The Best Korean Hydrating Masks
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Best Korean Hydrating Masks for Refreshed, Glowing Skin


Want to know how to acheive perfect, flawless, and beautiful dewy looking skin? Well we've got a solution for you. BB creams are one of the hottest beauty trends across the globe, and there's a hundred great reasons why. Since we're huge fans of Korean beauty products, we've decided to test some of the best Korean BB creams on the market, and share our results with you.


You see, all those skin tanning, heavy and waterproof makeup, rough weather condition, bad UV rays – a lot of factors can take away the natural oil from your skin and make it dry, distressed, and damaged. For your information, 70% of our body is constructed n water and skin is also a great part of that ecosystem. As a result, if the facial skin lacks ample supply of water, it is bound to lose its moistures, limberness, and elasticity. Depending on the skin type, different individuals will face different issues including, dry skin, skin flaking, or signs of ageing.

In these day and age of incessant heavy or light makeup exploitation, what facial skin needs most is the adequate amount of hydration and moisture. To back it all up, what can be better than a natural ingredients filled face masks with famed Korean beauty secret. Not only they can help you nourish your facial skin from within, but also rejuvenate your skin and bring back the natural glow of it.

So, regardless of those horror movie selfies, everyone should try some form of hydrating masks suitable for your particular skin type and preserve the natural water level and ultimately keep your skin supple and healthy.



Thanks to the selfies from celebs and other girls that have been making rounds on the web for quite a while, we are not foreign from those cloth or paper like substances featuring holes for mouth, nose, and eyes. After rumbling and jumbling in the Korean beauty industry for over a decade, sheet masks made their entrance to the western market and immediately grabbed the attention from girls of job and age group.

It takes time for ingredients to fuse with the skin. However, one of the key problems with a lot of skin care products is that they in fact evaporate despite being under the impression of helping the skin to get its desired outcome. Yes, it remains a great issue regardless of the expensive or non-pricey products.

As a result, Korean beauty experts came with this formula of a barrier that can lock all the ingredients into their place and avert the fading of those products from the skin. It does make sense, right?

Another important aspect of sheet masks is that these sheet masks don’t get dried up and stretch superfluous oil from your face. They help skins with ample supply of moisture and hydration. It also helps with the skin whitening.

There is a general 15-minute (20 minutes max!) rule for sheet masks and skin flex-up. You leave the mask on your face for 15 minutes and it will help you lock the essences of the makeup while providing enough hydration along the way. You don’t need to wash your face either!


As the name suggests, wash off masks needs you to wash the applied substances after a certain period of time. Wash-off masks are popular for their exfoliating and deep cleansing competency compare to sheet masks or other light on skin masks. However, whether it is the preparation or application, these conventional wash-off masks need a lot time and patience. In addition, while choosing wash-off masks, you need to be check on the integrated ingredients whether they are fit for your skin type or not. Clay mask, as you might have used it at some period of your life, is one of the most popular forms of wash-off mask.


Yes, the ghost of skincare regime doesn’t spare you in your dreams too! With overnight or sleeping masks, you can hydrate your skin while your snooze the night away. A thing worthy of mention in this point of time is that a good night sleep is pretty important for the quality and overall health of the skin. Against the popular belief that overnight masks are messy and will leave face prints all over their pillows, they are actually a form of quickly absorbing substances that are not cluttered at all! A small amount of overnight mask and it is going to help your skin with concentrated hydration. For individuals who use heavy and water-proof makeup on a regular basis, using overnight mask once or at best twice a week can bring immense benefits.


First thing first, please remember, these hydrating masks should be part of your daily skincare regime. Depending on the skin issues and product nature, you need follow the tenet to ge the best result. For instance, in the case of sheet masks, you have to start with fresh and clean face despite the time table. You can use it just whenever! However, the prior use of a face wash and a toner can help you to build the perfect foundation for it. Next, you cant leave the sheet mask on your face over 15 to 20 minutes. And finally, it is recommended to hop the use of other products after the use of sheet masks.

For wash-off masks, you need to choose the product that is appropriate for your skin type. You have to maintain the application procedure while preparing and applying this particular facial mask. In the case of overnight masks, you can leave this quickly absorbing mask for all night and go with your usual routine in the next morning. Just check on the key ingredients list to check whether they are going to conflict with your skin nature.




Regardless of the product type, you can always expect great effects from the famed Korean brand Innisfree. Today, when we are talking regarding hydrating masks, how can we just ignore one of the best brand with high-quality offerings. With that note, we would like to introduce the It's Real Squeeze Mask Sheet from Innisfree.

From the offering, you can see that this particular sheet mask package is comprised of 15 different sheets with different ingredients and their glories! The package includes GreenTea Cucumber, Bamboo, Aloe Vera, Manuka Honey, Kiwi, Shea Butter, Mugwort, Pomegranate, Black Berry, Tea Tree, Bija, Lime, Strawberry, and Rose. In addition to these base ingredients, these masks also included Water, Grapefruit Fruit Extract, Tangerine Peel Extract, Orchid Extract, Camellia Leaf Extract, and Prickly Pear Extract to the formulation. These masks contain the respective fruity aroma to them.

Identical to other sheet masks, at first, you have to cleanse and tone your skin properly before apllying the sheet mask over your skin. You can use light pat to make the sheet even throughout your face. 15 minutes and all ready with natural looking skin.

If you want an effective skincare regime with a range of all-natural ingredients, nothing can supersede this particular offering from Innisfree. Other than skin hydration, the associated ingredients of these packaged can make your skin brighter, clearer, softer, and smoother.


Girls, who wouldn’t be interested living in luxury without paying much, right? Didn’t make any sense?! Well, things will more obvious for you if you will come across a particular offering of Dermal. Dermal is a Korean beauty brand that surfaced with the formula of all natural ingredients. However, they did it with a much more affordable price point! Now, let’s take a deeper look at the other qualities of this product except its affordability.

This particular product is formulated with highly concentrated active ingredients to penetrate the skin while keeping air out of the skin completely. Results? It prevents the evaporation of the already applied makeup ingredients. Pearl powder and various mineral ingredients were used to formulate the product. It also includes vitamin E and collagen that keeps your tired skin always healthy, and elastic.

To apply, first, clean and dry your face thoroughly before applying the facial mask. Unfold the facial wrap and apply it gently on your face with outer edges. In order to spread the exact evenly pat the pouch 2-3 times prior to opening. Now, lie back and relax for 20 minutes!

Whether it is the 16 different types of facial masks aimed at a hydrated, healthy, clear and elastic skin or authentic and concentrated ingredients like Pearl powder 0.02%, Hydrolyzed collagen 0.2 %, it is a no brainer for skin aficionado!


How wonderful would it be if we could just provide enough moisture and hydration for our skin while locking the essence of the makeup within the skin, right? Well, with the super power of snails, you might as well achieve that quite easily! We are actually talking about the SKEDERM Snail Jelly Mask, the Hydrogel Coated Facial Mask with Snail Secretion Filtrate.

This facial mask comes in the form of sheet mask and it contains the secretion filtrate extracted from snails. This product is formulated with hyaluronic acid, glycolic acid, collagen, elastin, and other nutrients beneficial for the skin. It also contains vitamins A, C, and E that have always been popular for repairing and balancing skin tone. The formulation is comprised of hydrogel and approximately 91-98% water. So, it can be used for any skin hydration issues.

Regarding application, you have to thoroughly cleanse you face and apply toner to dampen the skin before placing the jelly mask on the face. You can leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes. You can lightly tap on the skin for maximum absorption.

Water, Snail Secretion Filtrate or Hydrogel – every ingredient of this sheet mask is committed to provide sufficient hydration to the skin. As they said, Snail Jelly Mask is the perfect way to end your day be ready for the next one!


When it comes to lightweight face masks, he effectiveness can easily fade away with regular use. As a result, it is recommended to use products with different ingredients and perspective. Just don’t let the skin get used to a single product or regime. That being said, Korean beauty giant the Saem came up with 13 different facial mask sheets with 13 natural ingredients. Let’s take a look at the ingredient and application procedure of the Natural Facial Mask Sheet by the Saem.

At the out set, this particular package contains Avocado, Shea Butter, Argan, Rose, Rice, Cucumber, Blueberry, Green Tea, Honey, Pomegranate, Tea Tree, Lemon, and Aloe Vera with their respective properties. However, most of these ingredients promote skin moisturizing and skin hydration in addition to the skin brightening, rejuvenating and other stuffs. Each of the masks contains an archetypal musky fragrance.

In regards to the application procedure, first, trim the texture of the skin after cleansing it with a toner. Next, remove the sheet and adhere it to the entire face evenly aligned from the eyes, nose, and mouth sections. Finally, remove the liquid mask after about 20 to 25 minutes when the ingredients are absorbed.

Whether it is the all-natural ingredients or easy 20 minutes operation, these facial masks can bring back its glory days while provide enough hydration to it.


Are you concerned with lack of water in your facial skin? Know that, you are not alone and with the regular use of makeup or other environmental condition can make your skin dry and devoid of enough moisture. However, with the concept of all-natural ingredients from Celavi Essence Facial Mask Paper Sheet and 15 to 20 minutes of time, you surely can uphold the water level of your skin.

The Celavi sheet mask is a luxurious and individually soaked paper sheet that can contour your facial skin, locking in the treatment and the ensuring maximum effectiveness. This mask comes in six different ingredients: Honey that cleanses and moisturizes; Cucumber that soothes and softens, Tea Tree that calms and refreshes, Avocado that regenerates, Charcoal that purifies and refines, and finally Pomegranate that brighten and enhance the skin condition.

Regardless of the skin types, only 15 minutes of time, you can have quick results targeting skin issues like tone, hydration, firmness and clarity with this particular sheet mask. You have to wash and tone your skin properly before covering your skin with this mask.

In combination with all-natural ingredients like honey, pomegranate, cucumber, tea tree, avocado, and charcoal, you simply can’t ignore the impact of these individually soaked paper sheet whether for ample skin hydration, skin rejuvenation, damaged skin repair, skin nourishment, fighting impurities and detoxification.


On the occasion that you are always on the run and can spare a little amount of time to hydrate your skin properly, then a Korean facial sheet masks with 15 to 20 minutes of timeframe might be the best possible solution for you. With that notion, let us introduce the I'm Real Mask Sheet Pack from the famous Korean skincare brand TonyMoly.

As we were discussing, one of the key aspects of sheet masks lies in their capability to block the evaporation of the makeup ingredients. Along with that line of thought, TonyMoly formulated this sheet pack with 3 layered pulp sheet to prevent the evaporation. This package includes 11 different packs based of 11 different natural ingredients like Rice, Broccoli, Red Wine, Tomato, Seaweeds, Pomegranate, Tea Tree, Avocado, Makgeolli, and Aloe Vera.

When it comes to application, after using cleanser and toner, take out the sheet mask from the pack carefully. Remember, they are super wet containing enough products on them. So, you have to be careful in handling them. Put it on the face and rub off the excess after 15 to 20 minutes.

If you want a series of functional components for your skin in addition to the basic hydration and to prevent evaporation, very few products can compete with this TonyMoly offering in this quality and price range.


For anyone who is into the skincare and have some degree of awareness of K-beauty, they must have come across the name Nature Republic. And, when it comes to facial masks, they definitely are a far behind then other brands. Similar to other Korean brands, they also formulated their sheet mask based on all natural ingredients. Let’s take a deep glance on their essences and application.

When you cut up the pouch, you would be welcomed with drenching or watery serum of the mask. Well, that happens with most of the sheet masks! The package includes 13 natural essences: Olive, Orange, Chamomile, Rose, Avocado, Shea Butter, Aloe Vera, Green Tea, Tomato, Acai Berry, Royal Jelly, Bamboo, and Cucumber. In addition to the fundamental and all important function of hydration, these ingredients can make the skin smoother, softer, brighter while reducing the wrinkles and bright skin tone. You might want to blend different flavors into your skincare regime for a better skin health.

Concerning the application procedure, prepare the skin for the sheet mask via washing the skin and toning it properly. Pull out the mask out of the pouch and place it on the face using the eye area to align it correctly.

A piece of sheet mask with nutrition-packed serum formula can surely bring up the hydration level of your skin while giving it numerous other skin benefits.



If you have enough time and patience to go to the next level with the facial mask, then you should certainly go with the wash-off masks that come with aptitude dedicated to exfoliating and deep cleansing. On that note, let us commence one of the best creation from Korean brand Skinfood - Black Sugar Mask Wash Off Exfoliator Face Mask.

This particular exfoliating and hydrating wash off mask is features mineral rich Brazilian black sugar granules. Black sugar is rich in vitamins and minerals and restores nutrients and moisture to skin. this mask is formulated with unrefined and enriched minerals like phosphorus, calcium, iron, magnesium, and potassium. It is also rich in vitamins such as riboflavin, niacin, and pantothenic acid. The grainy mask is ideal for scrubbing away dead skin cells. Thanks to its moisturizing elements, black sugar is also great in nourishing and rejuvenating of the skin.

Regarding application process, cleanse your face and apply desired amount of mask onto the face. Remember to avoid eye and mouth areas. Mix with water or toner if necessary to reduce skin irritation, and massage gently. Wait 10 to 15 minutes before washing off with warm water.

With the combination of exfoliating and hydrating effects with the help of vitamins and minerals enriched Brazilian black sugar granules, this mask is a great addition to your cosmetic regime.



In case you are on the lookout for a overnight mask, then nothing can give you better result than this Water Sleeping Mask from Laneige. This time around Laneige turned up with a great product with lightweight and gel-textured formulation that is pretty important for a solution that has to be left on skin for good amount of time. Let’s look into some other aspects of this product.

At the outset, this lightweight and gel-textured overnight mask is enriched with Beta-glucan. This ingredient can hydrate fatigued and dry skin intensively. The product also contains exclusive component like Sleepscent TM. It is a blend of aromatic essences to relax the skin and mind. Ceramide SLN formula was adopted to construct this product in order to consolidate skin barrier. It is encumbered with Snow Water to restore clarity and vitality.

Before going to bed, you have to complete your set of cleansing and toning. It is necessary to flex and even up your skin. Next, apply the sleeping mask with fingertips evenly and smoothly all over your skin. Leave on overnight and rinse well the next morning. You can’t use it more than twice a week.

Beta-glucan, exclusive Sleepscent TM, Ceramide SLN formula, Snow Water – from ingredients to product formulation, you can wake up with a smoother, more luminous, vigorous and healthier skin with this product.


There is a fantastic way to spend your sleeping time! Now, you may ask, you are supposed to sleep in your sleeping time! I totally agree! But who said you cant spend this couple of hours smartly, right? When you are busy or don’t want to waste even the sleeping time, overnight mask can easily provide your skin with intensive hydration and other necessary nutrients. Korean brand Cosrx came up with this Ultimate Nourishing Rice Overnight Mask for all those busy bees and enthusiast!

When it comes to the formulation of this product, it is formulated with more than 65% of rice extract. From the ancient time, people have been using rice extracts to improve the quality of their skins. In addition to the rice extract as the base ingredient, this product also incorporated Sunflower Seed Oil and Palm oil with the mixture of other skin-friendly chemicals.

According to Cosrx, this a 3-in-1 mask - where you can use this product as an overnight mask, a wash off mask or even as a cream. Regarding application, you have to cleanse, tone, and then apply this overnight mask on your skin 15 to 20 minutes prior to the bed.

With natural ingredients and a gentle formula, this product can brighten, nourish and hydrate the skin effectively to transform a dull, uneven skin tone into a healthy and radiant skin.

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