10 Best Korean Lip Patches to Give You Lush Kissable Lips

by Kiki Wong
The Best Korean Lip Patches Buyer's Guide 2016


Ahh, the beauty of fall! The delicious smell of pumpkin-spiced lattes will fill the nostrils of our peers. Cozy Uggs will be worn with cute short skirts. Fuzzy scarfs and baggy beanies will top the heads of our sisters. And…chapped dry lips? No! Not again! Fear not, ladies! The Korean beauty innovators are at it again and, this time, they’ve made the best Korean lip patches that keep your lips chap free through the chilly season. We've already reviewed the best korean eye patches, now we’ve checked out these adorably fun patches and selected the best ones to add to your daily routine.


So what exactly is a lip patch? These irresistibly cute patches act like a moisturizing mask for your lips as well as the area surrounding them. If you’ve used a collagen facial mask in the past or even Korean eye patches, then using these lip patches will be a walk in the park for you. The patches come in single-use, thin, gel-like masks sometimes shaped like lips that are packed with moisture and beneficial ingredients that will leave your lips looking even better than Kylie Jenner. Want to know a little more about what your lip patch can do for you? Check out these important features that can help you decide which patch is best for your needs.


When it comes to how much coverage you want out of your lip mask, size does matter! Some lip patches will cover only your lips, while others can cover your entire mouth as well as the surrounding skin.


If you're going to be wearing one of these lip patches every night, you might as well look good while you're doing it! Not only do they come in fun shapes, but they also sometimes come in fun colors too.

Time On

Knowing the time you need to set away for your lip mask will be crucial if you're planning on a night out and want a good moisturizing session before you leave. You can eve leave some patches on over night!


The flavor can definitely be a game changer when it comes to choosing a lip patch. Some come in different kinds of flavors, while others may be flavorless. Keep an eye out for what suits your taste.


Holika Holika Golden Monkey Lip

Best Korean Lip Patch - Gold Monkey Holika Lip Mask

Covers around lips

3 Step 15 Minutes

Light Pink


The reason why we absolutely LOVE this lip mask is its three-step process. Not only does this product do what all other lip masks do, but it also exfoliates and cleans  your lips so they are hydrated and soft to the touch. It's a pretty sweet deal that we are stoked about!

The lip mask itself is a very subtle light pink, so it doesn't leave any unwanted stains on your kisser. It comes in an adorable packaging that only a monster could hate. The cute little monkey says it all, and also guides you through each step.

This is our top pick because of its versatility and overall efficacy. We definitely recommend this product and we are surely going to be stocking up on more of these. Check out our detailed review here!

DreamMi Golden Lip Patch

Best Korean Lip Patch - DreamMi Gold Collagen Lip Mask

Covers around lips

10-15 minutes



Packed with nourishing moisture and a sparkly gleam, these lip masks are the perfect treatment for dry and chapped lips, especially during the winter.  For those that don't want to taste their skin care products, these masks come flavorless.

Since the application time is shorter than others, using these masks are a breeze and can be done virtually anywhere. It also comes with a small hole where your mouth is so those who are mouth breathers, fear not of suffocation with this product!

We love these golden lip masks and they are definitely fit for a queen. Try it out yourself and see how it changes your lips for the better!

Pure Smile Choosy Lip Gel Mask

Best Korean Lip Patch - Choosy Lip Mask

Covers around lips

5-30 Minutes


Peach, Herb, Honey, Milk, Fruit

These delicious lips masks are for those who have an elevated sense of taste and class. The juicy masks come in 5 difference succulent flavors: peach, herb, honey, milk, and fruit. With only 7 different ingredients, you won't have to worry about any questionable or harmful chemicals in these patches.

With a usage time of 5-30 minutes, you can wear these masks on the go, right before an event, or with your nightly routine. Not only are these masks convenient, they are also extremely moisturizing, leaving your lips more hydrated than your standard chapsticks. 

If you are a fan of options, you can purchase these as a pack of all 5 flavors, or if you are a more decisive buyer, you can purchase them individually. These masks are overall a tasty addition to your everyday makeup routine.

Berrisom SOS My Lip Patch

Best Korean Lip Patch - Berrisom Lip Mask

Covers around lips

10-15 minutes



This powerful little lip patch definitely gets the job done when you're looking for a little extra moisture. This tasty, berry-flavored mask contains Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen, and Peptide, which are fast acting essential ingredients for hydrating your lips.

The very thin gel mask covers the area around your lips, which is great during the colder dryer seasons. Also, this helps keep the mask in place so it doesn't fall off your face while it is applied. The cute lip shape and pink color also make a great selfie for your Instagram.

Overall, if you're having a serious SOS with lip chaffing and dryness, this little super hero of a mask is perfect for you. It's easy to apply and fast to use, and that's why we love it!

PILATEN Collagen Crystal Lip Mask

Best Korean Lip Patch - Pilaten Lip Mask

Covers around lips

20-30 minutes



Looking for smooth, perfect, pink lips? This lip mask will do exactly that for your, and will leave you a fresh strawberry taste, too! This lovely affordable lip moisture treatment utilizes a little extra on time to keep moisture locked into your lips for the rest of the day.

This nourishing lip mask is perfect to wear on a cool winter day at home or before bed. The mask comes in one whole piece, so it ensures that all the protective juices stay on your lips and not anywhere else.

The lip patch is highly moisturizing, so be careful when you open it up and make sure to not let the precious liquid drip out. 

The Face Shop Modeling Gel Patch

Best Korean Lip Patch - The Face Shop Lip Modeling Gel Mask

Covers around lips

10-15 minutes



If you want a gel lip patch that can withstand a little more wear and tear, this mask is perfect for you. The density of this lip patch is slightly thicker than other, so you won't have to worry about it tearing if you're a little fumble-prone with your fingers.

The wear time for this mask is slightly shorter than some of its sisters, so you can slip in a quick moisture sesh even if you're on a time crunch. It also has a unique cranberry flavor since it's juiced up by cranberry extract.

Overall, this lip patch will instantly give you kissable, soft lips even in the driest and coldest weather. This is a must-add to your makeup routine.

Etude Cherry House Lip Patch

Best Korean Lip Patch - Etude House Cherry Lip Mask

Covers around lips

10-15 minutes



Want something that's a little more full coverage if your skin is feeling extra dry? This lip mask is perfect because it runs slightly larger than it's competitors. This full coverage mask hydrates the whole area around your mouth, leaving your skin flawless and nourished.

The cherry flavor is sweet and fragrant for your mask wearing experience. It even leaves a subtle pink tint on your lips for a little extra color, so no worrying about applying lipstick afterward.

​You definitely don't want to miss trying out this adorable little lip mask. It'll keep your lips moisturized and your pockets full.

TONY MOLY Kiss Kiss Lip Patch

Best Korean Lip Patch - Tony Moly Lip Mask

Covers around lips

10-15 minutes



You may have seen this lip patch on Jessica Alba as she selfied it up with her lip mask on Instagram. If it's good enough for the celebrities, then it's definitely worth checking out! The juicy moisture-packed lip mask has a yummy strawberry flavor for all of you with a sweet tooth

If you're going for that perfect Kylie Jenner look, then this is right for you. It not only keeps your lips hydrated but also plumps them up full of collagen looking luster, making your everyday makeup routine that much easier.

Find out for yourself if you wanna hang with the celebs with this lip mask.​

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