Living the High Life at Mountain High

If you Los Angelelinos ever feel like you wanna get away from the burning sun, there's no better place to do so than Mountain High. Fresh powder, good friends, yummy food, and a whole lot of shenanigans were all on the schedule at this ski/snowboard resort.

Getting there is actually really easy coming from Hollywood. Fortunately, traffic heads into Los Angeles in the morning, so we were able to get there pretty quickly. You do have to transfer to a couple of freeways, so make sure to bring a GPS. Plus, phone service is spotty at the foothills of the mountain, so be prepared for bits of service outage action.

A lovely and happy staff greeted us with smiles and a yummy breakfast. We grabbed some delicious coffee, bagels, croissants, and gloves (since Kaila and I totally forgot ours) at the handy pro shop. Afterwards, we all got our rentals and headed to the lesson area.

Our instructor, Dylan, was an absolute RIOT! He taught us everything we needed to know about snowboarding, and was goofy and hilarious. We had a blast, even when we were falling down. 

One thing that Mountain High is known for is their outstanding excellence in teaching. Boy, did it really show. Every teacher on the mountain was extremely helpful, knowledgable, and totally hilarious. I can imagine a day of falling on your own butt could get a little stressful, but the coaches made it extremely fun!

After spending all day on the slopes, we came back to the clubhouse for some snacks and drinks. We met some of the other incredible travel bloggers and shared stories. Overall, we absolutely LOVED Mountain High. We will definitely be back soon, this time with loads of friends and family!

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