10 Best Korean Skincare Products for Acne

by Kiki Wong


Acne: almost everybody's worst skin nightmare. You'd truly have to be a monster to want to wish acne on anybody. Fortunately, the girls of Nylon Pink are on your side! We gathered some of the best Korean skincare products for acne on the market, tested them, and gave you the results. Read on for the juicy details.


Best Korean Lip Patch - Gold Monkey Holika Lip Mask

If you're looking for an acne fighting cleanser that can get the job done, why not choose something that literally has "acne solution" in its title? This foaming cleanser is perfect for fighting your acne and simultaneously soothing your skin. Green Tea Extracts help cleanse pores and keep your face balanced and clean. It has a nice subtle medicinal scent that is not overpowering. Also, there's an English translation of the ingredients on the back of the bottle. We definitely recommend this blemish-buster as a great first step for your routine.

Best Korean Lip Patch - Gold Monkey Holika Lip Mask

Honestly, the marketing on this product pretty much validates all the glory this product can do for your acne. Volcanic rock has pores, and our faces have many MANYa pores. This product cleans out all of your open pores, closes them nice and tight, and also fights acne better than Muhammed Ali. It has tiny granules that also act as an exfoliant for your skin. Also, a little goes a long way with this product since you only need a tiny tear drop to lather into your skin. We highly recommend this product for those who are trying to fight acne and keep it away.

Best Korean Lip Patch - Gold Monkey Holika Lip Mask

Finally, a first step cleanser that beats the crap out of acne! This product is EXCELLENT for getting rid of unwanted discolorations and even popped pimples. The product has a really high pH, so make sure you use a balancing toner right after you cleanse. However, the effects are worth it since it fights acne and keeps it from coming back. The formula also has tiny beads that act as an exfoliator to get rid of any excess sebum and dead skin cells. We highly recommend this product if you need some serious acne care


Best Korean Lip Patch - Choosy Lip Mask

Want a little extra kick to your facial cleansing routine? Add egg whites! No, I'm not saying go into your refrigerator and crack open some eggs and rub it on your face. This specially formulated cleansing oil actually uses egg whites as a vitamin enhancer for your skin. The egg whites contain albumin and healthy amino acids that help keep your skins consistency healthy and your pores clean. Also, the product cleans off your makeup really well and reduces the appearance of acne and redness.

Best Korean Lip Patch - Berrisom Lip Mask

Not only does this cleansing oil give you a great clean after a long day at the office, but it also gets your pores sebum and gunk free (yeah i know its gross, but it's great!). However, if you tend to have sensitive skin, beware. This product tends to burn a bit when applied, but the aftermath is worth it. This product uses grape seed oil, which is an excellent emollient for you skin. it also has vitamin E to protect and nourish your skin while cleaning out any acne causing bacteria in your pores. Check it out and see for yourself!


Best Korean Lip Patch - Etude House Cherry Lip Mask

This product definitely caught my eye because of its massive claim of 10 functions in one. Anything that can do 10 in 1 product sounds pretty fantastic. Well, this product lives up to its name. It cleanses any excess residue you may have missed during the first double cleansing steps in your K Beauty routine and also tightens up your pores, Many times, I find extra residue and gunk on the cotton swab this product picks up. It's the perfect toner for your skin care routine and keeps your acne levels very low and your skin very happy!

Best Korean Lip Patch - Tony Moly Lip Mask

If you're a fan of Korean beauty products, you'll know that Koreans are obsessed with keeping all of their products sanitary. This means using spatulas for their moisturizers and all kinds of other cool ways to apply products. In this case, toner comes in a spray, which saves time and extra money on cotton swisper guys. Not only is it easily applied, it also reduces the appearance of acne scars and redness heavily. Applied two times a day, this product is a beast at keeping your acne away and your skin healthy.


Best Korean Lip Patch - Etude House Cherry Lip Mask

This is an excellent product if you want to achieve baby smooth skin as well a a lighter complexion. In Korea, lighter complexions are more common and there are many products out on the market that support this look. The product itself is very smooth and nourishing for the skin. Also, it comes in an easy to use pump that pumps out the exact amount of product each use. Ultimately, this is perfect for those who have discolorations and acne problems since it heals acne while preventing at the same time.

Best Korean Lip Patch - Tony Moly Lip Mask

If you are looking for an essence with a bit more acne fighting power, this is the product for you. With 4% BHA, this bad boy kicks the pants out of acne, going deep into clogged pores and getting rid of the gunk. BHA stands for Beta Hydroxy Acid. Although it sounds scary, it really is not and it does wonders for your acne.  The consistency is a bit watery and slightly gel like. The application comes in a pump so you get the same amount of product each time you use it. Overall, this is an excellent blemish fighting essence!


Best Korean Lip Patch - Etude House Cherry Lip Mask

Moisturizing is always a bit of a touchy subject when it comes to acne prone skin. Some moisturizers can be too oily and even increase break outs. However, this product is perfect for those who have oily and acne-prone skin since it keeps your skin moisturized without clogging pores. The product itself is more of a moisturizing gel rather than a cream, which is soothing on bursted acne. It also prevents any acne from forming and keeps your skin hydrated.

Best Korean Lip Patch - Tony Moly Lip Mask

This is an excellent moisturizer to add to you routine to fight acne. Not only does it moisturize your skin, but it also has acne fighting ingredients such as salicylic acid to help prevent acne from reappearing. it is a very light moisturizer which works well with oily skin. Be a little bit careful if you tend to have sensitive skin because some of the ingredients are very strong and may burn. However, the effects are worth while and it keeps your skin smooth and looking freshj.


Best Korean Lip Patch - Etude House Cherry Lip Mask

Need to get rid of those difficult pesky blackheads that live deep in the crevices of your nose? Look no further, we have the product for you. Holika Holika developed this adorable blackhead mask that destroys icky pimples and cleans out blackheads on your nose. This three step process is really effective and can get ride of acne that's ready to go. The first step is a patch that opens the pores on your nose. Secondly, you add the super sticky patch that latches onto sebum and the gunk in your pores. Finally, the third step soothes your skin because it DOES hurt. Overall, we love this product to help fix acne forming clogged pores on your schnauz.

We're not really sure why Korea is using a pig for all of their pore masks, but hey it seems to work. This holy-grail pore mask is an awesome way to get ride of those clogged pores and blackheads that are super fussy and super gross. In fact, this product is so good we should actually warn you that it might be a bit strong, So, don't get too crazy when peeling this mask off. You might hurt your skin if it tends to be sensitive. Also, for the price, this product is unbeatable and is great to integrate in your skincare routine  a couple of times a week. You'll love the results just as much as we do!


Best Korean Lip Patch - Etude House Cherry Lip Mask

In case you are looking for a pore correcting and moisturizing formula in your serum solution, then Missha has got the perfect product for you. It is the Super Aqua Pore Correcting Refine Serum. As the name goes, particular serum is dedicated to clear your pore, tighten, and finally, moisturize them to eliminate the dead skin and black heads. This refining serum is formulated with seasflah, seasilt water and light diffusing powder. Seaflash contains protein, glycerin, and polymer composition that is pretty effective for pore tightening an moisturizing. Seasilt water is filled with minerals that are quite accommodating to the skin. Light diffusing powder is efficient in covering the makeup and circulating light to show the skin smoothly.

Best Korean Lip Patch - Etude House Cherry Lip Mask

Are you concerned with a lot of dead skins and black heads? Are you looking for a natural solution that can eliminate those pore blocks? Well, you surely are in luck since SkinFood turned up with Peach Sake Pore Serum that can solve your issues with pores. This lightweight serum contains vitamin-A and vitamin-C that can help the skin to reduce the appearance of enlarged pores and ultimately creating a more refined skin texture. Moreover, it is formulated with peach and sake extracts. They work together to soothe the skin in addition to moisturizing it. You have to apply the solution gently cover face with hands for better absorption.


Best Korean Lip Patch - Etude House Cherry Lip Mask

Looking for an excellent SPF but need to keep your acne under control? Have no fear, K Beauty is here to save the day yet again. This SPF 40 PA+++ is a super strong sunscreen that won't break you out. Many standard sunscreens tend to irritate forming acne and clog pores. However, this formula is very light weight and has hydrating effects just like a standard moisturizer. Also, the product balances your skin while simultaneously reducing the appearance of your pores. Shockingly, the product works well as a toner, so this is an excellent all in one beauty product you must add to your beauty regimen.

Best Korean Lip Patch - Etude House Cherry Lip Mask

Need a little more sun protection? This uber strong SPF 50 PA+++ sunblock is the perfect product for you. This sunscreen has more protectant than your average sunscreen you buy at the drugstore. Not only does it protect your skin, but it also smells quite light and fresh, unlike most sunscreens that have a distinct harsh scent. The finish isn't too drying and isn't insanely moisturizing, so you may want to couple this product with your favorite moisturizer just in case you have extra dry skin. Overall, this is an excellent product to add to your makeup routine.


Best Korean Lip Patch - Etude House Cherry Lip Mask

If you are looking for a premium solution for acne, blemish and Spot treatment, then you must check out this Acence Blemish Out Pink Spot from Mizon. This solution is formulated with pinosylvin and rosemary. Pinosylvin and rosemary acid are included in the solution for a more powerful trouble relief solution. These ingredients provide excellent skin relief while protecting the skin at the same time. Moreover, these natural ingredients keep your skin healthy. In case you are wondering, it does not contain any artificial coloring, fragrance, or preservatives. For your information, it is a dermatologist-approved combination of natural and safe ingredients to minimize skin irritation.


Best Korean Lip Patch - Etude House Cherry Lip Mask

If you're looking to cover up some pesky pimples or blemishes, this is the concealer stick for you. These convenient and effective concealer sticks come in three different shades that will even your skin tone and make your skin glow. InnisFree prides themselves on using natural ingredients, staying away from parabens, artificial fragrances, mineral oil, benzophenone. Plus, coverage on these sticks are incredible and they fit conveniently on the go for quick touch ups. In order to dispense the product, just twist like your standard lipstick! Ultimately, we love this stick concealer and know you will love using it to keep your skin healthy and beautiful.

Best Korean Lip Patch - Etude House Cherry Lip Mask

For those of you who want the perfect liquid concealer coverup, look no further. The Saem has the liquid concealer that will change your skin toning game. This powerful concealer comes in four gorgeous shades. Also, you can keep your skin healthy and out of the suns harmful rayes with SPF28/PA++. Not only does the concealer work well at spot treatment, it also is excellent for contouring and removing dark circles under your eyes. If you want to keep your skin tone smooth, your blemishes out of site, and your contours perfect, you absolutely need to get these liquid concealers!

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