My Favorite Grocery Delivery Service: Milk and Eggs

I was so excited when Milk and Eggs reached out to me about trying out their grocery delivery service. The gifted me some credits to try out and review the service. I live in West Hollywood and traffic and parking can get crazy (have you ever tried to deal with The Whole Foods parking on Fairfax? unbearable!) I currently use some other services for grocery delivery here and there, but they are way overpriced.

Here's what I ordered by the way. ​Notice the handmade pasta, hummus, and dumplings!

Milk and Egg's store is full of goodies that are high quality and affordable, definitely not overpriced and best of all delivery is free with orders over $35 in Los Angeles! I never leave the grocery store without spending $50 so this threshold is super easy for me to hit.

The website is super user friendly.

There's also a really great Asian selection which I am obviously into. Here are some of the Asian veggies that are available, many not available at your local Ralphs.

Also available are specialty Asian items like Chinese Style Sausage, Frozen Cha Shu Buns and Green Onion Pancakes, and fresh dumplings from cool local brands like Bling Bling Dumplings and Northern Cafe.

Other non-Asian speciality items you can get are all kinds of fresh pasta from Domenicos (I ordered the squid ink pasta), bone marrow bones, smoked salmon and tapenades yum!​

Check it out for yourself and Milk and Eggs!


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