Last Minute Luxury Travel in Prague

by nylonpink
Last Minute Luxury Travel in Prague- prague castle

Prague is one of those fabulous cities in Europe where every visitor truly has a unique experience. With so much to do and so many things to see, Prague gives everyone who passes through their own memories. And with that spirit in mind, we wanted to take this opportunity to truly have a serendipitous trip. So we went to Prague and didn’t know where we were staying. We booked our hotel last minute with the app HotelTonight and just went for it.

PragueScenery - Last Minute Luxury Travel in Prague

I don’t know about you, but typically, I plan out every minute of my trips. As a travel blogger, I like to make every trip jam-packed. So if you travel with me, you can expect that we are going to see all the sites, eat at all the top restaurants and that we will be staying at a hotel that I research, compared and vetted till the cows come home. However, we wanted Prague to be different. We wanted to go wherever the wind took us.

HotelTonight - Last Minute Luxury Travel in Prague

We were coming from a New Years Eve in Vienna, and we were taking the train to Prague. So just imagine us, sitting there in one of those old world 4 person train carriages, sipping the complimentary champagne that they handed us. Choosing a hotel, like we were choosing the fate of our entire trip. It was quite exciting!

Hotel tonight - Last Minute Luxury Travel in Prague

Using HotelTonight, a mobile app that lets you book hotels last minute, we were able to get a great room at the Hotel UNIC, a trendy design hotel located right in the city center.

Hotel UNIC -Last Minute Luxury Travel in Prague

Honestly, HotelTonight took out most of the drama from choosing the hotel while we were on the way to Prague. The app serves up excess rooms that hotels have been unable to sell, so all us last minute travelers can get some amazing deals at luxury hotels. But the app also does now have a “100-day booking feature”, so you can use it to book places in advance as well just FYI.

Lokal Restaurant - Last Minute Luxury Travel in Prague
Lokal Restaurant - Last Minute Luxury Travel in Prague

So, we got off the train, walked over to our hotel, which was only about a 10 minutes walk from the train station and were greeted by a very modern hotel lobby and some friendly hotel staff. We went up to our room, dropped off our stuff and then went down and asked the concierge for a dinner recommendation. We told her that we just wanted something simple and local. And she must have taken us seriously because she sent us to a place called Lokal.

Last Minute Luxury Travel in Prague

The next 2 days we spent our time wandering through the cobble stoned streets of Prague. And even wandered all the way up to the Prague castle. Which is across the river and up a long winding road. This is definitely a must; the views of the city are just amazing.

But another tip we received from the locals was that, the old town hall’s tower is an amazing view of the old town hall square and all the red roofed buildings. So we went on a tour of the fabulous old building and went up the tower.

Last Minute Luxury Travel in Prague

Prague is a beautiful, old city with so many new amazing things to see. Like this book tower! How crazy is that? Pro tip, this is located right inside the municipal library and is free for anyone to see.

All in all, letting a little spontaneity into our trip made it that much more fun, so I highly suggest you all give it a try sometime! 


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