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I’ve been trying out MrOwl and it is super addicting to use. It’s kind of like a mind map, which is used for brainstorming, except that its much more fun, playful and easy to understand. It’s really ideal for fans who are passionate about a topic, TV show, video game or more. You can not only store and share all your interests in one place, you can interact and meet like-minded fans!

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MrOwl is also super functional for bloggers like me, I can arrange all the articles from our website in an easy to digest format, which is super user friendly!

MrOwl is a new kind of social network and technology and its very easy to use.

This is also a great way to collaborate on projects or ideas. I could totally see how we could’ve used a MrOwl branch for one of our music video shoots featuring subtopics such as: Locations, Clothing, Hair and Makeup, etc., the possibilities are endless!

I’m so sick of having a million bookmarks on my computer. They aren’t organized in any way, so it’s just a mass of content and I get overwhelmed when I look at the bookmarks. MrOwl makes it so easy to organize all of my content. It’s fun to organize my branches on the website and not overwhelming at all!

What is a branch?

I’ve been having so much fun putting my first “branch” together to share with all of you. What is an Mr Owl branch? It’s basically a main topic, and you curate several subtopics under it, featuring articles in each topic. I’ll take you step by step through the process of which I built my first MrOwl branch. It’ll make much more sense when I show you the screenshots.

I used this first branch mainly to curate all of my favorite beauty content from but you can feel free to share favorite content written by any of your favorite bloggers or magazines online.

My branch is called: The Best Beauty Products From Around the World. Since we also cover travel on the website, I’ll also be creating a branch called "The best travel destinations around the world”

Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 7.45.07 PM.png

If you scroll down some more, you’ll see that I have several subtopics under the main topic of best beauty products around the world. The subtopics are: Skincare, Perfume, Body, Lips, Eyes and Nails

Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 7.47.52 PM.png

Let’s click into the skincare subtopic. Here you’ll see that I broke Skincare down even further into the three subtopics of the 10 step Korean beauty routine, foundations, and masks

Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 7.51.13 PM.png

Let’s next click on the ‘10 step Korean beauty routine’ subtopic. I stopped breaking down the topic into small categories at this point and just feature all the links to the articles on this topic.


Now let me walk you through how to create your own branch. After you login, you’ll be taken to this screen. Click on the orange “Create a Branch” button to get started.

MrOwl homepage.png

After you click on Create a Branch, you’ll be taken to this screen. Here’s what I filled out for my first branch. You probably want to keep your branch private while you are editing it, once it is complete, make sure to come back and set it to public so that you can share your new branch with the world!

Next choose a killer, eye-catching cover photo that represents your topic well. Choose a photo that will make people want to click through! The MrOwl editor will allow you to resize the photo and flip it if necessary.

After you’ve uploaded your photo click on the “Create New Branch” button at the bottom

MrOwl create a branch.png

There you go, you’ve created your first branch. Super easy right?

Here’s what your new branch will look like below.

Next up you’ll want to create several subtopics that will go under your main topic. I would recommend creating at least 3-5 sub-topics to make your branch look well rounded. Click on the “Add Subtopic” button to get started

MrOwl Subtopic.png

It’ll take you to this page. Here’s what I filled out for my first topic name and description. All that’s left to do is upload a photo. When you’re done uploading your photo, click on the orange add button.

MrOwl Add Subtopic.png

Next you’ll be taken to this page. You can continue to break down your subtopic even more if you like. For example, I might further break down ‘Perfume’ into the subtopics of Men’s Perfumes or Women’s Perfumes, Winter Scents or Summer Scents, Florals or Spicy, the possibilities are endless! Since we haven’t yet covered perfumes extensively at Nylon Pink, I ended the Perfume subtopic here and started to add my links.

Just click on the “Add a Link or Document” to get started

MrOwl Subtopic Subtopic.png

Next up, this dropdown menu will appear and you can simply add whatever link that you want to share into the box below. Easy peasy.

After you add the link, a next button will appear, click on it!

MrOwl url.png

After clicking next, you’ll see the Title and Description boxes pop up. Usually they are already filled in already, but if not, fill in a title and description that best describes the article that you are linking to.

MrOwl link.png


Sooooooooo easy right? You can probably see how it’s pretty fun too! Now just go back and do the same thing for all your subtopics and then you are good to go!

I also love the app which makes it super easy to access your branches from your mobile phone. Here's what our branch looks like on the app

unnamed (1).jpg

unnamed.jpgDownload the MrOwl app to get started

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Share all your knowledge, passion and interests with the world! Share you 🙂

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Lisa Smith September 8, 2017 - 12:54 pm

Interesting post ! You broke Skincare down even further into the three subtopics of the 10 step Korean beauty routine, foundations, and masks!


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