10 Best Shampoos for Asian Hair

by Kiki Wong


Want to know how to keep your Asian hair healthy and beautiful? We found the best shampoos for Asian hair, and you're going to love what we found. Read on...

Girls, we might not give it too much of an importance, but, when it comes to the look and feel of the hairs, correct shampooing can make an enormous divergence. From the ancient times, people of difference races and ethnicities emerged with different solutions and protracted systematic techniques to ensure a healthy and verdant hair, which eventually built the foundation of the modern day shampooing.

Nowadays, with the advancement of technologies and communications, we can get our hands on a wide range of shampooing process and solutions. However, even with a lot of resources, we still face problems with our hairs. The problem can be diverse with the type and ethnicity of the individuals. That being said, if you can choose the best product for our hair type and employ the methodical shampooing procedure, we certainly can overcome our hair care issues.


Do you girls know what our problem is? Our problem is that we always complain and we quit too easily before figuring out a reliable solution to our problem! Now, to counter this collective issue, we came up with a systematic shampooing procedure for you (In all probability, you have found the best possible solution for your hair type!), regardless of the hair type or ethnicity.

Step 1 - The process starts with untangling the knots of your hairs. It is recommended that you use a wide-tooth comb or your fingers to carefully unknot the hairs without damaging them. The trick of this untangling lies with the start - you have to start with the end of your hairs and move upwards to the progressively.

Step 2 - The next step relates to the drenching the hairs thoroughly. Once you soak your hairs scrupulously, you will find it pretty easy to apply shampoo to the hairs. Depending on the weather condition, you can use warm or cool water to soak your hairs.

Step 3 - The third step includes the all-important shampooing and foaming. Take a few dabs of shampoo onto your palm and rub them gently onto the hair and scalp. You can knead the scalp with your fingertips in order to purge oils, greases, and dirt from your hair. Just be careful with the scalp massaging since you really don’t want to exacerbate the scalp and damage your hair along the way.

Step 4 – Finally, you have to wash or rinse your hair thoroughly. You need to wash the hairs till all the shampoos get out of the hair. As per your liking, you certainly can use warm or cold water to rinse the hairs.

Special Note: Never try to brush wet hair. You can use your fingertips to untangle the hairs tenderly. Otherwise, the comb will break or damage your hair inadvertently. You can use the brush or comb once the hair is already dry.


Ethnic background plays an important role to the hair type and resulting hair care. Take ‘Asian Hair’ for instance. They tend to be soft and straight. Sometimes, they are slightly wavy with a coarse texture. In addition, when it comes to cuticles, Asian hairs are constructed with many firmly-packed cuticles, resulting in a perpendicular hair growth. That being said, Asian hairs are poor pertaining to the hair density if we compare them with other ethnicities like Caucasian or African.

With their straight ad coarse hairs, Asians often suffer from oily and greasy hairs. As a result, clear and lightweight shampoos with natural extracts can treat this sort of predicament. Shampoos with thick and creamy consistency can make the hair more messy and oily. Finally, if we go by the hair type, clear and clarifying shampoos are the best solution for Asian hairs whereas creamy shampoos are better for Caucasian hairs.


Shea Moisture Raw Shea Retention Shampoo


Anyone with a sane brain can tell that all those hair styling products and heating treatments make our hair all desiccated and damaged. We all know how those styling instruments can be pretty dreadful for our hairs and yet we simply can’t stop ourselves from using them! So, what we can do, we can give our hair a better care via offering a healthy and natural nourishment. Thus, ‘Raw Shea Retention Shampoo’ came into place with the intention to nourish your damaged hair.

From the first look, you would notice the ‘aura’ of Shea butter in this pack of shampoo! To give the damaged hair a maximum boost, this shampoo was formulated with raw Shea butter. And, we all know how Shea butter works miracle to heal the hairs. In addition to Shea butter, hair strengthening natural ingredients like sea kelp and argan oil were used to promote a healthy hair growth.

As for the shampooing process, you are not going to need a lot of this product. Only a few dabs in accordance with your hair length and you can enjoy a healthy, moisturizing, and full hair.

This water-based shampoo topped our list with its long list of advantages and hair strengthening properties. In addition to its basic cleansing attribute, this sulfate-free shampoo can moisturize and repair the dry and damaged hairs. Overall, with its healing, growing, and strengthening properties, it’s no wonder that this product from Shea Moisture made the top of our list!

Living Proof Full Shampoo


Fine and flat hairs have always been a great concern for Asian women. In addition to the ethnic and genetic barriers, Asian hairs are also weak to different hair styling products and heating equipments. Not to mention the great oiliness that has been haunting the Asian women for ages! That being said, Living Proof came up with the Full Shampoo with the concept of adding body to the hairs and making it fuller.

At the outset, we would like to take a look at the ingredients of this shampoo. This aqua-based product was specially formulated for flat and fine hairs. In addition, it was carefully constructed without any harsh chemicals like silicone, sulfate or any harmful hair color. This gentle yet extraordinary formula can cleanse your hair thoroughly. On top of it, it can transform the fine and flat hair look, feel and behave like naturally full and thick hair.

In regards to the application of this Full Shampoo, you certainly can follow our four-step art of shampooing. Make sure to soak the hair comprehensively before applying the shampoo. Next, it comes to the lathering and rinsing of the hair out of shampoos.

Now, we presume you can appreciate why this shampoo made to the second of our top ten lists. If a certain shampoo can shampoo can transform fine and flat hair into full and thick hair without adding any harmful chemicals, then the product is bound to make to the top of the list.


‘Hair Volumes’ – one of the agonizing truths for the flat and fine Asian hairs. Due to the lack of volume, it is difficult to devise Asian hairs according to the preference. However, to counter this issue, Alterna came up with the concept of the natural bamboo solution – ‘Bamboo Volume Abundant Volume Shampoo’ to power up the volume level of the hairs.

When it comes to the issue of Asian hairs and shampoos, it lies in the formulation and ingredients, especially natural ingredients. In that regard, the Abundant Volume Shampoo came up on top with its eco-certified bamboo and energizing maca root formulation. This shampoo is very constructive for fine and flat Asian hairs. In addition, this shampoo is free of harmful ingredients like sulfates, parabens, gluten, sodium chloride, phthalates, and any synthetic color.

You can apply this shampoo via our well-planned four-step shampooing procedure. Take ample amount of product onto your palm and massage throughout your wet hair and scalp. Don’t get all worked up and irritate the scalp gratuitously. Complete the scalp massaging process gently and gradually. Finally, rinse the scalp and the hairs thoroughly after keeping the shampoo on the hair for at least two minutes.

It is not a marvel that this volumizing shampoo made to the top three list with its strengthening eco-friendly bamboo extract and volumizing maca root to energize hairs while providing weightless moisture simultaneously. Fuller hair is a dream for many Asians and this shampoo is perfect for them.


It is actually pretty natural to be concerned with your hairs! You see, in this life and day of hectic schedule where we are always on the run and forget the basic hair care (intentionally or unintentionally!). Besides, how can we forget how daunting it is for Asian hairs to cope up with all the hair styling chemicals and heating equipments? With all these notions in tow, Shiseido emerged with a moist hair pack in the form of shampoo and Conditioner – the Shiseido Aquair.

Both the shampoo and the conditioner come in a standard plastic housing with easy pumping alternative. These products are especially formulated for dry, brittle, sun damaged, over treated hair. As for the ingredients, aminophenol and vitamin E were used to formulate these products. The conditioner is formulated with coating repair ingredients that coat damages and leave a silky and manageable hair.

With a regular use, you can observe how the natural condition of your hair improves with naked eyes! The combination of these products works harmoniously with each other and protects the hair from further damage while moisturizing the hair concurrently.

When it comes to Asian hairs, the Aquair pack deserves to make it to the upper levels in any list. Whether you want to take scalp or hair nourishing plant botanicals or essential oil formula of the shampoo or the refining or the moisturizing effect of the conditioner, this band of brothers is a no brainer for any point of view.


The very nature of the Asian hairs prevents the concept of natural or easy volumization! However, how you would feel if you can get your hands on a volumizing shampoo that is based on botanical ingredients and free of harmful chemicals? It would time for a blast, right!? Well, let’s burst the bubble and pronounce the name! We are talking about the UNITE Volumizing Shampoo.

First thing first, we want to check out the ingredients of this shampoo. With ingredients like Hydroxypropyl Methocellulose that can thicken hair and enhances volume, Moringa Seed Extract that works as a color locking antioxidant, and Botanisil that moisturizes, locks in color, and works as a thermal protector, this volumizing shampoo can certainly bring you back to the game! It does not contain harsh chemicals like Sulfates, Parabens or Sodium Chloride.

Contrary to run of the mill volumizing shampoos, you would notice the different with the first wash. It has a medium lather and it rinses out the hair pretty cleanly. In addition to creating soft and flexible volume, this shampoo can enhance hair’s natural luster via providing proper hydration and protect your hairs.

Let us confess! The concept of a volumizing shampoo without any harsh chemicals is hands down pretty darn good! Just imagine a shampoo that can create soft and flexible volume, enhance natural luster and shine of the hair offering hydration to the hair while protecting the hair colors! You simply can’t expect something better than this, right?


Honestly, while we are at the mid-point of our list and it’s the turn of a certain product without which this particular top ten list would have been incomplete. Yes, we are talking about the highly popular ‘Shiseido Tsubaki Volume Touch Shampoo & Conditioner Set’. If you are into hair care, or even an Asian hair care enthusiast, you must have heard about the Tsubaki line up from Shiseido. So, without further ado, let us have a yak on the Tsubaki Volume touch!

Both the shampoo and the conditioner come in a pump bottle with usual Tsubaki design language. As for the ingredients, these products are formulated with camellia extracts with other hair and scalp-friendly chemicals. Even though these products contain sulfate, they do not contain silicone. As a result, you don’t need to worry about ingredients that can weigh down your hairs and make it greasy altogether.

The shampoo has a clear gel-type consistency. It has a strong flowery aroma to it. This shampoo can eliminate all the oils, dirt, greases, or any other substances from your hair. Just follow our four-step shampooing procedure and you can enjoy a healthy scalp in no time. The lightweight conditioner can moisturize the hair sufficiently.

Shiseido has a pretty rich history in serving Asian hairs and this Tsubaki lineup is one of their least expensive and most popular hair care product. With its oil-clearing competency, volumizing effects, or moisturizing conditioning, it is a great daily hair care alternative.


How would you like Japanese hair care solution that features rice bran, sweet apricot and famous cherry blossoms with silicone and SLS-free formula? Sounds quite promising, eh? Well, when it comes to Asian hairs, you certainly can depend on the famous Japanese brand, Krachie. This time around, Krachie brought the Ichikami Moisturizing Shampoo to treat damaged hair and provide ample hydration to the hair.

This particular shampoo is formulated to make a strong defense against the hair damaging factors. To begin with, some of the best and pure Japanese herbal essences were used to formulate this moisturizing shampoo. They are camellia extract, rice bran extract, rice bran ferment filtrate extract, apricot oil, and sakura essences. This shampoo can offer you a ‘repair plus protect’ – a double formula in a single solution. You can use this shampoo regardless of your particular hair type. Thanks to its non-silicone formula, you can have a healthy scalp without weighing down your hairs.

With a lightweight and silvery texture, this shampoo can add natural shine to your hairs. You have to apply the shampoo onto the wet hair. Next, you have to massage and lather the hair to eliminate the greasy and dirty substances from the hair. Finally, you have to rinse out your hair thoroughly.

Even though it places somewhat on the lower part of the list, this shampoo can be a great daily driver whether you want to consider its packaging, product quality, ease-of-use, or the all-important staying power.

Best Korean Lip Patch - Etude House Cherry Lip Mask

Yay! Finally! Finally, a Western brand made its entry to the top ten list for this particular endeavor of Shampoos for Asian Hairs. Even though the Western brands usually make products in accordance with Caucasian hair, this particular pick is popular for volumizing and density enhancing effects. Now, these effects are pretty important for flat and fine Asian hair. So let’s get familiarize with the star of the show - L'oreal Serie Expert Density Advanced Shampoo.

At the beginning, we would like to look into the ingredients of this especially designed shampoo. This shampoo formula is enriched with vitamin PP, B6, and Omega 6 acids. These ingredients can help nourish the roots, restore vitality and give the feeling if renewed density of thinning hair. In case you are wondering, this product does contain the usual chemicals like sulfate and fragrance.

You have to apply this shampoo to damp hair and massage the scalp and hair to lather up. Afterward, you have to rinse the shampoo thoroughly out of your hair. It will leave the hair supremely supple and under control with enhanced volume. This shampoo can enhance density and taming locks of the hair.

Via the means of enhancing density, the ability to cleanse the hair cuticles to strengthen the hair body and natural shine, the formulation to cover hair strands in rich lipids to increase diameter and refine texture, or natural vitamins, this product turned out to be a great volumizing treat for Asian hair.

How to Volumize Asian Hair


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