Glamping in Malibu – #YurtLife!

by nylonpink
Glamping Hub Yurt 1 main

We spent the most amazing day shooting at this Malibu Yurt, one of the properties available at The Glamping Hub. If you don't know what "glamping" is, its pretty much just a combination of the words 'glamorous' and 'camping', its an upscale, bougie version of "roughing it".

This Mongolian Yurt is located in the heart of the Malibu mountains and features breathtaking views all around, solitude and quiet at night and its the ultimate photo shoot location. As a guest, you have access to the grounds during the stay. We probably only shot 10% of the endless location possibilities at this idyllic setting. 

The Glamping Hub - Malibu Yurt 2

The friendly owner Deb filled us in on all the details about the grounds, telling us about the authentic Mongolian Yurt which was worth 25,000. We were also super excited about the numerous animals on site, including chickens, the cutest Pomeranian ever, llamas, pigs, donkeys, horses and some super friendly goats.

Entrance to the Yurt

Glamping Hub Yurt 3
Glamping Hub Yurt Bridge

The Yurt does not come with a bed, remember, this is glamping boy and girls! If you will require a bed, please request in advance, it will costs an additional $100. The Yurt comes fully equipped with Wi-Fi, electrical outlets, a heater and a fire stove thingy.

Yurt Interior

There's a teepee next door this is also available for rent. 

Up above the Yurt, you can walk all the way to the top of the hill to enjoy super romantic views. People often rent this location for their weddings. 

Glamping Hub Yurt Upper View
Glamping Hub Yurt Upper View 3
Glamping Hub Yurt Goat

Photos shot by Kaila Yu and Leire Baztarrica

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