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Say YES to Travel in 2018!

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2018 is going to be filled with Moments of Yes! I pledge this year to shout a big resounding YES to all new opportunities and exciting adventures that come my way. I’ve been inspired by Well Yes!® Soups to say YES!

Just a few years ago I was working full time at a tech company. I was making great money but I was always exhausted and completely dissatisfied with life. I had plenty of stability but I was lashing out by causing conflict with my co-workers and creating unnecessary drama.

My dream in life has always been to travel the world. I spent many years in a rock band and had the opportunity to tour with my best friends but ultimately, being the lead singer in a band did not make me happy. I didn’t realize that there was a job out there just allowed me to travel and write, which didn’t include all the stress associated with being in a rock band (it's so stressful!)

Once I discovered travel writing last year, I went for it 100% with full force! I made tons of progress but there is still tons to be made. This year I want to say yes to traveling once a month internationally, getting paid for it, and inspiring others to do the same. I want to inspire all those who want to travel in the new year to set goals for their travel and go for it! Many believe that you have to be rich to travel but everyone can afford to travel and take a vacation. You just need to set an intention and plan meticulously.

Travel to me is as fulfilling and comforting as a hearty bowl of Well Yes!® Soup. It fills me with joy and fuels me to strive to create and inspire others.

My goal this year is to travel once a month internationally and to get paid for it! This year I would like to travel to:

- Kenya, Africa

- Colombo, Sri Lanka

- Yangon, Myanmar

- Anchorage, Alaska

- Kyoto, Japan

- Okinawa, Japan

- Delhi, India

- Seoul, Korea

- Suva, Fiji

- Zurich, Switzerland

- Patagonia

- Oranjestad, Aruba

- Castries, St Lucia

Where do you want to visit in 2018? Be clear about your dream destination, make a vision board about it!

2018 is going to be amazing since I have set very clear intentions for what I want the next year to look like! My goals will be laser focused on travel to the destinations that I mentioned and it definitely sets a fire under my booty because I’ve announced my intentions to the world!

Well Yes!® Soups are perfect for people like me who are searching for fulfilling and delicious soup options featuring exciting new flavors. All the women say yes to life and the pursuit of deliciousness to the max! Well Yes! Soups are a A Soup in the Right Direction®. They are created with the utmost of care with no artificial flavors, colors, non-gmo ingredients, and non-bpa lining.

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