with a patented silk technology that features water and PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castro Oil in addition to other skin-friendly chemicals.

It is made with exclusive algae-based extracts with valuable proteins and minerals to build strength. Regardless of your hair type, you can use this high-quality paste on wet or dry hair. With algae-based extracts, valuable proteins, and minerals, it’s a no brainer for anyone who wants beautiful, shiny hair!

Hair Mist

What is hair mist and why do we need it?

Hair mist is water-based substance used to revive frizzy, brittle and dry hair. It’s almost an anti-frizz in order to make the hair soft and shiny again. It does not weigh down the hair. The eventual purpose of hair mist is to add elasticity and luster to the hair. Don't worry, it won't mess up styled hair!

Another major feature of hair mists is the fragrance. Girls just love fresh smelling, perfumed hair,  but the aroma of shampoo and conditioner only lasts just after your show.  Solution? Hair mist with a wide variety of refreshing fragrances. It can lift up the mood of the users and the surroundings as well. (Especially since its recommended to only wash dyed or treated hair every 3 days - you'll need to refresh your hair many times in between!)


If you are worried about dry hair, then nothing can give you an instant replenishment like a hair mist. One of our favorite hair mists is the Silk Scarf Hair Mist from the famous Korean beauty brand Etude House. This mist is formulated with oil complex and floral scent. This weightless mist enhances your hair's shine and boosts hair's health while providing vital nutrients at the same time.

Water, (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Macadamia Ternifolia Seed Oil, and PEG-60 Hydrogenated Castor Oil are also used in this hair mist. It smells marvelous! You have to shake the bottle and mist evenly over damp or dry hair. Massage the scalp and then comb through the end of the hair. Do not rinse. 

Best Korean Lip Patch - Etude House Cherry Lip Mask

If you are looking for a on the go moisturizing solution for your damaged hair, then let us introduce the Lychee Essence Mist by Skinfood. Skinfood has contributed much to the Korean beauty industry with their ground-breaking formulas. This time, they are back with a specially designed solution for damaged hair. Primarily, this hair essence mist is formulated with lychee extracts.

Lychees are known for their vitamins, nutrients, and moisturizing properties. They can take care of damaged hair due to perms or color treatments. At the same time, they can fill the hair with moisture and softness without irritating the scalp. Shake the mist and spray an appropriate amount evenly over the entire area. 



If you are looking for a total hair care treatment to repair your hair, then we've got the perfect Korean hair care solution: The Perfect Repair Treatment from Miseenscene. This multipurpose and multifunctional hair treatment solution can repair your damaged hair and bring back its former shine and luster. It is formulated with seven kinds of oil cocktails.

These oils include argan oil, camellia oil, marola oil, olive oil, coconut oil, apricot oil, and jojoba oil. Each of these natural oils has their own merits and are very beneficial to hair. The solution can give your hair moisturize and gloss your hair while preventing tangles and frizz. With seven perfect oil care ingredients, it’s a must-buy serum for anyone’s hair care kit.

Sachajuan -Shine Serum

Best Korean Lip Patch - Etude House Cherry Lip Mask

If you are troubled with damaged hair and don’t know what to do, let us introduce a high-quality solution that can protect your hair while nourishing the scalp at the same time, the Sachajuan Shine Serum. Even if your hair has been around the color-chemical-styling block one too many times, it can still get back its shiny and beautiful luster with this shine serum. This serum is especially designed for damaged hair.

The serum utilizes the brand's signature Ocean Silk Technology. It extracts valuable proteins and minerals from cold water sea algae and blends them with other tailor-made active ingredients to create unique results. With sea algae and its tailor-made active ingredients, this is one premium serum!



For moisturized and nutrition-filled, healthy hair, Argan Oil is the ultimate ingredient. On that note, check out the Argan Oil Silk Hair Essence from Skinfood. This hair essence is made with argan oil and 18 silk-based ingredients. Argan oil is very much recognized for its moisture-retention abilities and nutrition-rich properties.

18 kinds of amino acid can give your dry and damaged hair a silky and lustrous shine. This product is free from any parabens, alcohol, artificial dyes. Apply a proper amount of this essence all over your hair and trouble spots.With argan oil and silk-based ingredients, it is one of the best essences available on the market.

Argan Essential Curling Hair Essence

Best Korean Lip Patch - Etude House Cherry Lip Mask

For a natural remedy for your brittle, dry and frizzy hair, check out the Argan Essential Curling Hair Essence from Nature Republic. In this day and age, the use of hair straighteners, blow dryers, perms, over dying and constant sun exposure has increased by leaps and bounds. All these treatments leave your  hair dry, frizzy and brittle.

On many occasions, the hair also starts to fall out rapidly. To deal with these issues, Nature Republic has formulated this essence with organic argan oil. It’s a leave in essence that makes hair silky smooth. With its all-natural argan oil recipe, it’s an impressive brittle and frizzy hair solution.

Why aren’t there a lot of Korean Hair Spray and Hair Gel Products?

Products like hairsprays and hair gels are usually high in alcohol concentration and make your hair dry and brittle. In addition, thanks to their stiff and sticky nature, the residue causes hair breakage. It can also induce scalp flaking and hair loss in due time.

Since Koreans yearn for healthy, black, and shiny hair, the Korean hair care experts concentrate more on natural ingredients and avoid the use of harsh chemicals like alcohol, polymer, mineral oil or color pigments.

Also, they believe that scalp nutrition is very important for the maintenance of healthy hair while hair spray and gel products disrupt the flow of natural oils of the hair. They formulate their hair care lines with vitamin enrichment and moisturizing in mind. And at any rate, you can’t make hair spray without alcohol, so there is really no room for it in Korean beauty!

How many steps is the Korean skincare routine?

Korean women mean business when it comes to skin care. With a wide range of natural formulas, they have a lengthy, multi-step skin care process. If you are dead serious with your skin care regime and willing to invest the time and money, this multi-step procedure is highly beneficial for your skin.

Here are all the basic steps in the ‘11-Step Korean Skincare Routine’ for you!

Step 1: Makeup Remover (The 1st Part of the Korean Double Cleansing Routine)

The multi-step skincare procedure starts with removing all the makeup, dirt or associated impurities from the face. For this particular step, oil-based cleansers work best, especially with tricky-to-remove waterproof and eye makeup.

Step 2: The Cleansing (Second Step of the Korean Double Cleansing Routine)

After using the oil cleanser, the final part of the cleansing routine includes the water-based cleanser. With water-based cleansers, you can remove all the existing residues of  makeup and oil cleanser. Also, this process will make your skin softer, in addition to improving the blood circulation.

Step 3: The Exfoliating

The third step includes exfoliating the dead skin cells and to bring back the natural shine of the skin. Once a week or twice a month of exfoliation is sufficient to remove the blackheads from your skin.

Step 4: The Toning

Toner is important to maintain the pH level of the skin. Moreover, it sets the skin for maximum absorption of the serums, lotions and essences.

Step 5: The Essence

When it comes to Korean skincare, essence is considered to be the most important step. Essence helps the skin on cellular level and makes the skin smoother by speeding up cell turnover. Pat the essence on the freshly toned skin.

Step 6: The Serum, Ampoule, and Booster

Now, it’s time to address issues like wrinkles, fine lines, acne, skin brightening, fading sunspots, pore refining, skin pigmentation and so forth. Serums and ampoules in addition to dedicated and highly concentrated boosters can help you to achieve skin perfection.

Step 7: The Sheet Mask

Sheet masks are another imperative part of this multi-step skincare routine. These masks can force your skin to absorb nutrients better. With twice a week of use, your skin will get more plump and bright.

Step 8: The Eye Cream

One of the most delicate spots of face is the skin around the eyes. These areas also need extra care, nutrition, and hydration compare to other parts of the face. 

Step 9: The Moisturizer

A complementary moisturizer is very important to keep the skin healthy. You should use the moisturizer at least twice a day – morning and evening. Pat all over your face and neck to hydrate these areas completely.

Step 10: The Night Cream

To keep your skin hydrated all night long, it is crucial to use a night cream or sleeping pack. You'll find countless leave-over-night solutions with fermented ingredients and natural extracts.

Step 11: The Sun Protection

It is important to shield your skin against all the free radicals and harmful elements in the air. So, don’t go outside without applying  high-quality sunscreen to protect against UVA and UVB rays. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to CERTAIN CONTENT THAT APPEARS ON THIS SITE COMES FROM AMAZON SERVICES LLC. THIS CONTENT IS PROVIDED 'AS IS' AND IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE OR REMOVAL AT ANY TIME. Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product. All prices on this site may change and those considered valid are displayed on

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