The Best Korean Products For Pores
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Best Korean Products for Pores


One of the main problems we face with our skin no matter how clear or troublesome it can be is with our pores. Certainly, there is a love-hate relationships we constantly exerience with our pores. Sometimes, we need them to open so product can penetrate the skin. Other times, we need them to be closed so our faces don't look like the craterous surface of the moon. Pore haters, fear no more! We found the best Korean products for pores that will change your pore fighting game to the maximum capacity.


Best Korean Lip Patch - Gold Monkey Holika Lip Mask

If you're looking for a product that can get rid of the deep ickiness in your pores, this is the perfect cleanser for you. Surprisingly, the product not only cleanses but exfoliates with tiny blue micro-beads. Although it does not contain any specific acne-fighting ingredients, the cleansing foam itself is infused with mint, which leaves a nice cooling sensation on the skin.

After using this product over time, we love the long-term benefits of cleansing with this strong and effective foam cleanser

Best Korean Lip Patch - Gold Monkey Holika Lip Mask

First and foremost, don't be fooled by the friendly looking eggs on the packaging. If you're looking for a super strong cleanser, this is your new go-to product. For those of you who have normal to oily skin, this egg-foam cleanser contains some serious ingredients to clean our all the sebum buildup between your pores. However, if you tend to have sensitive skin, we recommend using the Wonder Pore cleanser.

Overall, this cleanser is perfect for heavy duty acne/pore cleansing if your skin can handle the strength.


Best Korean Lip Patch - Choosy Lip Mask

Unlike your typical cleansing oil, this product is a serious pore cleanser when you use it for a long period of time. Some beauty bloggers claim to use the product up to 2 hours long in order to clean out their pores. This technique is incredibly effective at pulling gunk to the surface and out of your face without irritating the skin. Also, this product has a bubbly effect, which creates a pleasant sensation on your face while cleansing. However, be careful not to apply around the eyes since it may burn.

In the end, we absolutely LOVE this cleansing oil and we know you will to.

Best Korean Lip Patch - Berrisom Lip Mask

As most of us Korean beauty fanatics know, Laneige is a brand we absolutely can trust. In this case, they've created the perfect balancing cleanser that removes makeup and cleans your pores. Also, this product smells fresh and is not overpowering if you are sensitive to smells.  Surprisingly, we found noticeable results in the smoothness and texture of our skin with the first use!

Ultimately, if you're looking for an excellent cleansing oil that not only removes makeup but gets your pores fresh and clean, this is the product for you!


Best Korean Lip Patch - Etude House Cherry Lip Mask

One of the most important steps for daily facial cleansing is toning your skin. Although you may think cleaning is enough, toning gets rid of any excess residue left behind as well as balances your skin for your serums. In terms of pore opening, this is the perfect toner. Usually, toners will tighten your pores up after a hot warm cleansing. However, this product does both, tightens pores and also leaves them ready for moisture and serum. Also, the mild fragrance is very pleasant and makes the skin cleansing process more fun.

In the end, we believe this product is the perfect addition to your daily skin care routine for pores.

Best Korean Lip Patch - Tony Moly Lip Mask

Finally, a fresh scented toner fit for all skin types that keeps your pores minimized! This product is a beast when it comes to pore care. Not only does it clear out any excess gunk that may be left over from cleansing, but it also keeps the appearance of pores at a minimum. Also, MISSHA is a well respected brand and continually puts out excellent skin care products. Personally, they are one of my favorite brands on the Korean beauty market.

Overall, this is an excellent toner that will keep your pores tight, clean and looking absolutely beautiful.


Best Korean Lip Patch - Etude House Cherry Lip Mask

When it comes to getting the most out of your skincare products, IOPE definitely has the formula down. Not only does this essence act as an excellent moisturizer, it also keeps your pores tight and less visible. Also, the product works incredibly well for all skin types, so no need to worry if you have troublesome skin. If you don't generally have acne, this product also works well for preventative care for future breakouts. When using this product, be sure to massage for the proper amount of time. Massaging too long may cause the pores to open back up and impurities to enter back into the skin.

Best Korean Lip Patch - Tony Moly Lip Mask

Got a little extra spending cash for some premium quality beauty products? Finally, there's an essence that is worth it's weight in gold. The History of Woo's Qi and Jin Pore line has a high end essence you don't want to miss out. Not only does it hydrate your skin where it's softer than a baby's bottom, it also keeps your pores tightened and less visable. Also, the scent is very light and disappears after application, so no worries about smelling it throughout the day.

This product is excellent and keeping your skin soft and supple and your pores minimized.


Best Korean Lip Patch - Etude House Cherry Lip Mask

As many of you may know, facial masks are the best way to infuse vitamins and nutrients into your skin. Also, charcoal is a very popular product used for skincare currently. At Mediheal, the scientists combined the perfect balance of both of these things, providing an excellent nutrient-infused mask that helps keep your pores clean. After using this product, the surface of the skin actually tightens and feels supple and smooth.

We highly recommend this product if you're looking for a nice way to relax and clean your pores.

Best Korean Lip Patch - Tony Moly Lip Mask

If you're a fan of facial masks, you probably have used clay masks in the past. However, once you've used the InnisFree volcanic pore mask, you won't want to use anything else. Not only does it give you the pore-cleansing and exfoliating benefits of clay, it is also highly concentrated with Jeju ingredients that are very hard to get in Korea. The mask has a very subtle scent and is easy to apply and remove.

If you don't like to use wet sheet masks, this is the perfect mask for you to get your pores clean and your skin feeling fresh.


Best Korean Lip Patch - Etude House Cherry Lip Mask

If you're looking for an extra kicker to add to your skin care routine, this is the product that will fight pores to the end. Sebum can be an extremely fussy thing that we skincare lovers are constantly at battle with. This serum is the perfect balance of moisturizing and sebum controlling that works well with oily skin. Not only does it keep acne away, but it also keeps your skin healthy and clean and your pores tight and less visable.

Overall, we love this serum and think it's an excellent addition if you need a little extra moisture and care.

Best Korean Lip Patch - Tony Moly Lip Mask

Pores got you in a bind? Worry no more. This product will for sure change your life and your attitude towards your pores. Not only does this product keep your skin supple and tight, it also fights dirty pores and keeps them out of sight. When it comes to serums, this is definitely your dream product. Also, it has a light and subtle fresh scent that is very pleasant when apply and doesn't linger throughout the day.

We highly recommend this product for all skin types that want to minimize their facial pore size.


Best Korean Lip Patch - Etude House Cherry Lip Mask

One of the best way to get rid of the appearance of pores is using a pore-refining toner. Skinfood has loads of awesome products that help with pores. The egg balm is one of their most popular pore-refining products on the market. Like all standard primers, it acts as an excellent base for your makeup to stay on all day. However, this product takes it up a notch and fills in fine lines and wrinkes, leaving your foundation looking super smooth on your skin.

In the end, we absolutely love this product and feel that you would love it too.

Best Korean Lip Patch - Tony Moly Lip Mask

Most of the time, when you think of a product that's medicinal, there's trust in the products efficacy. This is absolutely true when it comes to Dr. Jart. If you're looking to get rid of the appearance of your pores before you apply your makeup, this is the perfect primer for you. It not only smooths your skin but also treats it and keeps it looking healthy and bright.

All in all, this is an excellent product to use as a base for your makeup and for your everyday routine.


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