The Best Luggage Brands

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Shopping for luggage can be a very difficult task because there are so many brands out there on the market. Some brands are household names while others are still emerging - and you’re probably going to be hearing about them for the first time in the reviews below. This article promises to guide you through the process of selecting the best brands out of the pack.

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There are some major factors to consider when picking a luggage brand or buying luggage.

These factors include:

  • Mode of Transportation: For example, if you often travel mostly by air, you would have to familiarize yourself with the luggage weight and size restrictions, this can vary quite a bit across different airlines. For road trips it's quite a bit simpler, just make sure that your choice of luggage can fit into the trunk of your car.
  • Storage Space: Another factor is you should consider how the bags would be stored when you get home. Hard-sided luggage takes up much more space than soft luggage because of it's lack of flexibility. The design and colors should be considered in the case dirt, if stored in the garage for example.
  • Durability: If you are a frequent flyer, you should choose a product that will last you for many trips. The texture of the material used for the exterior, the zipper as well as the lock used (is it a TSA approved lock), the luggage compartments and how they hold your belongings together in one place. – These are very important considerations pertaining to the durability of your bag as well as the security of your belongings.
  • Price: The price range is also a major determining factor. These days, you can definitely get high quality products at reasonable prices. However, if you want a super long warranty, you might want to invest in a pricier product.

The Best Luggage Brands Review

The brands reviewed below have been chosen in consideration of the factors mentioned above as well as their overall rating and customer satisfaction on the market. These are all amazing brands, but certain brands suit certain lifestyles better!


Source: Instagram @samsoniteusa

This brand is the number one choice of average shoppers. Their products are useful for both personal and business purposes. This brand focuses on producing durable cases that will stand the test of time.

Being in existence for decades has provided the makers and owners with the experience required to provide the perfection in their designs for ultimate customer satisfaction. Samsonite produces all kinds of luggage carriers ranging from duffel bags, to suitcases, to carry-ons.

Some of the major strengths or the advantages that Samsonite luggage carriers have over their competition are that:


  • Their products are usually very lightweight and durable and do not increase the total weight of your luggage significantly.
  • Samsonite products come with a reasonable price tag without sacrificing any quality.
  • Samsonite carry-ons fit perfectly into the overhead compartment on planes.


  • The only weakness noticeable in this brand is its stability. Some of their products topple when packed to the brim
95 %


Instagram: @tumitravel

This brand has the most loyal followers in the industry, because they produce outstanding luggage products. The brand has been recognized as one of the world’s most outstanding luxury luggage manufacturers.

The Tumi brand is highly rated and has been super positively reviewed by customers because of their artistry and because of some wonderful features that can only be found on a Tumi brand product.


  • Their products come with inbuilt TSA lock system. This is a lock with an arrangement of numbers as passcodes, which you can set to your own combination. It also comes with a master key that can open the lock without the combination you set
  • Another advantage of  Tumi products is their luggage recovery plan. A special metal plate with a 20-digit number is placed in each of their product. This number can be used to track down lost luggage on the Tumi website.


  • The only drawback is that the exteriors of their hard sided suitcases are prone to scratching due to the materials used.
99 %


Rockland luggage carriers are designed with a focus on making their product stand out with bright colors to make a statement, even though they still have products in basic colors also. Their options are not so much business oriented but their price is great for the budget traveler.

The Rockland brand has wide customer base, those of which are extremely loyal to the brand. This can be attributed to their consistency in producing durable products.


  • Easy and smooth maneuverability with the luggage's wheels and extendable handles. The wheels can rotate 360 degrees while supporting the luggage well and keeping it in a stable state when not in use.
  • Their bright colors and designs are easier to spot at the  luggage claim, and it prevents your luggage from disappearing because someone picked it up mistaking it for their own.


  • Their hard-sided suitcases dent easily and are not scratch resistant.
90 %


This is another brand that has a high reputation in the luggage market. They have gathered experience over the years and their products keep most of their customers happy and thirsty for more of what they have to offer.

The Delsey brand was established in 1946 in Paris, and since then, they have been consistent in producing top-notch luggage carriers with innovations added as upgrades to their original designs. The brand has added improvement to the handle extension and the wheel technologies. They were the pioneer of the flexible frame case.


  • Their product's portability: their lightweight and sleek design that is hard to come by in other brands.
  • Their luggage carriers are usually expandable, so you can fit even more belongings in one case.


  • The major weakness of this brand is in their wheels design, the wheels don’t support the luggage weight very well and it gets faulty over time with heavy use.
97 %

Pierre Cardin

Pierre Cardin produces luggage carriers that look more expensive than its price. Their product designs are very classy but not outlandish. However, they may not be perfectly suited for business purposes.

The Pierre Cardin brand has been highly rated on online as well as local markets by most e-commerce websites. The brand has made many users and reviewers happy due to its versatility and stylish design, topped by its durability.


  • The classy design, inherent in all their products
  • Another advantage is that each of their product is covered by warranty. The number of years of warranty varies from one product to another.
  • Most of their products have smaller bags inside which might be used to house stuff like toiletries that need to be kept away from clothing and regular luggage content.


  • The major noticeable weakness that has been gathered from the brand users is that some consider the price of this brand to be on the higher end.
96 %

American Tourister

Instagram: @amtourister

If you are planning to go on a vacation and you desire to travel in style, then the American Tourister brand is a great pick. Their product designs are magnificent and lovely, making it distinct from its peers. Their bright colors makes a statement. The brand tends to stick more with soft sided designs in the exterior of their product, giving room for flexibility and dent resistance.


  • The portability of their carry-ons. They are mostly no more than 15 inches wide, which is usually under the maximum specifications for most airlines and they should fit into any overhead compartment.
  • The wheels attached to most of their products move smoothly and rotate well on carpets or other rough terrains.
  • They have very strong zippers that hold your belongings in place even when you pack the luggage to the brim.


  • Most of it products are still equipped with in-line skate wheel. This makes the movement of the luggage carrier uni-directional and limits its movement
91 %


The focus of Athalon is to give the traveler the highest quality at the best price. If you are looking to buy a duffle bag, look no further, because Athalon specializes in the production of duffels. They specialize in roller-based duffels of different sizes and shapes.

These are not the regular business travel bags as many people use these bags for quick trips. Young people have especially developed a liking for these bags.


  • The quality of their duffel bags is unmatched by any other brand because they have specialized and focused on this type of carrier for years.
  • Their bags can be machine washed, making them reusable for longer periods of time.
  • The tie down straps in their bags really keep your belongings securely in place.


  • Their zippers wear out easily, especially when the carriers is fully packed.
90 %


Instagram: @travelprointl

This brand is not cheap, and neither is it the most expensive. TravelPro is not a newbie in the luggage market and they are known to produce quality luggage bags. These are so trusted that they are often used by airline employees because of their durability and flexibility.

Their carry-ons are highly rated and have a positive recommendation by users, globally. Therefore, if you are in need of a bag that is sturdy and will keep your things safe, Travelpro is your ideal choice. They produce all types of luggage carriers, each specifically designed to fit the purpose.


  • Their garment bags are really great for those who are serious about protecting their formal clothes from being squeezed up while the travel. It is even possible to pack shoes into these garment bags.


  • The major drawback is evident on their wheels. They fall off easily.
95 %

Briggs & Riley

Instagram @briggsandriley

This brand is a good place to begin your search if you are in need of a luggage bag that suits business travels. Even though they are on the high side in terms of price, the quality is apprarent in all of their products. If you will do anything to stay out of the baggage claim area at the airport, then one good piece from this brand’s carry on will be a solid investment. Their products are the best choice even for clumsy people because they are able to withstand huge torture and harsh environmental and weather conditions.


  • Brigg's & Riley bags are more spacious than most of the other brands on the market. Although it might look small on the outside, they have a way of creating compartments in the bag that make it capable of accommodating a significant amount of belongings.
  • Their products comes with a great warranty, which covers basic damages.


  • Their repair centers are not always capable of fixing all kinds of damage, each repair center has it's own capabilities.
98 %


This brand features specializes in garment bags, and they own a patent on the technology in their bags designed to hold your things in place. Some people use this brand as their entire suitcase because it is quite spacious.


  • Their products feature a special lock system that locks the cloth hangers into place. They even own the patent for that feature.
  • Their garment bags are very portable and lightweight when compared to other garment bags on the market.
  • Flexibility : the bag folds over so that it can appear to be  a normal bag.


  • There are no shoulder straps to use as an alternative for transport
  • Another drawback is that the bag cannot be hung because it is not equipped with a hanger on the outside.
92 %

Having reviewed the top products on the market today, make sure that before you choose, you consider your personal needs. No matter how much credibility a brand has, if it’s not suitable for your lifestyle, it’s the wrong choice.

Best Luggage Brands

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