Top Tips and Tricks on How to Clean Clothing Stains In Your Hotel Room with Persil® Travel Size from Target®

by Kiki Wong
Top Tips and Tricks on How to Clean Clothing Stains In Your Hotel Room with Persil® Travel Size from Target®

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Finally! It’s the holiday season. The time has come for holiday cheer and spending time with your family and loved ones. The skies and streets will be packed with busy travelers, including yourselves. However, it may have slipped your mind that you need to keep your favorite Christmas sweater from grandma clean on the road. Have no fear, Persil® ProClean® laundry detergent is here to save the day, and also in a convenient Trial Size that you can find at Target®!

You can keep your clothes smelling laundry fresh and fight tough stains even after the most epic holiday dinners. Got a little too excited pouring gravy on your turkey? Maybe baby cousin Timmy is still learning to use his a catapult. Persil laundry detergent works to fight those tough-to-remove stains even when you’re not home.

Of course, when you finally get home, washing your clothes after a trip with the relatives can be a hassle. With Persil laundry detergent, cleaning your clothes is a breeze giving you time to rest and relax after a long holiday.

Want to know how to get fresh smelling laundry this holiday? Keep those peepers rolling on!

Keeping Your Clothes Laundry Fresh on the Road

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When you’re traveling on the road or in the air, it’s always difficult to determine how much laundry detergent to bring on your next trip. Fortunately, Persil® Trial Size laundry detergent is 10.1-ounces and fits conveniently in your checked bag. Also, it’s the perfect size to test the INCREDIBLE benefits of using Persil laundry detergent if you're feeling unsure about leaving your current brand.

Though small, Persil laundry detergent is most certainly mighty! Persil laundry detergent delivers 10 dimensions of seriously clean that you can smell, feel, and see! Here’s a list of how powerful this detergent really is:

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    Stain fighting
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  • check
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    Anti graying
  • check
    Clean rinsing
  • check
    Long lasting freshness
  • check
    Odor fighting
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    Cold water cleaning
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    Clean fresh scent
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    Fiber care

So, how exactly do you do laundry on the road? Here are a few easy steps to keeping your clothes clean while traveling with Persil® Trial Size.

Step 1: Plan Ahead

Bring less garments! If you’re traveling to a colder area, layer your clothes and wash only the layers that touch your skin. Also, don’t forget to bring your Persil® Trial Size laundry detergent.

Step 2: Washing Time

If there’s no laundry available at your destination, follow these steps to wash and dry your clothes in a sink:

  1. Fill sink with cool or warm water.

  2. Add a small amount of Persil laundry detergent to the water.

  3. Wash clothes in a circular motion with your hands in the soapy water.

  4. Gently rub the fabric against itself to work the detergent into the clothes.

  5. Drain the soapy water and wring the clothes out.

  6. Refill the sink with clean water and rinse the garments.

  7. Wring, shake out and hang dry.

For spot stain removal, follow these steps (As with all products, always test for colorfastness before pretreating. Test the product on a small hidden section of the fabric for color fastness.):

  1. Treat stains as soon as possible – Letting them set just makes them harder to remove

  2. Pour on enough detergent to cover the stain

  3. Rub the Persil® laundry detergent into the stain and let it sit for 5 minutes.

  4. Wash the warmest water safe for the garment (always double check your tags) with a dose of Persil® laundry detergent.

  5. Check the results before drying.

Step 3: Enjoy!

Enjoy the feeling of fresh, clean clothes that you can see, feel, and smell while on your holiday! Check out the before and after of these gnarly stains cleaned with Persil laundry detergent.



Freshen Up Your Clothes After Your Trip

After you return from a long trip with the relatives, we know the last thing on your mind is laundry. However, Persil laundry detergent makes laundry easy for you. No need to use multiple cleaning processes or products, Persil laundry detergent does it all! For more tips and tricks on how to remove tough stains, check out Persil’s page.

So, how do you get this incredible detergent in your household? Get yours today at Target® or see where I got mine at my local target store for just $1.99:

Also, don’t forget to check out their coupon $2 off coupon found on the back of the bottle for a future purchase (excludes 6 load or less trial / travel size).

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