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RECAP: The Collective LA Conference

It was another extremely warm, sun-stricken, beautiful day on October 21st, 2016 in Hollywood. Though most people had spent their Friday morning weaving through traffic and consuming far more cups of coffee than any normal human being should, those who were lucky enough to financially support an entrepreneurial venture through lifestyle blogging had spent a lovely afternoon at the Collective LA Conference. We had the opportunity to attend this event, and boy oh boy was it worth taking a Friday afternoon off.


​Located in the hustle and bustle of Hollywood, the city of dreams, Wanderlust housed the beautiful congregation of lifestyle bloggers from across the globe. During regular hours, the gorgeous venue provides a space for yoga aficionados and healthy life activists. When you first enter the building, a pleasant smiling team of workers greet you to their hip cafe. For those who like to eat healthy, this is the cafe for you. You can check out their delectable menu here

The event started with a very thought out, abundant schedule of speakers and panels. When we arrived, the room was completely packed and full of vibrancy and life. Each table was adorned with nifty gifts and takeaways that were to-die for. Not only were there some insightful panels and speakers with some serious brain power in the industry, but there were also some fantastic attendees to network with. We saw some familiar faces in the industry as well as fresh ones making their mark.

Founds Ferial Moloo and Mary Vallarta were the masterminds behind the very successful event. They brought together an amazing list of speakers as well as a great group of people together. You can check out the list of speakers here and read more about the organization.

We definitely look forward to their future events and we highly recommend for anybody to check them out.

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