Driving from San Juan to El Yunque with Enterprise

by nylonpink
Driving from San Juan to El Yunque

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf Enterprise.  All opinions are 100% mine.

We recently visited Puerto Rico for the first time flying into San Juan. We spent the first few days in San Juan and then planned to drive down to visit the El Yunque Rainforest area. We rented a car from Enterprise to take us on our journey and it was a super easy and seamless process!

The Enterprise rental counter is located in the Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport, also known as the San Juan airport (SJU). We had booked our car in advance and once we arrived at the counter, it was just about 15 minutes until we were driving out of the lot with keys in hand.

We chose a cute little Hyundai Elantra sedan and were surprised by the sizable trunk space. We had two big pieces of luggage and one carry on, which easily fit into the trunk.
Driving from San Juan to El Yunque - Trunk Space

Driving from San Juan to El Yunque

Depending on the traffic, it takes about 45 minutes to a hour or so to drive from San Juan to El Yunque. It's a scenic and peaceful route so enjoy the ride!

Driving from San Juan to El Yunque - Enterprise

Because of the hurricane in 2017, the north entrance of El Yunque is currently closed. If you are visiting, make sure to enter from the South side of the forest.

Taking this route to El Yunque, you will pass Luquillo Beach, where you must stop by to check out the 60 food kiosks. We ordered Pina Colada (virgin of course because neither of us drink!) in a pineapple and tried all kinds of local specialities like alcapurrias stuffed with lobster and whole fried grouper, yum! **If you DO drink, make sure that you DO NOT drink and drive!**

Driving from San Juan to El Yunque - Luquillo Beach Kioskss
Driving from San Juan to El Yunque - Luquillo Beach Kiosks Grouper

After we gorged ourselves on delicious food, we finished our drive up to the El Yunque Rainforest to stay at our gorgeous bed and breakfast that we had booked for the weekend, the wonderful Casa Flamboyant!

Driving from San Juan to El Yunque - Casa Flamboyant

The next day we drove down the hill to the boardwalk to eat and soak in the beautiful views!

Driving from San Juan to El Yunque - Boardwalk

It was totally gorgeous so of course we had to shoot ourselves!

Driving from San Juan to El Yunque - Boardwalk 2

There are many restaurants all along the boardwalk near the El Yunque rainforest however we were shocked at some of the prices! Many of the seafood restaurants had prices that were higher than many of the nice restaurants in Los Angeles. It was not at all what we were looking for, so we looked around a bit more and found an amazing local hole-in-the-wall nearby.

This little restaurant is called Super Benjy's Potatoes Taco & Grill and it's probably more of a fast food restaurant and it was one of our many favorite meals that we had while in Puerto Rico.

Driving from San Juan to El Yunque - Super Benjys

I especially loved the churrasco plate, it was a high quality, tender, super flavorful steak cooked a perfect medium rare. Alongside I had their delicious, signature baked potato, and cheese and mayonnaise covered corn, perfection!

Driving from San Juan to El Yunque - Super Benjys Churrasco

I had endless cups of virgin pina colada while in Puerto Rico and this one was on point and totally Instagrammable. If you go to the El Yunque rainforest, make sure to stop by Super Benjy's Potatoes Taco & Grill!

Driving from San Juan to El Yunque - Super Benjys Churrasco

We spent the night at our gorgeous hotel and headed out for the Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport in San Juan the next morning. It was Tuesday and we hit a bit of traffic and made it to the drop off in about a hour and 15 minutes. After we drove into the parking structure that housed Enterprise, we dropped off the car and were headed off to the terminal in 10 minutes. So quick and easy!

Our experience with Enterprise was totally seamless and it's really easy to drive around Puerto Rico. As a US Citizen, you can just use your regular drivers license and if you are flying into San Juan, we recommend renting a car with Enterprise!

DRIVING FROM SAN JUAN TO EL YUNQUE - Everything you need to know about renting a car in Puerto Rico! #travel #driving #rentacar #enterprise #puertorico


Antonina September 30, 2018 - 9:49 pm

Judging from the gorgeous photos, you really had a fantastic ride!

Tami October 2, 2018 - 7:48 am

We often do rent from Enterprise and have found them to be a wonderful rental company to work with. Your drive to El Yunque and the hotel you stayed at look amazing! Glad you were able to find such a yummy meal at reasonable prices, too!

Tara October 5, 2018 - 8:32 am

Renting a car really is the best way to explore the island, and it looks like there’s a lot to see and do between San Juan and El Yunque.


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