Jennie Cooks – Nibbles and Sips

Jennie Cooks – Nibbles and Sips

We were super excited about the Nibbles and Sips event premiering delicious treats from Jennie Cooks. As you know, we are huge foodies here at Nylon Pink!

Jennie specializes in “plant based parties”. They believe in the importance of contributing to Mother Earth; leaving a smaller carbon foot print on this planet! Reach out here if you would be interested in having her cater your event.

We were most excited about the wasabi deviled eggs, nom nom nom!

Sparkling Raspberry Apertif


Plant Based Offerings

-wasabi potato bites
-stuffed mushrooms
-cranberry fettata flatbread
-butternut chedda quesadillas

Omnivorous Offerings

-wasabi deviled eggs
-bacon wrapped Brussels sprouts
-heirloom tomato bruschetta

Vegan Sweets

-churros and ice cream
-peanut butter cupcakes
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