My Religion Lyrics


Written by Kaila Yu, Produced by Freddy Scott

Verse one

You’re the one that I needed

I’ve tasted all your poison

I can’t ever get enough

I’m down on my knees

And I’m feeling so lost

And I’m sacrificing my halo


I’ll do my penance

And I’ll draw you in

I’m just a martyr for your faith

I’ll never leave



If I killed for you

I would be forgiven

You are my religion

Just tie me to your cross

I’ll be your favorite sin

You are my religion


I pray that you’ll be mine now, stay with me forever

Just be my only savior, I will be your heaven


Verse two

Please save from this sanity

I’m giving you all of me

I’ll be your Clementine

I’ll be your sunshine

Always now and eternally

Now that I’ve haunted your mind


  • You wrote this, Kaila? Nice lyrics! Still listening to My Religion in 2016

    • Oh wow, I love that!! That’s one of my favorite songs but it just never really got popular


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