The Best All Natural Sleep Aids for Travel

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I am a frequent traveler and it can sometimes be tough criss-crossing through different time zones. Jetlag is a regular issue that I need to deal with. I’m often on media trips and I need my precious sleep! The #1 way that I combat fatigue while traveling is that I make every effort to replicate my at home sleeping routine in my hotel and make my hotel room feel like home.


One of the quickest ways that I give my hotel room a homey feel is by using the same essential oils that I use at home. I believe in the power of Nature’s Truth® essential oils, the scents make me relaxed and are soothing. They are indispensable to helping me feel like I’m 'home' while traveling. It also keeps me from feeling too lonely as I often travel for work by myself!

I love that I can incorporate Nature’s Truth® Aromatherapy into my life in many creative ways! I find aromatherapy a principal part of my daily meditation practice and morning and night time routine.

What is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is the practice of using essential oils to stimulate the senses, which can result in a soothing, peaceful feeling. It’s especially great for the start or the end of a day. Part of the fun of playing with different essential oils is discovering the individual benefits that you get from each different scent. Different essential oils scents can affect each person in a variety of ways. It’s comparable to snowflakes! It’s a lot of fun to combine and mix different oils together to see which blend together the best.

Nature’s Truth Aromatherapy is an ethical, eco-friendly brand that extracts its oil from 100% all-natural plant elements to create their delicious scents.

Make sure that when you are using aromatherapy products around the house that you watch your pets. The products are not meant to be ingested and you wouldn’t want your precious kitties or puppies getting sick from licking a diffuser or oil.

The Best All Natural Sleep Aids for Travel

Jet lag is also a frequent issue that I deal with when traveling internationally. Here are my tips on the ultimate all-natural sleep routine that keeps me well resting even when I am jetsetting to multiple continents!

  1. Melatonin

I used to take prescription sleeping pills and they just had all kinds of negative side effects. These days I like to use Melatonin, which is great for jet lag. Melatonin works in a way that helps regulate your sleeping cycles. I like to take my recommended dosage of Melatonin just about an hour before bed.


  1. Take a Hot Bath

I like to start my travel sleeping room with a steaming hot bath to relax my body and mind before bed. Many hotel rooms have a super nice bathtub or even a jacuzzi so it's an added treat.  I like to add a few drops of Nature Truth’s lavender essential oil, which makes it feel like I am enjoying a spa day. The lavender oil has a very relaxing scent which is nice and soothing right before bed.


  1. Run your Diffuser

I regularly use a diffuser at home: in the morning during my meditation routine and at night when I am getting ready for bed. It’s important that I take my mini travel diffuser on the road with me so that I keep up my same night time sleeping routine.

I love diffusers because they fill the room with your chosen scent. You just need about 3-5 drops of your favorite oil and you’re good to go!

Nature Truth’s Cool Mist Essential Oil Mini Diffuser  creates a delicate mist from the essential oil and creates vibrations that move the scent through the air.  It runs for 3.5 hours and I love that it has a USB connection!

I travel with the 100% Pure Good Nite™ Essential Oil for the diffuser. It has a calming scent that is peaceful and reminds me of home.

  1. Turn on your Humidifier

I also bring along my favorite travel humidifier. I use it nightly at home and find that it helps me sleep. Keeping the air in your hotel room humidified helps prevent colds and illnesses, a big no-no while traveling! I also have a host of different allergies which can keep me from getting a good night’s sleep and a humidifier helps alleviate my allergy symptoms. Also as a bonus, it keeps your skin hydrated so you can truly wake up looking like you got fantastic beauty sleep

  1. Meditation

I try my best to do a morning and night time meditation. Ideally, I like to do a 20 minute morning and night meditation but if I am crunched for time, even a 5 minute meditation does the trick. I make sure to turn on my diffuser before I start my meditation. Meditation calms my mind and centers my emotions, both essential steps in my daily sleeping routine.

Currently, I am using a guided meditation but there is a world of meditations and apps out there. Find the one that you like the best and get started!

  1. Journaling

Sometimes, even if I do all my regular sleeping actions, I still wake up at night and find it a bit difficult to get back to sleep. I’ll get up and write 3 pages in my journal, just scribbling out fast and furious, emptying whatever's in my head. After writing 3 pages, I always feel exhausted. Once all the swirling thoughts in my head have been extracted, I can fall back into a deep sleep

Best All Natural Sleep Aids for Travel Peppermint Spray.jpg

  1. Use a Waking Mist

After a good night’s sleep while traveling, I like to spritz myself with Nature Truth’s Peppermint Essential Oil Mist. It’s a stimulating and refreshing scent that is great to wake up to in the morning. It has a minty aroma that reminds me of a mojito. Yum!

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  • Lots of useful tips here. Maybe I should try some of them as I tend to just suffer in silence until it passes. Jet lag is the worst though – if I’ve travelled through multiple timezones, it really seems to affect me nowadays – perhaps more so than when I was younger. I can be a good week getting back to a normal routine sometimes!

  • I rarely sleep well when I am travelling. Aromatherapy sounds like a great idea. I think that I should start carrying essential oils with me when I travel in future.

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  • As someone who has troubles sleeping since forever this is a great and helpful post for me. I’ve tried Melatonin a lot, even when I am at home since sometimes I really have trouble sleeping. However, I will also consider your other tips, maybe they are even helpful for my everyday life 🙂

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