[Review] Ricardo Beverly Hills Luggage: The Malibu Bay Spinner and Duffel

by nylonpink

We love reviewing luggage here at Nylon Pink! I just recently returned from a press trip in Loreto, Mexico and my suitcase which had lasted me a couple years had its last trip. The zipper got stuck and I actually had to cut the suitcase open to get my stuff out, so it was time to pick up a new suitcase since I have a lot of traveling coming up in August and September!

I reached out the Ricardo Beverly Hills, a Southern Californian brand with high quality, functional luggage.​

I love that the brand has a mission of sustainability. They care about their employees and the environment and work to minimize impact on their surroundings in their production of the products.​


Ricardo Beverly Hills has 14 different collections of luggage styles, all with collection names inspired by cities or streets in California. I'm a beach lover so I chose a couple pieces from the Malibu Bay collection. ​

This line features super durable luggage which is resistant to wear and tear, which is perfect for me, because I travel often and go through luggage pretty quickly.​


The first piece from the Malibu Bay collection that I am reviewing is the ​29 inch upright. This is a really big piece of luggage, the largest piece in the Malibu Collection.  I plan to use this bad boy on my upcoming girls trip to Vietnam in September. We will be gone for about two weeks so I know that this luggage will be able to fit everything that I need for that trip. 

I always try to pick my luggage in colors other than black, colors that will stand out a bit more when I'm picking up my luggage on the carousel. This piece of luggage is available in Indigo Blue and Grey so I opted for the blue, I'm a color girl 🙂


The fabric used on the exterior is Ricardo Beverly Hill's dreamfel® fabric. It's environmentally friendly and keeps the bag lightweight. The innovative fabric is made of 100% polypropylene and water and energy are saved in the production of this fabric as compared to others. This fabric can withstand the outside elements and is used in both outdoor and indoor furniture designs. It's also 20-30% lighter than polyester and nylon. I love that the fabric is easy to clean and holds its color well. I love that this fabric reduces my carbon footprint!

This luggage can expand an additional 2.5 inches if you need the extra room for your personal belongings. It weighs in at 8.3 pounds and has a capacity of 114.8 L.

The handle is retractible and comes out easily and smoothly and features an ergonomic grip. 

The luggage is guaranteed for the first year, as long as you register your luggage and has a limited lifetime guarantee.​

How did we all live without spinner wheels in the past? This luggage features super smooth 360 degree spinner wheels that are tough enough to go over bumpier surfaces and streets.

Ricardo Beverly Hills 29 inch spinner

There are top, bottom and side grips to assist you in lifting the luggage. 

The interior is lined with a water-resistant fabric which is durable. These compression straps will be useful as I often overpack!

I love that there is a mesh pocket and a wet pocket, for lotions and such. I've never had a wet pocket in my luggage before - genius! Also, it's great that the pockets are clear so you can easily locate anything you need without digging blindly into a pocket. 

This is a great sturdy piece of luggage and I can see it lasting me for a long time!


Next up I picked up this little 20 inch rolling duffel cutie from Malibu Bay. I love this mini matching collection! I'll be using this for my carryon. I usually travel with a backpack but it'll be great to stick my laptop in here instead and just wheel it inside the airport instead of having a heavy brick on my back. 

This duffel bag really fits a lot of stuff and weighs in at just 4.5 pounds. 

There's two big zippered pockets on the front.

There's also a zippered pocket on the back, I love that its tucked away on the top, kind of inside the fabric. It's definitely an incognito pocket that wouldn't be obvious to pickpockets. 

It took me a minute to find the retractible handle, which I liked! Some airlines don't allow you to carry ANY wheeled carryons onto the airplane so its nice that the handle tucks away so that you can't easily tell that this duffel is wheeled. The total handle length is 5.7"

The wheels glide nicely and work over a variety of surfaces. This duffel features two in-line wheels.

High quality detailing on the zippers and the button for the top straps. I need durable zippers since the zippers on my last luggage totally got stuck. 

Disclosure: I was given the Ricardo Malibu Bay 29 inch spinner and 20 inch duffel in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are 100% my own.

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