The Top 10 Best Korean Lipsticks That We Swear By!

by Kiki Wong


Adding the pefect lip color to your makeup routine can literally make or break your look. To make matters worse, there are hundreds of different lipstick brands out there that can make your head spin. We at Nylon Pink are uber fans of Korean beauty products, also check out our reviews on the best Korean lip patches and best Korean lip tints, and we decided to check out some of the best Korean lipsticks on the market. We tested them just for you. You’re welcome.

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Depending on where you reign from, there are multiple ways you can style your lipstick. There’s quite a difference in what’s trending between American vs. Korean beauty standards currentky. However, these lipsticks are versatile to fit either look you’re going for.

Some people prefer to use lip tints, which create the effect of eating a cherry popsicle on a summer day. But if you’re looking for a look that’s a little more elegant, you’re going to want to check out these ultra-sleek Korea lipsticks.

So how do you choose the best Korean lipstick? We broke it down for you in these 4 categories:


  • How smooth the products goes on
  • How many swipes does it take to get the look you’re going for


  • Lipsticks all have various finishes
  • Matte, wet, shine, gloss, sparkle


  • Korean products have the cutest packaging


  • Keeping those smackers chap-free since day 1


Korean Lipsticks Name Coverage Finish Packaging Moisture
best-travel-daypack-hikpro [Tonymoly] Kiss Lover Style Matte Lipstick Medium/Matte 25 Pump 1
Pony Effect Shine Easy Glame Blossom Lipstick Medium/Dewy 25 Pump 1
Etude House Dear My Wish Lipstick Creamy Gloss Pink Bow High
IOPE Water Fit Lipstick Medium/Dewy 41 Pump 2
Laneige Silk Intense Lipstick Creamy Sparkly Matte Silver Bullet Medium
InnisFree Real Fit Lipstick Soft Sheen White Case Medium
Kailijumei Infused Flower Flame Lipstick Wet Glossy Clear Flame High
HOLIKA HOLIKA Heartful Moisture Lipstick Creamy Sparkly Heart Shaped High
CLIO Rouge Heel Soft Matte Classic Black Medium

Pony Effect Shine Easy Glam Blossom Lipstick


White Case

Glossy and Matte


When it comes to judging a book by it’s cover, these lipsticks by PONY Effect are ones to definitely buy. The white and gold packaging are super cute and super Instagram worthy. Honestly, I want to keep the box just for taking pictures.

Not only are the lipsticks eye candy, they are also lip candy to the max. The texture of the lipsticks are more like a standard chapstick; balmy and very mostirurizing. However, because of the chapstick-like texture, the product doesn’t last incredbilly long so make sure to bring it on the go for extra touch ups. The product comes in two diffferent finishes, matte and gloss. Both are equally moisturizing and great for winter.

We LOVE this lipstick and we know you will too!

Kailijumei Inflused Flower Flame Lipstick


Clear Flame



Seriously, this lipstick is a work of art. You won’t regret this purchase simply because it is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Even if you’re not a fan of the color, buy this NOW!

This lipstick is not like any other lipstick really. It has a jelly like substance with gorgeous little flower in the center accompainied with golden flakes. Yeah, the name says it’s flaming red, but the actual color is pink. WORTH IT! The finish is very glossy and very moisturizing, sort of like petroleum jelly. If you’re sensitive to smells, it does have a pretty strong flavor and scent so make sure you like floral!

Again, this product is worth the purhcse just because of its innovation and art. You won’t regret it, I promise!

IOPE Water Fit Lipstick


Navy Blue Case



Do we have any Korean Drama fans out there? Well, you’re in luck! This product gained a huge amount of popularity because famous K-Drama actress Ji Hyun wore various shades of this color on screen.

There’s a great reason why this product was worn by the elite; it’s friggin amazing! The shades are absolutely beautiful and complement all kinds of skin tones. The lipstick itself is very moisturizing and keeps your lips chap-free during cold winters. It lasts only a few hours, but the over all effect is worth a few reapplications.

We highly recommend this product for all you K-Drama fans out there who wanna get closer to yoru idols.

HOLIKA HOLIKA Heartful Moisture Lipstick


Heart Shaped



Ok, really Korean beauty? I can’t handle the cuteness you put into your products. First, you guys made a flame flower lipstick and now a heart shaped lipstick? Why hasn’t the world known about these products already?!

Anyway, as you can see I am extremely excited about this product. Not only does it come in an array of pretty bright colors (very trendy in Korea), it also keeps your chappers super moist throughout the day. Also, the product is very creamy and can create a full covered effect with only one swipe. The finish itself has a slight sparkle to it and lasts a very long time.

All in all, this product gets the job done, brightening up your overall makeup look and keeping your lips full of color. Plus, it’s friggin adorable!

CLIO Rouge Heel


Classic Black



If you’re looking for the perfect rich red color with the coverage you need to last all niight long, look no further. CLIO is at it again and this time with it’s stiletto inspired Rouge Heel lipstick line. 

We love the shape of this lipstick because it has a super slated “Stiletto” desing edge that allows you to apply color evenly and accurately. Also, the texture is super soft and smooth, which allows one application to get ful lcolor coverage. Also, the dispensor has a one touhch click, which is really a cool addition for a lipstick. Very James Bondish.

Overall, we absolutely LOVE this lipstic,. It comes in 20 different shades and is an excellent addition to your makeup arsenal.

Etude House Dear My Wish Lipstick


Pink Bow



We absolutely LOVE Etude House and all their glory. But when we tried out their Dear My Wish Lip line, we were floored. If you’re looking for quality for an affordable price, this is the lip color for you. Check out our full photo review here.

Surprisingly, these lip colors are extremely moisturizing and glide on like butter. Compared to some high-end American lip products, these lipsticks are up to par with texture, moisture, and tint. To top it off, each lip color comes in an adorable pink case that is surrounded with a tiny little bow. Honestly, it’s worth keeping the case even after the product is done to make your own chapsticks or lip colors (if you’re into that).

Overall, this lipstick is our top pick because of its versatiliy and amazing price. Plus, they’re massively adorable to take out when you need to touch up on the go.

Laneige Silk Intense Lipstick


Silver Bullet

Sparkly Matte


This lipstick breaks boundaries when it comes to a versatile finish. It’s kind of like a hybrid of everything, from matte to sparkly. It’s one of those products you have to see to believe.

The colors are bright and beautiful and only really take one swipe to achieve the Korean lip look. However, if you’re more into a stronger, bolder lip color, you can add a couple more swipes. This product isn’t the most moisturizing lipstick, but don’t be disappointed. There’s just enough moisture packed into this silver bullet to keep your lips from chaffing up.

If you’re looking for a lipstick unicorn, you’ve found it. This product is definitely a must-have for your beauty collection. Check out all the beautiful colors and see for yourself!​

InnisFree Real Fit Lipstick


White Case



When it comes to eco-friendly products you can trust, InnisFree always comes in the running first. This time, they’ve created a lipstick that makes all the other eco-friendly lipsticks want to run and hide. Not only do the colors pop with intensity, they also can make a huge impact on your everyday makeup look.

As expected, InnisFree packages their products very minimalist to reflect their minimal harmful ingredients in their products. The lipstick itself is a softer formula but not super sleek like some high gloss lipsticks. The finish is more sheen, not quite matte and not exactly glossy.  However, it provides just enough moisture for cold and dry winters.

With an incredible color range and perfect feel, this lipstick is an excellent addition to your makeup collection.

[Tonymoly] Kiss Lover Style Matte Lipstick

Best Korean Lip Patch - Etude House Cherry Lip Mask


Shiny Black



Want a matte lipstick that isn’t going to suck the moisture out of your lip? Well, we have the product for you. Not only does TONYMOLY get an A plus for their sleek secret agent-like packaging, they also win the ultimate award on moisturizing matte lipstick.

The vibrancy of their colors are definitely head turning. Bright colors are very trendy in Korea right now, and these colors pop with just one swipe (and not the Tinder kind). The texure is very soft and moisturizing as well as long lasting so you can go throughout the day without reapplying.

Overall, we love this products versitility and feel. It’s perfect for the winter time and is an excellent product.

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