How I Built My Credit Score from Bad to Stellar!

by nylonpink
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The holidays are around the corner and it can be a tough time for many people. It’s been a tough time for me for many years in the past because work would slow down for my industry during the holidays and simultaneously I would be spending a lot more money buying gifts! It’s definitely not fun making any kind of purchases when you have a mountain of debt that keeps piling up.

Luckily, Lexington Law Firm can help you improve your credit score. They have the legal experience and technology needed to help their clients work on their credit reports.They are the oldest and trusted name in this industry and are attainable for the everyday consumer.

Lexington Law

I received my first credit card during my first year of college. I remember it distinctly, I was just 17 years old (is it legal to sign up for your own credit card at 17?). In the common area of my college dorms, there was a table set up offering a goodie bag full of freshman essentials - deodorant, shampoo, razors and other goodies. Always a sucker for some free stuff as a broke college student with no job, I approached the table and quickly signed up for my very first credit card.

One I had that fresh and shiny piece of plastic on my hands, I felt like I was totally adulting and on top of the world. I promptly went to Neiman Marcus and purchased a $500 pair of Prada shoes. I LOVED those shoes, and wore them until they fell apart. They were a 4-inch platform heel with clear buckles and they were HOT. But I couldn’t afford them. However, I didn’t realize that because I had no understanding about credit card, and financing, etc.

I didn’t realize that the credit card was NOT my friend! As a young adult I was trying to navigate the credit repair industry and there is so much fact vs fiction available online that I didn't know how to navigate it all. Lexington Law could have probably saved me years of struggle be educating me about my rights and using the law to fight for my credit.

Lexington Law

In just a few years, I somehow charged my card up to $8000. I tried years to pay it off to no avail. Every month, I had to make huge payments and it seemed like I was always signing up for a new credit card to try to move money from another credit card over. It was total chaos and it was unmanageable. 

I finally had to cut up all my credit cards and slowly paid off my debt over several years. For my last large credit card payment, I received an offer to pay off a portion of my debt to clear the debt off completely. No one told me that this would have a negative impact on my credit score! I wish that I worked with Lexington Law Firm back then, to let me know how certain decisions can affect my credit. 

Lexington Law

Did you know that you could be denied for a home or car loan because of an error on your credit report? Such an error can take four months or more to correct, sometimes even staying on your report for seven years! Most of the financial institutions that you will be dealing with base their lending choices on your FICO® Score.

I’m living proof that anyone’s credit record can be improved with time and the proper knowledge. Remember that the law is on your side! I now have a high credit score, own my first house, and own zero debt. 
Lexington Law

I totally respect that Lexington Law Firm helps people with this important issue, and I would love to share that anyone can do it with the proper help! If you are struggling with financial issues as I was, Lexington Law can help in many ways. They have an app available to customers for easy use and long-standing relationships with the credit bureaus: Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion.

Also, you can feel secure when working with Lexington Law because they are a CROA (Consumer Credit Protection Act) compliant organization. This means that they are regulated via auditors and regulators.

In 2020 I would love to purchase my first investment property, what are your financial goals this year?

Lexington Law

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