Korean Cosmetics for Men – Everything You’ll Ever Want!

by Kiki Wong


Who said putting on makeup was just a girl thing? Definitely not us! That's why we found some of the best Korean cosmetics for men on the market for you (or your boyfriend) to rock on your next outing! Check it out and see for yourself!

For many years, men used to detest the idea of using makeup.  They were in this misconception that taking care of your skin can ruin your manly image. However, with the course of time, things have changed and now men are very much into grooming. And, why wouldn't they? What girl would like a man with greasy or flaky skins, right?

South Korean men happen to be quite attentive to their skincare and hair care regime. As the K-Beauty industry flourished, Korean men also became rather obsessed with grooming and beauty care, as seen on KPOP idols and TV drama stars. We found some of the hottest products on the market that can help you create glamorous looks, or just to spruce up your daily image.


Best Korean Lip Patch - Gold Monkey Holika Lip Mask

When it comes to men’s grooming, nothing can be more versatile and conspicuous than eye shadows. Depending on the occasion, men surely can add a little more to their eyes for a more refined look.  Behold, we would like to introduce Shine Easy Glam 3 Eyeshadow Quad Bloom by Pony x Memebox.

The slender and square design language of this particular eye shadow portrays a pretty colorful vibe with light yellow packaging. The hard plastic housing seems to be reasonably strong and it contains four different compartments featuring four different eyeshades. This particular eye shadow is especially formulated with earthly brown-hued shades that are targeted for the spring usage. The shades blend effortlessly and stay put all day long.

For you men out there, you have to remember not to go overboard with the shades. As a result, it is important to start with brushing the shades lightly and get the desired result with a go-slow approach. You can tap to remove excess or extra amount with your fingers or a tissue.

Whether it is the physical appearance, the shade alternatives, portability, or ease of use, this particular package is an awesome bargain and can give your eyes some serious definition.

Best Korean Lip Patch - Gold Monkey Holika Lip Mask

Hey male makeup enthusiastic out there! Are you looking for a collection of eye shadows that can be used can be used on different occasions from casual gathering to dates or formal parties? If so, you need to try the Shine Easy Glam Eye Shadow Palette from MEMEBOX Pony.

When it comes to the physical appearance of this particular eye shadow palette box, it comes in a dark black housing that features a collection of eight different shades. These highly pigmented shades portray the famous Korean style color trends. The upgraded formula of these hand-picked shades can pencil in bold colors in just one simple application. The shades are formulated with Skin-Fit system where the eye shadows contain silicone powder oil that let the shade blend pretty easily.

In regards to the application procedure, you can apply the eyeshades with eye shadow brush or fingers depending on your preference. Since every eye shadow has a pearl shine finish, you don’t want to go over the top with this product.

Whether it is the formula and color designs, eight neutral mattes and shimmers, natural yet flattering finish, nourishing oils formulation, aptitude to adhere to skin without creasing or flaking, this particular eye shadow collection is a must-have grooming product for men.


Best Korean Lip Patch - Choosy Lip Mask

Whether it is to give your cheekbones a defining edge, even out the skin, or give the skin a shimmery natural glow, men simply can’t do better than a contour! Even though using contour can be a little tricky, flawless contour makeup can take your look to the next level instantly. And on that note, let us get to know the Too Cool for School's ART CLASS BY RODIN 3 color multi shading shadow contour palette.

This product contains 3 different contour shades perfect for your skin matching needs. The colors are not too strong or overpowering. Of course, you can get a high pigmentation with mixing all the colors together. The product is not too warm yet not too cool aspect, which makes this contour perfect for the guys! The shades have a soft powdery consistent to them.

When it comes to contouring, restraint is the key. You can use a single shade or blend of all the shades depending on the area of application. From the temple area to the eyelid area, nose area, or the cheekbones, you can redefine them easily with this palette.

The sturdy and mirror outfitted plastic casing, three color multi shading alternatives, soft powdery texture and the overall effect made this contour a no brainer purchase for men.

Best Korean Lip Patch - Berrisom Lip Mask

Guys, are you searching for a complete shaping and contouring solution in a single package? If so, then you might want to check out the Luna Face Maker Contouring Make-up Contour Stick that comes with two pieces of sticks featuring ‘shading, shaping, strobing, and contouring in a single package.

As the name implies, the physical appearance of these two contour sticks resemble the conventional lipsticks. However, thanks to their external color bands, you can easily distinguish which color is which. In case you are wondering about the consistency, these contour alternatives have a creamy texture to them. They blend on the skin without much of a hitch. The shade is somewhat similar to a coffee color featuring a warmer tone. This subtle color is neither orange nor brown.

Thanks to their packaging design, it is reasonably easier to apply these contouring products on the face. All you have to do is to create a preferred strobing and follow the strobing with shading, shaping and contouring in order to achieve the desired look.

Overall, with the special Korean formulation to fit all skin types, these high-quality contouring alternative will let you redefine your features like never before.


Best Korean Lip Patch - Etude House Cherry Lip Mask

In case you didn’t know, Korean beauty experts have also designed BB cream especially for men! That being said, let us take this opportunity and introduce a high-quality product to you all. The Forest for Men Handsome BB Cream by Innisfree. Innisfree has always been a premium manufacturer in the case of beauty products, this time around, they came up with the dedicated BB cream solution for men.

This all-black plastic tube can be considered as one of the most traditional and user-friendly housing for men’s grooming products. This product is formulated for skin whitening, fighting against wrinkles, and finally, the imperative sunscreen protection. BB creams help maintain smooth and silky skin by evening the natural skin tone. This featured product is particularly constructed for normal skin. This solution also included SPF50+ PA+++ to protect your skin from sun damage.

When it comes to the application procedure, you can squeeze the BB cream on your fingers and apply solution on your face via massaging movement. Then again, you can use a foundation brush or sponge as a substitute to apply BB cream on your face.

Overall, it is an amazing grooming solution for men with its skin whitening, anti-wrinkle, and sunscreen protection.

Best Korean Lip Patch - Tony Moly Lip Mask

Despite the fact that dark skin BB creams are really hard to find, we have actually found an excellent BB cream that doesn't just come in a few light colors from Salamander99. Let us take a quick look at the ingredients and application procedure of this particular BB cream.

In terms of formulation, this BB cream is made with ECOCERT certified ingredients such as Lavender Floral Water and Marine Collagen. These ingredients are highly beneficial to balance oil and moisture on dry and rough skin. This BB cream can help you achieve a glowing and vibrant skin. When it comes to product consistency, this BB cream has a soft balmy texture to it. It gets absorbed onto the skin weightlessly and bring back the healthy natural skin tone.

As for the application process of this BB cream, you can take an adequate amount of cream on your hand and apply onto the facial areas with patting motions. It is recommended that this BB cream application ought to be the last step of the skin care regime.

Overall, this product is a unique and incredible BB cream particularly designed for dark skin tones with ECOCERT certified ingredients like Floral Water and Marine Collagen.


Best Korean Lip Patch - Etude House Cherry Lip Mask

If you are searching for a high-quality Korean foundation to for your grooming regime, you surely don’t want to miss out the premium offering of Innisfree. Yes, we were referring to the INNISFREE SMART FOUNDATION - PERFECT COVER. When it comes to Korean beauty products and grooming, Innisfree is a highly trusted name. Let us take a closer look at other features of this particular foundation.

According to Innisfree, this is a smart solution! Well, at least from the packaging, we certainly can agree to that claim! It comes with a smartly designed squeeze tube in a compact size. Also, the packaging is minimalistic and beautiful on its own. It is formulated to perfectly conceal skin imperfections while leaving your skin with a dewy finish. This foundation also has industry standard SPF 33 PA+++ to fight against UV rays.

One of the key aspects of this foundation is that the smoothness of this product can you’re your skin softer and smoother while making it ready for other products. It can cover all the blemishes of your skin perfectly.

All in all, it is a great solution with its formulation, overall upshot and UV rays protection.

Best Korean Lip Patch - Tony Moly Lip Mask

If you are looking for a natural, luminous, and professional quality foundation with buildable coverage, then very few products can compete with the xtava Sheer Matte Liquid Foundation. This particular product is perfect for a natural complexion with a matte finish. Let’s take a look at other features this foundation has to offer.

Xtava believes that every grooming step starts from a flawless skin. Scientists at Xtava formulated a product that can perfect the blemishes, dark spots, and redness instantly with their moisturizing formula. it is formulaed with water, jojoba seed oil, licorice root extract in combination to other skin-friendly chemicals. Thanks to the absence of no harsh chemicals, it is considered as a cruelty-free makeup.

This highly pigmented yet light in texture foundation is particularly formulated for smooth and even application. As the name advocates, this foundation has a liquid consistency and can give your skin a matte finish. Also, it contains SPF 30 PA+++ formula to block the harmful UV rays from the sunlight from damaging your skin.

Whether is the professional quality formulation, sheer to medium buildable coverage, matte finish with SPF 30 PA +++, cruelty-free makeup, this foundation from xtava is a natural and luminous alternative for men’s grooming.


Best Korean Lip Patch - Etude House Cherry Lip Mask

Think about it, who wouldn’t like an easy gliding and conventional eyeliner with premium ingredients that can take your look to the very next level, right guys? Well, similar to those fashion or fitness models, you surely can try some eyeliners to give your look a complete transformation. That being said, Waterproof Pencil Liner from CLIO CLIO might very well become your next best eye companion!

An easy-glide formula with a silky-smooth texture can be considered as the key tone of this particular product. The pencil-shaped form factor is highly portable and it can support you to move smoothly along the lash line with a supple sliding touch. It is also formulated to stand firm against water, sweat, and sebum. In addition, it stays in its place without much of a movement and going smudgy all over. The formulation also included highly pigmented rich and concentrated colors.

As for the application, you can go on and draw along the lush line. The thickness can be adjusted in accordance with your preference. Its not impossible to draw some flawlessly clean and defined lines with this waterproof pencil liner.

This is, without a doubt, a great eyeliner if you want to get motivated from some Easy-Glide, extremely affluent color or enduring waterproof formula in an edgy and sophisticated packaging.

Best Korean Lip Patch - Tony Moly Lip Mask

Innisfree – a name that is synonymous to the concept of premium quality and Korean beauty products. They have been offering some high-quality products for every beauty segment and this time around, they turned up with an Auto Pencil Liner that promises a high-quality offering with at a less expensive price point. Let’s take this opportunity and explore this products for more details.

When it comes to the physical appearance, Innisfree appeared with a straightforward yet graceful design language for this Auto Pencil Liner. The liner comes in a couple of colors including, Black, Pear Brown, Champagne Pink, and Wine Burgundy. Today, we are talking about the Pearl Brown. In regards to the formulation, this liner is formulated with coconut oil and vitamin E to stay away from any skin irritation. It also includes quick dry and waterproof formula to the product. These formulas will save you a lot of troubles with smudges from water, sweat, and sebum.

For best result, sharpen the tip in accordance with your preference. You can always draw lines to your upper and lower lashes for a more distinguished look. Anyway, you can extend the outer corner to add more definition at any given time. .

If you are into conventional pencil liners, a very product can give you such results as this pencil liner.


Best Korean Lip Patch - Etude House Cherry Lip Mask

You can’t exactly complete your skin care regime without putting on a concealer, is not that right? Well, depending on the product varieties, you surely going to to enjoy the astonishing upshot of this tip concealer. Yes, we are talking about the Cover Perfection Tip Concealer from the common Korean name the Saem. Let us dig deep into this product.

At the outset, this product depicts a stick shaped physical appearance, making it easier to apply the concealer. It has a soft powdery consistence and is similar to skin curve rate covers blemish of skin naturally. It was formulated with Long lasting polymer that can keep the skin for hours. The moisturizing texture of this tip concealer adheres to the skin naturally and creates transparent skin. Among other colors, this particular product includes the natural baige shadeing.

When it comes to the application procedure, at first, you have to apply a moderate amount of concealer to the to areas needed coverage like pointing dots. Next, tap with fingers lightly on the skin so that the skin can absorb the concealer easily and smoothly. It can take care of concealing from light to heavy coverage.

In general, the soft focus powder consistency, long lasting ingredients like polymer and transparent skin promoting moisturizing texture made this product a hot cake for grooming.

Best Korean Lip Patch - Etude House Cherry Lip Mask

On the occasion that you are looking for a refreshed and energized skin from the context of a concealer cream, then you might very well try out this awesome offering from Skinfood. It is the Salmon Dark Circle Concealer Cream. Let us explore various aspects of this particular concealaer from one of the beauty giant from Korea.

As you might have guessed it already, this product is formulated with the extracts of salmon roe being the base ingredient. The extracts of salmon roe has a huge advantage on the skin. It can reduce the appearance of dark circles around the eyes. You will have the opportunity to choose between two different concealers for two different skin tones. Salmon Dark Circle Concealer #1 is designed for those with lighter skin tones while #2 is formulated for darker skin tones. The concentrated and creamy texture of this concealer can covers dark eye circles and wrinkles effectively.

When it comes to the application procedure, first, you have to apply the foundation and prepare the skin for the concealer. Then, dispense an adequate amount concealing cream on your hands and gently tap the cream onto dark circles around the eyes for the finest result.

With natural ingredients like salmon roe, Concentrated and creamy consistency, and no irritation, this is a no brainer for any grooming enthusiast.

Best Korean Lip Patch - Etude House Cherry Lip Mask

On the event that you want a liquid concealer can cover wide area with little amount of concealer, then Cover Liquid Concealer from Aritaum might be the best possible option for you. Aritaum has been a name that can offer quality product at an affordable price point. That being said, this time around, they came up with a liquid concealer that can go a long way. Let us look deep intop other features and aspects of this product.

In regards to the product formulation, it is formulated with rosehip oil that can protect your skin while preventing the dryness at the same time. It also includes water proof system and works against sweat, sebum, and water. It has two different variations: Light Beige and Natural Beige. This time, we are featuring the Light Beige shade.

As for the application procedure, at first, you have to use your BB cream. Next, apply the concealer to spots that you want to cover. You can tap the boundaries for a natural finish. Since it does not contain a cakey texture, you can use this concealer on a daily basis.

Whether you want to consider the natral ingredients like rosehip oil, or its ultra beneficial functionalities like little amount, wide coverage area, this is one of the nest concealer out there.


Best Korean Lip Patch - Etude House Cherry Lip Mask

There are times when men do need the help of a little bit of eyeliner. Whether it is to impress girls or just add a little more flair to their look, men can use eyebrow pencil to redefine the image. With that note, let us commence the Minam Project Korean Men Eyebrow Pencil by AllbyAnn MIP. Let us take a closer look at the product and application process.

When MIP was formulating this pencil, they particularly designed it for newbies in addition to the professionals. As a result, the package is entrenched with two pencil and brush for men who are not proficient in drawing eyebrows. Well, that’s a given since, a handful of men use eyebrow pencil in a regular basis. The diagonal Body makes it easy for novices to use. On the other hand, it also has great persistency and does not spread. This pencil was developed with normcore grey color for 80% men with brown and grey skin tone.

In regards to the application development, you simply can take the pencil, start drawing lines on your eyebrow, and make them look more natural and defined. The soft spread and powdery texture makes it easier to use without lumping up.

It’s a great eyebrow drawing solution whether you want to consider the embedded dual pencil and brush or particularly committed for men’s grooming.

Best Korean Lip Patch - Etude House Cherry Lip Mask

If you want to man up and try those manly natural black eyebrow looks, then you definitely have to check out the Swagger Eyebrow Maker by Swagger that is predominantly designed for men. This particular contribution features a natural black color that can shape your eyebrows in accordance with your preferred looks.

In addition to shaping your eyebrows, this eyebrow maker can also be used to conceal missing parts of hair on forehead. It can work as a Filler and define the outlines while enhancing the overall look. This professional makeup tool is formulated with natural and organic ingredients. The long lasting powder over and above the precision shadow tip allows filling in the eyebrow line and shaping them flawlessly. Thanks to its long lasting color, this particular eyebrow maker has temporary tattoo effect.

In terms of application, all you have to do is to decide how you want to shape your eyebrows. Whether it is angled, arched, thick, thin, or sharp, just move your hand with the desired pattern and you can achieve it easily with this pro tool.

Overall, with its flawless and professional quality drawing or natural organic ingredients, it’s the best eyebrow maker for men’s grooming.


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