My Favorite HBO Shows with Strong, Intelligent Female Leads

by nylonpink

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I have been a huge fan of HBO even before Sex and the City first aired. It’s been a go-to channel for me to enjoy premium content featuring strong female leads in some of my favorite shows: Insecure, Game of Thrones, Girls, The Deuce, Enlightened, and more. I love HBO for its passionate storytelling and edgy, groundbreaking content.

I’m not normally a fan of fantasy tv shows or movies, but I am a huge fan of Game of Thrones. It’s the best show on TV period. It rocks in production value, storytelling and strong female characters. This show like most HBO shows, grabs you on a deep emotional level and reels you in.

I no longer subscribe to cable tv, so the best way to enjoy all of HBO is HBO GO, which I love so much! Every episode of HBO travels everywhere with me, right in my pocket, even during my many travels.

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Here are my favorite strong, intelligent female leads featured on HBO Shows

Daenerys Targaryen - Game of Thrones

Daenerys is hands down my favorite character on all of HBO. She has survived a sociopath brother who sold her off like cattle to a barbarian husband and somehow conquered all to become a leader, the Mother of Dragons, leading a crusade to rule the world with fairness and equanimity, to the best of her ability. The scenes in which she is interacting with her dragons often move me and bring me to the brink of tears.

Cersei Lannister - Game of Thrones

The polar opposite of Daenerys and Daenerys’ rival, I’m also a fan of the unshakable Cersei Lannister. Also married off against the will to a husband for her father’s strategic gains, she paid close attention to his cunning political moves that ultimately lead her to become the sole protector of the 7 Kingdoms. She had to survive the death of all her children, an extended prison sentence and the Walk of Atonement to ultimately rule with a merciless  iron fist.

Issa Rae - Insecure

Again, on a totally different spectrum from Cersei and Daenerys, there is Issa Rae on the hilarious show Insecure. The story of this series is super inspiring, as a minority I’m am amazed that Rae was able to produce this female centered comedy inspired by her Awkward Black Girl web series. I myself often find myself in incredibly awkward situations and I truly related to her as a character the most.

Miranda Hobbes - Sex and the City

Everyone seems to related to Sex and the City’s protagonist, Carrie Bradshaw the most, but I always saw myself as a Miranda Hobbes. Kind of awkward and a tough cookie, I related to her dedication to her career and her perplexing forays into the dating pool.

Eileen Merrell - The Deuce

My favorite newest character on The Deuce is Eileen Merrell, played by Maggie Gyllenhaal. Merrell is a streetwise hooker who refuses to be the pawn to any pimp. This is a dangerous choice, without the protection of a pimp, she runs the risk of violent abuse from her Johns, which she willingly endures in order to earn money to support her son. She ultimately discovers a passion for filmmaking in the adult industry and discovers that she has a natural talent for directing. She aggressively pursues this new ambition. I am inspired her scrappiness!

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