Best Travel Acoustic Guitars
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Best Travel Acoustic Guitars


For all of you musicians out there, how many times have you been traveling and had that perfect song in your head? How many of you were actually able to remember it when you got back home? I bet you wished you had an instrument to strum the magic out. Well, now you can with these anazing travel-sized acoustic guitars that fit perfectly for you rtravel needs! We did all the dirty work for you and tested the best travel acoustic guitars on the market that you can take for your next travel adventure.


As the designation advocates, Travel Guitars have their own expediency that allow the musicians to bring them around their travels. For the traveling musicians, a right-sized and efficient travel guitar is certainly the most important companion. And, most importantly, you don’t want to take the risk of ‘injuring’ your most beloved and prized guitar by taking it for the road.

Life can be pretty hard on the road for a musician. The development is especially true for the accompanying instruments. Constant exposure to the environmental changes in addition to the regular scratches and nicks can make your adored guitar somnolent on the road.

Moreover, carrying around the massive and full-sized guitars can be quite cumbersome at times. With that particular notion, a well-toned travel guitar can be the perfect instrument to accompany you on your musical tours or solitary travels.

Today, we will be discussing about acoustic guitars rather than those sophisticated and heavier all-metal or solid wooden electric guitars. Keep with us till the end you might find your next companion for the road!


Dynamics like flexibility and the level of comfort should get the most importance when it comes to the issue of traveling while hauling around a guitar. Travel guitars are light and pretty easy to lug. Moreover, they take minimum luggage compartment compare to those traditional ones.

Now, if we want to draw attention to the characteristics of a good travel guitar, it would be the better sound quality, solid and lighter materials, sizes and efficiency in addition to the above-mentioned factors like flexibility and comfort.

Many a people contemplated on the issue of whether including their darling guitar while packing for a trip or vacation. Hence, travel guitar came into being and made the life easy with a trickle of sacrifices. Be that as it may, you do need to ponder upon some important factor while buying a travel guitar.


Given any music instruments, the predilection differs for every single person. The scenario is not far off for travel guitars, especially the size of it. The sound projection over and above the transportability is greatly influenced by the body size of an acoustic guitar. It is easy to store the compact travel guitars on any transportation facilities. Along with this line of thought, regular three-fourth-sized acoustic guitars might be a great alternative for the road. Moreover, People with smaller hands, women, and children also find these compact-sized travel guitars easier to play.


In addition to the size, you must have to have a great feel of the travel guitar in your hands. Similar to regular-sized guitars, it is important that you are comfortable with the shape, design, sound quality, or the efficiency of travel guitars. You can go on, play a couple of travel guitars, and finally, pick the one you are most comfortable with.


With the course of time, the sound quality became pretty good on compact travel guitars. Thanks to the smaller body and neck silhouette, acoustic travel guitars tend to give off a soft and quieter sound. Sure, you can have the sound of a full-sized guitar when you will use the amplifier. However, the recording quality is not that imposing in acoustic travel guitars due to their smaller form factor.


One of the crucial issues of travel guitars is their materials. The full-sized guitars are, more often than not, constructed with heavy solid wood. Solid woods allow the guitars to produce best sound quality. They also can handle environmental changes like humidity, winter or rainy moisture. However, the acoustic travel guitars are made with multiple materials to realize the transportability.

The recommended materials for acoustic travel guitars are solid spruce for the top and laminated lightweight material or tone-wood for sides and back. The solid spruce will help to produce some nice and deep sound while the laminated materials make certain of the transportability and durability issues.


Acoustic travel guitars are a lot less expensive compared to your regular full-sized guitars. The materials are the key reason for that particular price transformation. The full-sized guitars are made of pricey solid woods while the travel guitars are mostly made of spruce and other laminated materials. When all’s said and done, your heart wouldn’t bleed as much for the damages of less expensive travel guitars contrary to those expensive and delicate full-sized guitars.


Yamaha APXT2 3/4 Size Acoustic Guitar


From product material to productivity, with the famous name of Yamaha, you can get the most out of anything. This time around, we are having a discussion about the acoustic travel guitars. With that particular note, Yamaha came up with the 3/4-Sized Acoustic-Electric Guitar for the road, modeled Yamaha APXT2. Let us take a glance of different features and attributes of this out of the ordinary instrument.

Vacations, campfires, or road trips, this 3/4-Size Acoustic-Electric Guitar can certainly keep you company to anywhere you go. It is a very well-constructed travel guitar that has been formulated with solid spruce on the top portion of the guitar body. On the other hand, meranti plywood was used for the sides and the back. This particular combination of spruce and meranti gave this compact guitar a strong body. The guitar is outfitted with System68 Electronics. This particular package includes the Acoustic Resonance Technology (ART) Contact pickup, volume and tone controls. With the built-in tuner, you can add it to the travel amp and have a blast to your heart’s content.

What made this instrument fun is its flexibility and consistency. You are certainly going to enjoy playing this piece of instrument. The ART-based pickup system and Yamaha’s proprietary tuner will give the guitar a great level of sensitivity and accuracy. The sound quality is of this guitar is pretty good compare to other acoustic travel guitars.

With spruce top, meranti sides and back, ART-based pickup system, and built-in tuner, this is the very best offering in its class.

Martin Steel String Backpacker Travel Acoustic Guitar


On the occasion that you are pondering whether you should take your expensive guitar for your next trip, let us pitch in a better idea. You should not take the risk of damaging the pricey and full-sized guitar. Instead, you can always take a lightweight and compact acoustic guitar that is especially made for the road. Let us take this opportunity and introduce the Steel String Backpacker Travel Guitar from Martin.

There has been a pretty deep relation between the brand Martin and acoustic travel guitars. With all their expertise in this particular segment, Martin came up with a unique design language for this travel guitar, specified as the Contour Neck Shape. According to Martin, This specific shape trimmed down a chunky portion of he body side to make this guitar more portable without compromising with the sound quality. It is constructed with solid spruce for the top and solid tone-wood for the back and sides. It features 24-inch scale length and 15 frets.

Even though the fret edges are somewhat coarse, it surely wont hold you down playing this distinctively designed guitar. The sound quality is quite good being the contour neck structure. The 24-Inch scale will allow you to feel the guitar and play it with complete freedom. With regular care, this unique piece of instrument can hold for a very long time.

With exclusive contour neck shape, solid spruce top, solid Tone-wood back and sides, to 24-inch scale length, and 15 frets, it is one of the best acoustic travel guitars out there.

Johnson JG-TR2 Travel Guitar


On the event that you are looking for a acoustic travel guitar with small-scale design featuring full-scale sound, then nothing can be better than the Trailblazer. It is the acoustic travel guitar from the famed manufacturer, Johnson. Johnson is very famous for their high-quality and high-value musical instruments. They have a rich history in crafting quality guitars. They have been working hard to come up with quality instruments at an affordable price range. If you are into music, they have something to offer for everyone.

With the slogan of ‘Wherever You Go, There's a Guitar’, Johnson constructed this particular acoustic travel guitar with white wood for top, back, and sides. When it comes to the neck, it was designed with mahogany. Moreover, this travel guitar features a rosewood fret board and bridge. The guitar was constructed with a full neck and body binding. You would find 22 full-size nickel/silver frets on the fret board. This 24 and ¾ scale length guitar is perfect for travel. Regarding the tuning, it incorporated Small-button die-cast tuning machines. The bridge was constructed with rosewood.

The featured 24-3/4-inch scale length will let you enjoy a regular playing feel with its compact body. All you need to do is tune up the Martin strings of the guitar and get started with the music.

With white wood top, back and sides, mahogany back, glossy finish, circle rosette, rosewood fret board, dot inlays, 22 nicket frets, Diet-cast small button tuners, and 24-3/4-inch scale length, this is an ideal example of portability and functionality.

Amigo AMT10 Travel Acoustic Guitar


If you are eyeing for an acoustic travel guitar with good sound output despite the compact form factor, you must check out the AMT10 Acoustic Guitar from Amigo. One of the greatest drawbacks of travel guitars happen to be their bad sound quality. However, what differentiated Amigo AMT10 Acoustic Guitar from its competition is its sound output. Let us go ahead and discover some other features of this particular compact guitar.

When it comes to deign language, the body of this travel guitar is designed with a teardrop shape. It is cistructed with rosewood for the top while mahogany was used to construct the back and side of this guitar. With the dimension of 11 x 35.5 x 3.75 inches, you are surely gonna enjoy playing this piece of instrument. Another key feature of this travel guitar is its frets. The outfitted frets with this guitar are a bit smaller, which makes the playing experience more pleasurable. This 24 inches scale guitar comes with carry bag

Even though the sound quality of this Amigo AMT10 Acoustic Guitar is certainly not as full as that of a normal sized guitar, it is still quite rich and pleasing to the ears. If you don’t mind triviality of a compact-sized travel guitar, you would seriously enjoy strumming the Amigo acoustic guitar around the campfire or wandering around.

With 24 inches scale, great sound quality, stunning teardrop design, this is one of the best acoustic travel guitars available whether it is for touring, practice classes, for women or kids.

Washburn RO10 Rover Steel String Travel Acoustic Guitar


In case you are searching for a Steel String Travel Acoustic Guitar, The Washburn Steel String Travel Acoustic Guitar can be the ultimate travel guitar for you. With the Washburn Rover, you don’t have to fret the journey over a plane, a boat, a car, the beach, camping, or hiking. You can just pack this amazing travel guitar anywhere.

When it comes to the package of this acoustic travel guitar, it comes with a complete set of case, instructional CD ROM, strap, and 3 picks! This traveling guitar comes in a full-size 24-inch scale. With a solid spruce top, a mahogany body and neck as well as a rosewood fingerboard, Washburn didn’t compromise with the sound quality. In addition, this guitar is polished off with quality geared tuners and professional binding and inlay. The Washburn Steel String Travel Acoustic Guitar comes complete with the highest quality cordura case with a hard foam lined and molded interior.

Despite the compact form factor, the size does not matter to the quality of the sound this instrument produces. Compared to full sized guitars, the Washburn Steel String Travel Acoustic Guitar holds its own and allows for easier travel. All for a great price that cannot be beat. Its sound, projection and richness is on par with full sized guitars and the 24-inch scale allows for ease of playing.

With full-featured guitar, amazing sound, extremely user-friendly, Bound body and fingerboard Complete with Case, this is certainly one in a million acoustic travel guitar available right now in the marketplace.

Traveler Guitar Escape Mark III Acoustic-Electric Travel Guitar


Are you looking for a travel acoustic guitar and are not quite comfortable with a regular 24-inches scale? If so, then we have got a very interesting solution for you. It is the Escape Mark III Acoustic-Electric Travel Guitar from Traveler Guitar.

The Escape Mark III is a full 25 1/2 inch-scale acoustic/electric travel guitar with a headphone amp built in. The proprietary In-Body Tuning System uses standard tuning machines relocated into the body, eliminating the need for a headstock. As a result, you’ll have the same full-scale playing experience you’re used to on an instrument that’s 26% shorter and 47% thinner than a typical, full-sized acoustic. What’s more, the built-in Shadow headphone amplifier produces a crisp, clean signal through headphones for private practice sessions. The built-in Shadow headphone amplifier produces a crisp, clean signal through headphones for private practice sessions. .

With the Mark III’s built-in preamp, you can plug in to your favorite amp, go direct into a mixer, or connect headphones for a private practice session. Unlike the similar practice of other trave; or regular guitars, this compact design incorporates the In-Body Tuning System and minimalistic body preserve playability and portability. The Measuring just 31 1/2 inch in length and weighing only 6 pounds. Alder body with bolt-on maple neck will let you enjoy playng the music.

Within the control panel, you would be fine with volume, treble and bass controls, a built-in chromatic tuner, a headphone output, and an aux-in for jamming, it is one of the premium travel guitar solutions.

Cordoba Mini R Travel Acoustic Nylon String Guitar


On the off chance that you for are searching fror travel instrument, offering the playability of a full size nylon-string guitar in a compact, lightweight body, Cordoba Mini R Travel Acoustic Nylon String Guitar can surely satisfy you in every regard.

When it comes to the body and construction, the Mini R features a pairing of a solid spruce for the top portion of the body. On the other hand, they used rosewood to construct the back and sides of the guitar. This particular construction gives the guitar a full sound, from a great deep bass end up to the bright sounding treble. In regards to the strings, it was designed with miniature nylon string guitar with full size feel and playability that can be measured at 20" scale length and 50" nut width. It has a Natural satin finish. With a dimension of 30.5 x 10 x 3.2 inches, it weighs only 2.5 pounds. It is pretty comfortable to hold and play this instrument. Custom Cordoba gig bag is included in the package.

The thin U-shaped neck and 1.96" (50 mm) nut width offers the feel and string spacing of a full-size guitar. The Custom Aquila string set is already tuned in 4th to A or standard E. In case you are wondering, ADGCEa is the recommended and factory spec for the most vibrant tone.

With solid spruce top with rosewood back and sides, Miniature nylon string guitar with full size feel and playability, this compact acoustic travel guitar is the ultimate travel instrument.

Yamaha FG JR1 Travel Acoustic Guitar

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If you are looking for a loyal travel friend in the form of a compact guitar, very few acoustic travel guitars can compete with the Yamaha JR1 3/4 Scale Guitar from Yamaha. When it comes to musical instruments, Yamaha is a huge name and they has been dominating this industry for quite a while now with their different product line ups. This time, they came up with an awesome acoustic travel guitar with a compact form factor.

In regards to the material and design, this particular travel guitar is constructed with solid spruce for the top portion of the body while meranti plywood was used for the sides and the back. The rosewood was used to construct both the fret board and the bridge of this travel guitar. This guitar was built with the legendary quality and playability the FG Series of Yamaha. Moreover, it was designed especially for the younger player or anyone who is more comfortable with a smaller-bodied acoustic. The gig bag is also included within the package. With the dimension of 35.5 x 16.2 x 4.8 inches, this guitar weighs 7 pounds.

The most important aspect of this guitar is its great sound quality, which is quite unexpected from the prouct of this form factor and price range. The tone of this guitar happens to be pretty bright.

With the solid spruce top, meranti back and sides, rosewood bridge and fret board, great sound, nato neck, bright tone, this guitar is one of the fun travel companion for any guitar enthusiast.

How to String an Acoustic Guitar

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