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Hanoi Street Food Tour

I'm an ambassador for Visit.org and I was lucky enough to get to check out the Hanoi Night Time Food Tour by YESD. Visit.org features experiential travel and social impact experiences for travelers all over the world. 

I met up with my tour guide Trang at a hotel meeting place in Hanoi and it turned out that it was only me on the street food tour which was AWESOME! 

We immediately walked a couple streets down and stopped by a roast pork stand featuring pork that had been roasting for hours. The vendor sliced off a bunch of pieces for me to sample right then and there. It was so juicy, tangy and succulent. 

Next up I sampled a spring roll. Trang had the vendor put together a sandwich of the spring roll and roast pork to go for me to enjoy later in my hotel room. 

Our tour took place in the Old Quarter of Hanoi and we walked over to a small restaurant in what's called the Beer Corner. I don't drink beer so I was unable to sample any of the artisan beers. We sat down for awhile to enjoy the fried chicken (pictured below) and rice cracker. 

The Old Quarter was so festive. It's too bad because I came back again to explore the day after the tour and I couldn't find the streets that we had visited on the street tour just a day before. It's hard to navigate the city when you're not "in the know".

There are endless streets of shopping in the old quarter, with each street focusing on a product or theme. We passed the toy street, electronics street, shoe and more. Of course there was tons of street food and restaurants all around.

Next up we tried a variety of delicious meats on a stick, which are always good as street food.

For a sit-down meal, Trang wanted to take me to a famous Hanoi pho restaurant that had been featured by Anthony Bourdain but it was randomly closed. We went to a popular bun cha restaurant instead which was quite delicious.

I've had bun cha in Los Angeles, San Gabriel Valley area but I found the bun cha in Hanoi to be a million times more delicious. The bun cha that I've had in the past comes preassembled and is on the dry side. I love how the Hanoi style bun cha comes all separated, deconstructed. You scoop some of the soup into your bowl, choose a selection of meats, noodles and lots of fragrant greens and top it off with lots of garlic. Yum!

For dessert, we stopped by a famous ice cream place Thuy Ta. I tried out a coconut popsicle.

Last up, we topped off the meal with a yummy egg coffee!

Hanoi Street Food Coffee

For a delicious street food adventure where you'll emerge full and satisfied make sure to check out the Hanoi Street Food Tour!


  • The street food here looks so good. I’m so curious about that egg coffee, what a interesting combination. Thank you for sharing the food tour.

    • The egg coffee is really thick and frothy, its delicious!


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