The Murder Mystery Company – Experts in Mystery Entertainment

by Kiki Wong
The Murder Mystery Company – Experts in Mystery Entertainment

Grimprov? I mean, seriously, how cool is that! Not only are the masterminds at The Murder Mystery Company punny as hell, they are also even more of a riot in person, which you MUST see to believe. With swift and sassy whip-like comebacks and Hollywood-worthy performances, coupled with a delicious dinner at Rosa Mexicano, the night was surely one of the best relatively sober Sunday nights I've had in a while.

The Crime Scene

When we first walked in, we were escorted to the private events room and greeted by some uber-friendly staff members. W arrived 30 minutes early (as the ticket stated) and took some nifty photos in front of a backdrop with some silly props (as everybody should do on any life). We were then assigned a table in the middle of the room and met our fellow "Millionaire Masquerade" attendees.

The Disguises

​Apparently, we didn't get the memo about dressing the part. With all of our fellow attendees decked out from head to toe in awesome outfits, it was sure hard to compete. So, for your viewing pleasure, I took a picture of the table next to us since they looked a lot more legit than what I was wearing. You're welcome. 😉

The Epic Murder

Fortunately for you, I am not one of those awful human beings that get off on ruining everybody's Christmas with spoilers, but here's a picture of one of our table guests being accused of murder. It was fun. Surprisingly, as the night unveiled, I actually even felt a slight bit of camaraderie developing with our table.

The Culprits

Oh yeah...there were many culprits. The best part? Nobody knew who the murderer was until the end. Every potential culprit was somebody from the dinner, which made it fun and interactive.

The Team Member

She was on our team. She had an awesome personality and fit the part perfectly. And, she rocked that red hat like a boss. Meet our team member, "Ella Vader."

Overall, we had an absolute blast at the Murder Mystery Company. Their acting skills were superb and hilarious to watch. I would definitely go back for another show. Check out their website and see when they're performing near you.

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