Why Poo~Pourri’ is the Best Stocking Stuffer Ever

by nylonpink

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Ok let’s be real now. I never EVER go to the bathroom, and if I ever did it would smell like lilacs and roses! Some other people DO go to the bathroom so I definitely invest time in creating the perfect bathroom environment so that it always smells fresh and inviting.

I’m obsessed with the PooPourri.com product line because it keeps my bathroom smelling great, especially when guests come over and enjoy big meals for the holidays.

They also make for great stocking stuffers! There are plenty of super cute gift items under $10, buy them for all your friends.

You can also bring Poo~Pourri with you while traveling!

How to use Poo~Pourri

It’s super easy! Just spray it into the toilet bowl right before you do your thang and Poo~Pourri’s specialty formula consisting of a combination of all-natural essential oils creates a barrier on top of the water in the bowl. This barrier blocks all the yucky smells and odors underneath the water so all you’ll ever smell is a perfumed bouquet of flowers. YAS!

The Top 5 Reasons Why Poo~Pourri’ is the best stocking stuffer ever!

1. Poo~Pourri is ALL natural!

Since Poo~Pourri is ALL-NATURAL it’s totally safe to use and no harsh chemicals are used in the formula! It’s also totally free from synthetic fragrances, alcohol, aerosols, parabens, phthalates, and formaldehyde. These days we can’t afford to not care about the environment and what we bring into our homes so bonus points all around!

2. It’s Great for Everyone!


Absolutely everyone can use Poo~Pourri’! It’s great for your traveler friends (I would personally love to use it when there’s a long line in an airplane bathroom), it makes a great hostess gift for holiday parties, it fits easily in any purse and the design looks cute in any bathroom. Everyone goes to the bathroom and everyone wants it to smell nice afterwards so everyone in the world can enjoy Poo~Pourri as the ultimate stocking stuffer

3. It’s Easily Accessible

You can purchase Poo~Pourri easily all over the place! You can it online at PooPourri.com, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, CVS, and many other specialty gift shops. No need to go to a weird swap meet or bargain store, Poo~Pourri is not hard to find at all!

4. It’s a out of the box gift idea

Don’t be super lame and give the same boring gifts as everyone else. If you give Poo~Pourri as a special holiday gift, you’ll be remembered as an awesome gift giving who not only wants to give to your friends but wants to give back to all of community and society. You are on a mission to make all the bathrooms of the world smell inviting and flowery! You are a groundbreaking individual!

5. It’ll bring a smile to people’s faces

Best of all, you will bring laughter and joy to your friends and family by including Poo~Pourri as a gift or stocking stuffer. It’s guaranteed to bring a smile to people’s faces and chances are they won’t even have known such an awesome product existed! The holidays are all about love, happiness, and mirth, so go ahead, let’s do this~!


Top 5 All-Natural Things to make your bathroom smell good

These days there is no excuse for NOT being eco-conscious so I like to bring this philosophy into keeping my home and bathroom fresh. Below are my top 5, super easy and all natural tips for keeping your bathroom smelling good.

1. Use Poo~Pourri 

Obvi because it’s the best thing everrrrrr. It’s the most exciting new bathroom invention ever. I not only use it in my home but I bring it wherever I go! It comes in a super convenient size that fits into any bag or purse and you can easily and discreetly spritz into the water before the toilet before you go!

2. Plug-in Air Purifier

Air purifiers in the bathroom are super awesome! Most but not all bathroom have a window which helps a lot but sometimes that isn’t enough. I happen to have three cats so I really need all the help I can get. You can pick up a little plug in Air Purifier which will fit into any electrical outlet and it’ll help loads in keeping the bathroom fresh and aerated! 

3. Clean your bathroom regularly

This might be stating the obvious to some but a weekly clean of all surfaces will give an extra boost to the overall freshness of the bathroom and plus it just feels nice! Yucky stuff can collect in your floor tiles, shower and surfaces so make sure to give them an extra scrub and tender loving care!

4. Buy a bouquet of flowers 

When I’m feeling in the mood, I’ll fill a vase with some of my favorite flowers and decorate my bathroom with them. Flowers always make me feel happy and cheer up any room! Lilies, roses and jasmines are all very fragrant and can also help to elevate your mood.

5. Wash your towels. 

Wash all your towels regularly, like once a week! Mildew can easily collect inside the towels and give your room a yucky odor. Mildew is such a dominating scent all your efforts will have gone to naught if you don’t deal with this issue! Plus freshly washed towels just smell so delish!

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