Korean Microblading - The Best Eyebrow Experience Ever
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Korean Microblading: The Best Eyebrow Experience Ever

One beauty flaw that almost every Asian girl can totally vouch for is the serious lack of eyebrows. Sure, it may seem like a strange thing to be self-conscious about from a Western perspective. However, the little to no body hair on us Asian females is both a blessing and a curse. It’s awesome not to have to worry about shaving your legs for a week at a time without anybody noticing. When you’re trying to keep up with the rapidly evolving “fleeky” eyebrow trends, it’s difficult to sprout a lot of confidence. Fortunately, there’s a new popular beauty craze in the US called Korean Microblading. If you’re traveling to Korea and have checked out some Korean Travel Blogs, you may know what this is. This new procedure has been giving the browless across the nation hope. So, Kaila and I decided to take the plunge and test it out.

What is Korean Microblading?

What is Korean Microblading you ask? Some may call it Korean 3D Eyebrow Tattoo while others call it Eyebrow Emboidery. Ultimately, it’s a semi-permanent tattoo makeup for your eyebrows.  “Oh boy, so we are going to get our eyebrows sharpied?” was my first impression. Ironically, I don’t have a single body tattoo, even though my boyfriend, Martin, is a tattoo artist. I could only conceptualize any permanent marking on my body coming from a permanent marker. The process itself is actually quite intricate and much different than your standard tattoo parlor.

Instead of coloring in your eyebrows like a toddler with a coloring book, the semi-permanent ink is carefully mixed with precision. This color is customized to get the perfect color and tone to match your skin and hair. It is then applied with a “microblade” tool using smooth and swift “hairstrokes” that create the illusion of hairs. This creates a very natural looking eyebrow filler that will hardly be recognized as a tattoo.

Sounds pretty darn fantastic, right? We went to Atelier by Tiffany and met up with the amazing esthetician, Rachel, to discover the glory of Korean Microblading.

Korean Microblading - Atelier Salon

 Step 1: Numbing Cream

Clearly, as you can see, they don’t mess around at Atelier Salon by Tiffany. Located in the beating heart of Koreatown in Los Angeles, CA, the interior design speaks only high class. Their friendly staff greeted us as we made our way to the VIP room in the back.

Rachel applied a generous portion of numbing cream to our brows and added some saran wrap to seal in the ointment. The numbing sensation is shockingly quite powerful and I began to feel my eyebrows almost disappear from my face, hence the ridiculous facial expression.


Korean Microblading - Kiki Numbing Cream 1

Step 2: Eyebrow Stenciling

After the numbing cream finally set in, Rachel plotted out the perfect outline for my new brows with an architect’s precision. Although my eyebrows took on the appearance of looking overly drawn, Rachel explained that it was only a guideline and assured me they wouldn’t be so thick.

Korean Microblading - Rachel drawing in eyebrow tattoo


Step 4: Microblading Application

Rachel first chose the perfect color to match our skin tones and hair color to ensure that the end result would look as natural as possible. This process is essential since many victims of botched eyebrow tattoos experience strange discoloration and fading/graying of the tattoo color over time.

The ink is manually applied with small brush-like strokes with a disposable microblade tool with a series of tiny needles. The pen is dipped into the ink and then gently applied directly into the skin. This is artfully done to look like hairs that are similar to the ones growing along your brow.

To my surpise, the numbing cream was outstanding! I thought that there would be some minor pain, but you could barely feel the application and only a tiny bit of pressure. It definitely was not like the standard tattoo experience that I’ve heard about.

Korean Microblading - microblade tool

Step 5: Repeat Steps 1 and 4 then VWALA!

I waited patiently through another application of numbing cream and a second touch up of microblading.  The results completely floored me! I couldn’t believe how perfect and even my eyebrows were. What was more shocking was how realistic it looked. It seemed as though I effortlessly sprouted new eyebrow hairs within a matter of 30 minutes.

Korean Microblading - Numbing cream 2

Korean Microblading - eyebrow-embroidery-before-and-after-2


It’s pretty amazing how much this procedure has impacted my daily routine. I feel more confident with my new eyebrows that I can leave the house makeup-free without feeling naked. When I told my friends and family I got my eyebrows microbladed, they all thought it looked completely natural. I would highly recommend this procedure to anyone who wants to cut time out of their morning routine and feel confident going bare skinned.

Get your eyebrows Korean Microbladed by the BEST!

Atelier by Tiffany
213-500-2425 (contact Rachel)

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400 s Western Ave 201
Los Angeles CA 90020

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  • I really like this article. And the result is really nice. Unfortunately I don’t life in Los Angeles. But I got my Microblading done in Miami at Stylish Brows. The result is very natural looking and before everything they explained everything perfectly to me so I was not that scared anymore. I can really recommend Microblading

    • its so amazing!


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