Paragliding and Paramotoring in Los Angeles: Malibu

by nylonpink
Paragliding and Paramotoring in Los Angeles Malibu

Who knew that you could paraglide right here in Los Angeles! We found the experience as we were searching Tripadvisor for extraordinary adventures in Los Angeles. I already use Tripadvisor on a regular basis to get recommendations on hotels, restaurants and tours when traveling so it made sense to use it to book a fun excursion here in our home town of Los Angeles. 

We are absolutely obsessed with traveling here at Nylon Pink and I sometimes forget that there are fun things to do right in my backyard. When we searched Tripadvisor for things to do, we were looking for an extraordinary experience. Here's a guide that shows you our process and how we ended up Paragliding in Malibu!

Once you get to Tripadvisor's homepage, click on 'Things to do".

Next up, enter in the city where you are looking for things to do!

Below is the page that pulls up. As you can see we were super interested in hanggliding and paragliding type experiences so thats what shows up for our recent search. 

Some other experience that we were super interested in were:

Tijuana Day Trip from Los Angeles

Santa Barbara, Solvang and Hearst Castle Day Trip from Los Angeles

The day trips sounded like a lot of fun because we were truly getting out of the city but ultimately we wanted an adrenaline pumping kind of excursion so we ended up going paragliding. We may still decide to go on the Tijuana or Santa Barbara day trips, I think those trips would be great photo shoot opportunities for our blog!


Paragliding, Los Angeles - Price

Next click on the excursion that you would be interested in, we choose Malibu Paragliding and Paramotoring. From then on you can see some pricing options and checks dates and availability.

Paragliding and Paramotoring in Los Angeles- Malibu

After you book your trip, Tripadvisor will email you a voucher for the trip. Make sure to print this out on the day of you excursion as your  proof of purchase. After we received our voucher, there was contact information provided for the vendor and we reached out to him directly for further details about our upcoming paragliding experience. 

The great thing about Tripadvisor is that there are tons of reviews of each experience so you can read up before you decide on one!

We meet our guide on the beach and took a drive off our jump off point somewhere up on the Malibu mountains.

Paragliding's a pretty magical experience, it truly feels like you are flying! It is a super smooth ride so you can easily film your trip.

Some interesting things we saw besides an amazing view included old and abandoned rusty cars on the side of the mountain. Scary fact: The hills of Malibu are pretty steep, with numerous sharp turns and no railings! I could see that if you were driving drunk, how easily you could just tumble over the side of the mountain in your car. It's apparently happened numerous times as several rusty discarded cars were left behind as trash. Also, our parasailing guide told us about one time when he was parasailing over the ocean and saw a pack of 20+ sharks swimming very close to shore. Creepy, fascinating stuff!

Here's where we landed after the 20-30 minute paragliding trip, a beautiful end to a beautiful trip!

Paragliding School California

If you love your paragliding experience, you can also sign up for paragliding classes so that you can paraglide all around the world by yourself! These lessons start in 4 hour training packages with the instructor, who has over 28 years of paragliding experience. They also have all kinds of paragliding and paramotoring equipment for sale.

Tandem Paragliding in Los Angeles

Tandem paragliding is also an option that we didn't try out. I actually think that it would have been a lot more fun to fly with both Kiki and the instructor during my first paragliding experience. 

Paramotoring California

Paramotoring is something knew that I hadn't heard of before. It's essentially just paragliding with an engine pack attached. With paragliding, you need some good wind and you need to jump off somewhere high, like a mountain of a cliff. With parasailing, you can take off from anywhere really (as long as its a safe take off area)

You can turn off the engine once you are in flight and just use the natural wind and thermals to keep you in the air. 

How Safe is Paramotoring

Paramotoring is quite a safe sport, as long as you have a capable guide. Good weather conditions are paramount to safe paramotoring, your instructor should have a good knowledge of the optimal weather conditions.

As long as the engine is well-maintained, you shouldn't have an issue with it. Even if the engine dies in flight, you should be totally fine. The engine is mostly used for take-off purposes and a capable paramotor should be able to navigate you down to safety as he would if he were parasailing: which would be without a motor anyways. 

Thank you to Tripadvisor for hosting our paragliding trip!

Paragliding in Los Angeles

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