[Review] Hyatt Regency Indian Wells Resort & Spa

This is a super late review but a couple months ago, I took The Director on a weekend getaway to a Golf Resort. I specifically chose a Hyatt because I am traveling hacking with points and I chose Hyatt as the hotel brand that I was going to focus on. 

I've signed up for the Hyatt credit card, which didn't apply in this scenario. With the Hyatt credit card, after you spend $1000 on the card in three months, you will get two free nights at any Hyatt around the world. I plan to use these rooms at a super swank Hyatt somewhere in Thailand (I should have enough points earned for the Thailand trip in February!) Since these rooms were not too pricey, I just paid for the rooms and earned some points!​

I already wrote about this trip previously on my personal blog, ​I had initially booked the Big Break Golf Package at $297 and $239 for the Breakfast Package for the second night . 

We were walking around the property and we noticed these amazing villas with their own patios and spas and I called the next morning, just curious how much one of the bungalows costed.

The super awesome receptionist let us know that we could upgrade to the Villa for just $75. WTF Amazing! Check it out. 

Hyatt Indian Wells Entrance

Hyatt Indian Wells Lobby

Hyatt Indian Wells - the entrance to our very own villa!

Hyatt Indian Wells Bungalow Bathroom

Hyatt Indian Wells Bungalow Bedroom

Hyatt Indian Wells Bungalow Living Room

Yay the room came with free drinks! 

So the swankiest thing about the room is that it came with a damn butler! See the butler button circled below.

Our adorable butlers came by shortly after we checked in with some ice and to inform us that they were at our service for any needs!

Hyatt Indian Wells Villa - Grill

Besides your standard room service, the Bungalows also come with a BBQ menu. You can order a full meal of delicious meat and veggies for the grill if you are too lazy to get to the grocery store. Unfortunately for us the orders had to be placed 24 hours in advance. That's ok because I wanted to check out the casino buffet nearby. Buffets for the win!

Hyatt Indian Wells Bungalow - Pretty Little Spa

The room came with the breakfast buffet package. Here's the Bloody Mary bar. Hello? I didn't know until recently that you could have virgin Bloody Mary's (duh!) but I am so totally addicted. I just had the most delicious one at Ashland Hill.

An omelette bar always makes things legit!

Overall we were thrilled with the Bungalow! I wouldn't necessarily recommend the regular suites, they are just the run of the mill kind of hotel room.

Find out more about the Hyatt Indian Wells Villas here

Here are the Hyatt Gold Passport points that I earned!​

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