How to Travel Like A Girl Boss, No Matter What Time of the Month

by Kiki Wong

How to Travel Like A Girl Boss, No Matter What Time of the Month

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There are fewer things that can beat traveling to any vacay destination, whether it’s the wild steppes of Mongolia, or your annual trip to your parents across the US. No matter what travel adventure you got marked on the calendar, it takes a WHOLE lot of planning to execute. But sometimes, you just can’t really plan whether your “time of the month” is gonna sneak up and attack ya when you least expect it (and you KNOW it does). That’s why I’m gonna give you the down low on how to travel like a girl boss, no matter what time of the month it is!

Pack a Goodie Bag

No, I’m not talking about the ones you got at your BFF’s 10th birthday party. Pack a GIRL BOSS goodie bag. Bring some things that you can use to freshen up from head to toe (and all that’s in between if you know what I mean).

That’s why I pack the NEW Seventh Generation™ Comfort Applicator Tampons. The smooth, BPA-free plastic applicator is designed for your comfort and made with 95% plant-based materials. These Free & Clear, Certified Organic Cotton Tampons are hypoallergenic and made for your most sensitive skin with no added fragrances.

My piece of advice to you: bring a carry-on that can fit all your goodies. If i’m traveling for a longer journey (1-2 months+), I bring a big ole carry on with the whole box. That’s right, the WHOLE box. Seventh Generation™ feminine products are that good. Once you use them, you’ll never go back to the old brand. Also, big bags are in, so might as well look chic while you carry your tampon box on your flight.

Another added bonus of carrying a gibungous carry on bag is you can bring ALL your favorite Seventh Generation™ feminine products with you. Let’s not forget the best of the best Free & Clear Pantiliners (50 count). The innovative PureFit™ design offers an enhanced fit, safely trapping fluid away from the skin to always keep you dry for reliable, leak-free protection and comfort.

Since you got extra room in that massive bag, just bring them all. You know, just in case one of the boxes feels left out.

Enjoy Your Trip Any Time of The Month

Never let your awesome female biology hold you back from having a great time on your vacation! With Seventh Generation Comfort Applicator Tampons (18 count), Free & Clear fragrance-free Ultra-Thin Pads with Wings (18 count), and Free & Clear Pantiliners (50 count), the only thing you have to worry about is leaving your worries behind. Unless you’re clumsy like me and, well, maybe need an extra hand keeping it all together. That’s why we girl bosses have assistants…

Want to know where to get yours today? Check out your local Target store in feminine care aisle or – check out Cartwheel for offers!


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