[REVIEW] The Face Shop Dual Veil Concealer

by Kiki Wong
the face shop dual veil concealer


In most cases, a double-edged sword has a negative connotation. However, this dual-ended concealer is an ultra-strong fighter against all evil blemishes! Sometimes, you just can't get enough coverage with a standard stick concealer. Also, you may have issues applying way too much liquid concealer on smaller problem sites. Have no fear, we tested The Face Shop Dual Veil Concealer and have all the juicy details just for you. We loved it so much that we also featured it on our list of top Korean concealers.



Have you ever struggled with your liquid concealer applying too much product and your stick concealer not applying enough? Yeah, we feel you. That's why The face shop dual veil concealer is an innovative product because it wields best of both worlds in one single product.

On one end, there is what is labeled as the "cover stick," which looks pretty much like a skin colored lipstick. Yeah, it sounds pretty creepy, but this concealer is easy for quick spot-treatments on the go. Also, it dispenses like any other standard lipstick and is the perfect size to fit in a small purse or handbag. 

On the latter end, there is a liquid concealer that can be accessed by twisting the center as if it were the lid. We love this design because it saves space in your makeup bag by combining two products in one.


The box itself comes with an excessive amount of tiny text, so be sure to whip out your magnifying glasses prior to investigating. I got the color V107, which is perfect for lighter skin tones. Even though my skin tone isn't really light, I prefer lighter concealers so I can use it as a highlighter.


The list of ingredients are also in English in case you have any specific allergies.




So what exactly is the difference between these two concealers? Surprisingly, after all the beauty reviews we've done, I still didn't know until I tried this product. Concealer sticks are perfect for small spot treatments. With concealer sticks, the actual product itself is much more dense, creating an excellent layer of coverage for smaller areas. This product is similar to the consistency of a matte makeup.

However, be a little careful since the color of the concealer stick is slightly darker than the wand, so when choosing your color, match your skin tone to the stick color. This will be effective since you'll be blending it in with your foundation.



Unlike the concealer stick, the concealer wand is much for fluid like and dispenses more product at once. If you have dark circle and problem areas that need a lot of coverage, this is the perfect product for you. In order to get the right amount, you need to dab the product like little dots under your eyes or in any areas of discoloration. When blended, the product has an excellent coverage range and also blends slightly lighter than your skin tone.






  • Moisturizing
  • Easily portable
  • 2 in 1
  • Long lasting
  • Color matching
  • Affordable


  • No cons!!! I love this product!

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