The 10 Best Lipsticks for Asian Skin

by nylonpink

Finding the perfect lipstick is never easy, and Asians are not an exception. Too light, and you start looking like a living dead. Too dark, and you're looking like a 90s celebrity. But nail the right lipstick for your skin tone, and your makeup will look so much better! The perfect lipstick will make your eyes sparkle, your skin look healthy, and will work with any outfit. That's why you need to find your perfect lipstick.

One of the many things Asians can rock is red lipstick. A deep red color will emphasize the beautiful Asian golden skin, and their dark hair will complement the color. Bright and soft pink and orange look quite good, too. Also check out reviews on the best Korean lip tints, lipsticks, and best lipsticks for dry skin.

To help you avoid lipstick mistakes, we found 10 amazing products that look the most flattering on Asian skin.

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Asians can flaunt the deep red lips, adding a hint of charm. And then strike fashionable and glossy pink lipsticks! And these two colors are the best for most Asian skin types. They just make Asian skin look fresh and vibrant, with fuller lips. The energetic pink brings a contrast to the teeth and makes them look like a million dollar smile.

For dark-warm undertones, your skin looks the most gorgeous in dark-tangy-red, rich mahoganies, warm browns, and fiery reds. And you should be careful with pale and nude colors - but if you love it, go for it!

For light-warm undertones, your skin looks best in dusty pink, sun-kissed red, sandy orange and everything warm. Though it's harder to pull off dark shades, you can always go for a vibrant cherry color as well as brick-reds.

So here you have it - the top 10 lipsticks for your gorgeous warm skin tones - whether light or dark! But no one can tell you what is right and what is wrong. When it comes to lipsticks, there are no boundaries. So let your imagination go wild and choose what you like!



This is medium-dark rosy lipstick with gorgeous warm undertones and a luxurious satin finish. It is not very glossy and its not matte, with buildable coverage that applies quickly with a very nice consistency. It feels nice and hydrating on lips.

The shape of the lipstick is amazing - it is square angled to mimic the shape of your lips for quick application. It contains oils and waxes to easily glide on your lips and ensure long-lasting color. With this lipstick, you can quickly create the illusion of wider lips. Previously, makeup artists used special pigments and powder to achieve this effect.

Now, you can get the same result using one lipstick.Charlotte Tilbury Matte Lipstick has 3D glowing pigments to make your lips look fuller and glowing from within. It also has tree and orchid extracts to hydrate your lips. If you are searching for the red lipstick with the soft finish, this is a perfect choice.


With Marvelous Moxy, you will definitely make an impact. It is very saturated, creamy and super pigmented product that glides on your lips like butter for full coverage and satin finish. It makes lips look more voluptuous and fuller.

This lipstick contains minerals that revitalize the lips while moisturizing ingredients help nourish and hydrate them. Rich in omega fatty acids and Abyssinian oil, Marvelous Moxy is very subtle and provides baby-soft smoothness. And on top of that, Vitamins A, C, and E deliver necessary defense, so you are ready for anything with this lipstick on.

This color is perfect for everyone and especially for those just starting out in the lipstick world. You can layer it and apply a little more to achieve the coverage you need. Marvelous Moxy is comfortable to wear and feels moisturizing. It has a nice minty smell, as well.


This lipstick has a really nice finish, which is quite long-wearing, provides full coverage, and moisturizes thanks to the inclusion of conditioners and oils. This is the perfect pink color for Asian skin tones. It is a pink-plum with very gentle, cool undertone running through the color.

As the name states, the lipstick is semi-matte with a little sheen there, and the sheen is just perfect for everyday wear. Unlike cheaper counterparts, it looks very gentle and expensive. NARS Semi-Matte Lipstick wears up to six hours and doesn't have any scent or taste.

It's not drying and quite comfortable to wear throughout the day. If you have very dry lips, you can apply a lip balm first. This lipstick looks very mature. I would recommend it for everyone who wants little shimmer but doesn't like the heavy creamy lipsticks.


​I'm in love with this perky pink color! It is sheer but not too much. It adds color to your lips but doesn't hide your own pigment. If you're just starting your lipstick journey, this is a perfect choice. I've tested different Guerlain products, and this has the most color payoff.

The pink here is warm and fresh looking but not too light or too childish. I would call it summery because it also has a gentle coral hue. Not too much, but it's there. It also has a very soft golden shimmer that makes your lips look fuller. This is the perfect shimmery pink lipstick with the creamy texture. Guerlain Le Brillant Lipstick lasts for 6 hours and has the attached mirror so you can reapply the lipstick anywhere. It is so glamorous that I had it with me all the time. I would choose something else for traveling, though. I've tried other colors in this line and they all are gorgeous but this one is the best for Asian skin.


MAC Frost Lipstick ~Bombshell~ is a very soft rosy pink with gentle golden shimmer. I'm a big fan of MAC frost lipsticks - shimmery ones with medium coverage - because other products are too glossy for me. Frost is also my favorite lipstick finish; it is highly reflective and looks icy.

This lipstick is not dry or gritty like many other frost lipsticks and you can quickly apply it on your lips. It doesn't look dull; just enough gloss for everyday wear and a nice pink color that makes the skin look fresh and healthy. It can be layered with other lipsticks for more gloss, and it works well with most of my lipsticks.

It's a great choice for every-day, and if you haven't tried a frosty pink, give a chance to MAC Frost Lipstick ~Bombshell~.


This is the best lipstick for dry lips! It has a lot of moisturizers and gloss and I can apply it without any lip balm. It never makes my lips dry. It also has a very nice smell and it's very long-lasting, even though it can be washed away after eating or drinking.

I'm a fan of more matte lipsticks but I was impressed with the formulation and color of the Botanical Lipstick. It is very low maintenance, very moisturizing, easy to apply and comfortable throughout the day.

CHERRY PLUM is a pure glossy with pink, which is perfect for Asian skin undertones. It makes me look younger and healthier and even makes my eyes look a little bigger. I'm going to repurchase this lipstick and also try other colors in the series.


This is a high-coverage lipstick that looks gorgeous and protects your lips. The texture is very soft and it feels hydrating on your lips. Grenadine is a unique shade that I haven't seen before and it offers flawless lasting wear and satiny finish that stays in place for many hours. Application is clean and easy, as well.

If I tried to describe the shade, you would call it dry-blood red with a metallic undertone. It looks luxurious and expensive, and definitely attracts attention and makes a statement. At first, it is very sheer but you can build it up to full coverage. You can also layer it with other lipsticks. It is as hydrating as many lip balms; simply perfect for dry lips.

Best Korean Lip Patch - Etude House Cherry Lip Mask

This is a Korean brand that has the perfect ratio of glow-matte for Asian skin tone! The texture is creamy and sheer. The lipstick is buildable and you can apply up to 4 layers before your lips start feeling heavy. This is not the intense red; more like a pastel red, which I love.

It doesn't fade or sink into dry patches throughout the day. And it lasts for 5 hours. The packaging is so cool! It is so chic and classy, so glamorous and luxurious. And it is not plastic like many other lipsticks; it is metal so it feels heavier and more expensive than an average lipstick. The color doesn't wash off and it is the perfect red for Asian undertones.


Rebellious Rose is a muted, gentle coral color with the warm undertone and soft sheen. The lipstick has opaque pigmentation that is easy to apply. The texture is very creamy and feels hydrating while worn, I had it on my lips for 5 hours and it did a good job.

This lipstick glides smoothly on lips and is very lightweight. Even after 5 hours, it didn't form any dry patches or lines on my lips. Rebellious Rose allows you to achieve high-intensity color in a single stroke. Lips look sculpted and shaped. Pure Color Envy Sculpting Lipstick can capture and seal-in hydration, so your lips feel moisturized and soft.

The lipstick bullet is shaped to follow the contours of your lips. It doesn't have a smell and the packaging is very luxurious.

Best Korean Lip Patch - Etude House Cherry Lip Mask

Kiss of Fire is the true red. It features a very deep color that is perfect for a wide range of Asian skin tones. It has a sweet, candy-kind smell that I like. I think it smells quite delish!

The key to applying this lipstick smoothly is preparing your lips. I scrub my lips first and it works perfectly well. Then I define my cupid's bow and outline the rest, then fill in my lips. The application is quite easy for me but I feel like you can get the lipstick outside the lips. What I'm saying is that it's not something you can apply during driving.

The formula doesn't transfer when you eat or drink. I often find myself reaching for this lipstick over many other ones because how comfortable it feels. I would choose something else for a special occasion but it is amazing for everyday wear.

Finding the perfect lipstick is never easy, and Asians are not an exception. To help you avoid lipstick mistakes, we found 10 amazing products that look the most flattering on Asian skin. #lipstick #beauty #makeup #makeuphacks #lipsticks #skincare #kbeauty #koreanbeauty
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